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March 26th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 26, 2024

Famous researchers into human sexuality, Masters and Johnson reported that 83 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women have orgasms in their dreams. The men are either luckier, or maybe just sleep longer. What do you think?

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 2, 8

March 26th Birthday Love Astrology

March 26 is a sensualist and a money-maker and most people can't work out how this intergalactic charmer finds the time to do so much of both. Both sexes seem positively shiny with natural luck, at least for a period of their lives. Their skin glimmers with health and some other luminous quality as if moonbeams are moisturized into it every night. Prospective partners come queue-hopping at the door. It's not unknown for this person to take two people home to bed. Or go from one lover to another and sometimes an especially beautifully cooked dinner to another one, which is taxing for Aries' slender waistline.

If they buy a house, it will rocket in price. If they open a shop, restaurant, café or club it will be a success. When March 26 approaches a bank manager or building society money man, the hand that bestows the cash belongs to a face wreathed in smiles.

It won't last, but for maybe ten years the good times roll. Watch for when the luck turns. Make sound investments. Keep strict ledgers. Some can be unworldly with their money even when the business is accurately efficient. Others go to the opposite extreme and tight as a well-tuned violin, never buy a round of drinks.

Most of the women and some men develop a money making sideline in collecting. Women favour the traditionally feminine, sneered at by some, old samplers and bits of lace. It's dressing up box collecting. But the rag of lace from a street stall, with its needle lace roses and point de neige spotted net is from Brussels and worth £600. Guys like models. And they'll be the ones to pick up a 7.25in gauge model of the Great Western Railway 14XX Class 0-4-2 side tank locomotive by I R Holder, for £25 at a house clearance and then discover this beloved toy from somebody's attic is worth £12, 000.

In Love

You’re cooler emotionally and less impulsive than most other members of your Sun sign. You really don’t care about moonlight and roses, unless you happen to be an astronomer or a florist. Romantic gestures are simply not part of your agenda, and neither is sharing your most intimate feelings with your mate or partner. Physically, you’re strongly sexed, sensual, and sensuous, yet quite capable of controlling and directing your passions. Because you are something of a workaholic, you’re usually willing to put your personal feelings and desires on the back burner in favor of your ambitious career plans.

In Bed

Single-minded by nature, when you work, you work extremely hard.

When you make love, you give it your full attention. You may come on a little strong, but you have the passion and stamina to back it up. Between the sheets, you let go of your inhibitions and give yourself over completely to sensual pleasures. You can be rather domineering, but you’re also fair and considerate. You’re as involved in gratifying your bedmate’s desires as your own.


Both sexes have erotically sensitive palms and inside wrists. Arouse them with a simple caress there, or perhaps the lightest touch of a nail drawn across palm and wrist. It's an exquisite sensation, and luckily for March 26 can be executed in public without the least lapse in taste. Trace fingers, with gentlest of movements across the palm, then with the fintertips make little circling movements from palm to heel of the thumb and then to inner wrists. The heel of the hand and inner wrist are famously erotic sensation centres. For maximum effect try blowing into the palm and then kissing the inner wrist.


Because your lover needs to make the most of your time together, catching you during the early morning or wee hours of the night can lead to ardent lovemaking. Your lusty sexual appetite responds to subtle seduction and a more direct aggressive approach. Generally, all it takes is some well-placed stroking to ignite your hair-trigger libido.


Famous researchers into human sexuality, Masters and Johnson reported that 83 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women have orgasms in their dreams. The men are either luckier, or maybe just sleep longer. What do you think?

Reality Check

You view life as a series of challenges, and you possess an inner drive to succeed that is rarely equaled in the zodiac. You know exactly what you want and firmly believe you can get it. You take work seriously, and you’re prepared to sacrifice a great deal for success. Although status and wealth are important to you, fame and recognition are your top priority.

March 26 Date Share

Died: In Jamaica, Noel Coward, playwright, style leader, songwriter. Born: Erica Jong, writer, Fear of Flying. Tennessee Williams, playwright, Sweet Bird Of Youth, Streetcar Named Desire. Diana Ross, lead singer Suprêmes, ‘Stop, in the name of love'. Leonard Nimoy, Mr Spock, Star Trek. A E Housman, poet. Robert Frost, wonderful New England poet.

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