People Born on March 26th Personality,Stars,Numbers

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Planetary Influences:Ruling planet:Mars;First decan:Personal planet is Mars. Virtues:Straightforward, clear-sighted, practical. Vices:Stubborn, narrow-minded, inflexible. Careers:Paramedic, firefighter, artist, musician. Skills & Aptitudes:Quick-witted mind, empathy, drive. Compatible with:November 26–29, December 1–4

Energetic achiever

People Born on March 26th Personality,Stars,Numbers

People Born on March 26th Personality Reference

An astute mind, ambition, and determination are the attributes shared by those born on this day. As an Arian, you are eager for a diversity of experience, but by developing self-discipline, you may be less likely to scatter your mental energies and be more able to focus on important goals.

The double influence of your ruling planet, Mars, indicates that you have the potential to achieve much in life. Yet without inspiration you are likely to feel restless and frustrated, never managing to finish what you have started. Unless you find an objective that can truly fire your imagination, you will continually search for your ultimate goal. One way of overcoming this predicament is through learning self-mastery and introspection.

True satisfaction in life usually comes through achievements based on your own efforts. If you rely on the efforts of others, you can easily become bored and dissatisfied. Success will come from your hard work and single-mindedness. Your visions and inspirations urge you to think independently and on a large scale, rather than pay attention to small details.

You can also be persuasive and encourage others to follow your big dreams. At times you appear unassuming, and your strength or compulsive nature may well be concealed behind a friendly and easygoing personality.

You are likely to experience a strong influence from a male early in life, usually your father. Up to the age of twenty-four you are likely to be active and adventurous. After the age of twenty-five, when your progressed Sun moves into Taurus, you may desire more material security and stability. From your mid-fifties, when the Sun moves into Gemini, there is a shift of emphasis toward knowledge, education, and communication in general. Learning a new skill may make all the difference.

Stars of People Born on March 26th


Sun: Aries

Decanate: Aries/mars

Degree: 5°30’-6°30’ Aries

Mode: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Fixed Stars

Star’s name:Deneb Kaitos, also called Dipda Degree position: 1°32’-2°27’ Aries between the years 1930 and 2000 Magnitude:2 Strength:******** Orb:2°10’ Constellation:Beta Ceti Applicable days:March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Star qualities:Saturn Description:a yellow-orange star located at the tail of the Whale

Primary Star’s Influence

Deneb Kaitos indicates a restrained nature and an ability to move ahead with determination. It also imparts an inherent restlessness, which can lead to spurts of activity followed by periods of recuperation. This star warns against misuse of force and suggests that these individuals should learn how to relax their mind by thinking positively; they may also need to spend time alone.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star bestows organizational skills and emphasizes duties and responsibilities. With discipline and control it is possible to achieve much. This star may also warn against a tendency to becoming frustrated.

• Positive:perseverance, determination

• Negative:repression or frustration, doing things on impulse, changing direction without thinking

Secrets of People Born on March 26th

A desire for honesty is very strong in your makeup and enables you to confront and work through situations that others might avoid. You want a strong foundation to anything you achieve and are willing to work hard in order to accomplish your goals. It is possible for you to synthesize practical common sense with excellent social skills and intuitive insight about people into a formula for success.

A strong creative side to your nature guarantees that both self-expression and people are a vital part of your agenda. You may just have to watch that worry or indecision does not spoil your fun. Your work is an important part of your life and you need to be proud of it. Just be careful that you do not keep yourself so busy that you have no time to listen to that still, small voice of your intuition. However, you can always call on a deeper wisdom when necessary, giving you a philosophical approach to life or a humorous antidote to any social problem.

Occupations suitable for individuals born on March 26th

Your dynamic drive, sharp intellect, and outstanding social skills enable you to reach your potential in many different areas of life. Your need for self-expression and a love for the dramatic may lure you to writing or the arts and entertainment worlds. You can also excel in education, research, science, politics, philosophy, and public relations. Since you are never happy being told what to do, it is imperative not to find yourself in a subservient position. In business you will naturally be drawn to large enterprises and are an excellent problem solver. Organizational and managerial abilities often help you rise to positions of prominence. Whatever career you choose, you are likely to love variety and be good at initiating projects with tremendous spirit and enthusiasm.

