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January 25th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 25, 2024

Long first and second fingers indicate intuitiveness, yet controlled by reason. A long third finger indicates a gambler and a risk-taker. A long fourth finger points to personal magnetism and the gift of leadership.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 7, 8

January 25th Birthday Love Astrology

Like all Aquarians, this golden bird is more pursued than pursuing. Too clever to let vanity go to her sparkling head, her only problem is heedlessness. Half the world seems to want to capture her, maybe with the intention of shutting the door of the gilded cage. Captured she may even stay for a while, laughing and entertaining, bewitching with her cleverness, beguiling with her foresight. But then the resonance of the night recedes.

And around this bright creature the starlit or moonlit dome sparkles, suddenly seeming to disdain her capturer. Suddenly January 25 takes fright and is gone, leaving a lot of sadness in her wake. Both sexes are the same. To would-be lovers they seem a fantastic discovery. It's astonishing that somebody so come hither isn't tucked up in a long term relationship. But there's a reason for everything and with this winter child it's boredom and an easily sparked interest in something or somebody new.

This is one of the few unutterably glamorous creatures of the night sky who makes truly platonic friendship work. Although they may be ignoring the secret lusts of a ‘friend', the relationship is usually worth the desirer's self-discipline, because then at least they know that January 25 will always be available. At work, find them in the media or tourism, where their charm takes them to high places and smooths the path for original thinking and deals. Bosses love them because their charisma is such that others want to throw money at them, ideal for January 25's employers.

Some stay with a partner for life, but most are serial mankillers (or ladykillers). Only children can command their total commitment. Often this individual finds himself as a single parent, but January 25s make terrific fathers and mothers and their offspring grow up as balanced as the scales of justice. While this person may be an earthquake in romantic love, a child's needs keep them steady.

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays today are sensual, caring, and considerably more romantic than most other water bearers. Imaginative to the point of being genuinely psychic, you sometimes experience your significant other’s feelings as strongly as your own. Because you require a good deal of personal freedom, intimate unions can be difficult for you to sustain. For a potential suitor, courting you may turn out to be a frustrating experience. You need a partner who understands your desire for occasional periods of solitude. Any individual who becomes seriously involved with you may discover that it’s easier to catch you than to hold you.

In Bed

Although sensitive and idealistic where love is concerned, you’re able to view your own feelings with cool detachment. Your bedroom activities reflect the inner tug-of-war between your Aquarian independence and a desire to connect to your partner on a deep level. Basically shy, you’re also extremely curious and open to ideas of sensual exploration outside the mainstream.

As a result, you may vacillate between idealistic romantic encounters and intense radical forays into unknown sexual territory.


January 25 is slightly psychic, but naughty with it and likes to wander about the British Isles frightening himself and companions by ghost spotting, at which both sexes are remarkably good. Favourite spots include Elton Hall, Cambridgeshire, haunted by a gambler's ghost who would kidnap and kill guests for the money in their wallet. Or the dark and dangerous grounds of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, supposedly haunted by three witches, executed for murdering the sixth Earl of Rutland's two infant sons, also rumoured to appear. January 25 is more likely than most to find a ghost so only the stout-hearted should go with them.


You can be wildly passionate one day yet seemingly disinterested the next.

Consequently, the romantic fantasy that turned you on last night may have little effect this morning. One approach that rarely fails to get your attention combines intellectual stimulation with the promise of something really far out and kinky to come.


Long first and second fingers indicate intuitiveness, yet controlled by reason. A long third finger indicates a gambler and a risk-taker. A long fourth finger points to personal magnetism and the gift of leadership.

Reality Check

Because you breathe the rarefied air of a visionary, you often feel misunderstood and unappreciated. Aquarius is the sign of the emotionally challenged, and you can have difficulty expressing your true feelings about personal matters. You actually get along much better with humanity as a whole than in intimate one-to-one situations. At times you may feel that you don’t really belong on this planet at all.

January 25 Date Share

Died: Ava Gardner, screen goddess. Born: Jacqueline Du Pre, international cellist tragic early death from MS. Virginia Woolf, novelist To The Lighthouse. W Somerset Maugham, short story writer, novelist Robert Burns, Scottish poet songwriter, died young. Corazon Aquino, president of Philippines, unseated Marcos. Eduard Shevardnadze, USSR foreign minister. Wilhelm Furtwängler, German conductor, Berlin Philharmonic. John Calder, publisher, critic.

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