Famous people born on your birthday include playwright Tennessee Williams, composer Pierre Boulez, psychiatrist Victor Frankl, poet Robert Frost, writer Erica Jong, singer Diana Ross, and actors Martin Short and James Caan.

March 26th Birthday Numerology

Sees the big picture and aims for it, linked to abundance and material wealth, and uses financial success to give back to others. The strength or power suggested by the number 26 birthday shows that you are a cautious character with strong values and sound judgment. You need to acquire a more pragmatic approach to life by developing your executive ability and a good business sense. With a number 26 birthday, you are usually responsible, with a natural aesthetic sense. A love of home and strong parental instincts suggest a need to build a solid foundation or find real stability. Often a tower of strength for others, you are willing to support friends as well as family members who may turn to you in time of need. You may nevertheless need to guard against materialistic tendencies and a desire to control situations or people. The subinfluence of the number 3 month indicates that you are sensitive and idealistic. As a charitable individual with high ideals, you are inclined toward humanitarianism. Although inspiration or other people can get you motivated, let your intuition and personal feelings guide you.

• Positive:creativity, practicality, caring, responsibility, pride in family, enthusiasm, courage

• Negative:stubbornness, rebelliousness, unstable relationships, lack of enthusiasm, lack of persistence, instability

Love & Relationships of People Born on March 26th

Home-loving and supportive, you are a reliable partner. Nevertheless, you are also independent and ambitious, with firm beliefs, and are often drawn to powerful, assertive individuals who speak their own minds. Although you start everything, including relationships, with great enthusiasm, you can easily lose interest if you find out that your partner is not active, highly ambitious, or intelligent enough. You may need to find friends or lovers who are hardworking or who have a natural sense of authority. Inspired by power and wisdom, you often seek the company of serious and genuine people.

The dream lover of someone born on March 26th

If you refrain from being overly domineering yourself, you might find a faithful and reliable lover or partner among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship:Jan. 1, 14, 19, 28, 31, Feb. 12, 26, 29, Mar. 10, 24, 27, Apr. 8, 13, 22, 25, May 6, 20, 23, June 4, 18, 21, July 2, 16, 19, 30, Aug. 14, 17, 28, 30, Sept. 12, 15, 26, 28, 30, Oct. 10, 13, 24, 26, 28, Nov. 8, 11, 22, 24, 26, Dec. 6, 9, 20, 22, 24

Beneficial:Jan. 26, Feb. 24, Mar. 22, Apr. 20, May 18, June 16, July 14, Aug. 12, Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 6, Dec. 4

Fatal attractions:Sept. 26, 27, 28, 29

Challenging:Jan. 3, 25, Feb. 1, 23, Mar. 21, Apr. 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, Aug. 11, Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 5, Dec. 3

Soul mates:Jan. 3, 10, Feb. 1, 8, Mar. 6, Apr. 4, May 2, Aug. 16, Dec. 8

March 26th Birthday Personology Summary

To many who do not know them well, it appears that those born on March 26 are easy-going people who wish for nothing more than a simple life, and this is, to some extent, the case. This does not mean that they are intellectually or physically lazy— quite the reverse—just that they do not believe in making things unnecessarily difficult or complicated for themselves. Because they are inherently perceptive and quick-thinking people, they are blessed with the enviable gifts of clarity of vision and purpose, having the capacity both to cut straight to the heart of a problem and to fix their sights firmly on a long- term target. This mental directness is furthermore complemented by their vigor, tenacity and preference for taking positive action rather than endlessly prevaricating. Along with these personal qualities, those born on this day have an intuitive sense of right and wrong, and both their human empathy and high ethical standards suit them especially for public- service careers.

Hand in hand with their intellectual abilities also go marked qualities of sensuality and sensitivity, and hence these people often make talented artists, writ- ers, musicians or actors. When “off duty,” they will pursue their relationships, interests and hobbies with the energy and enthusiasm that characterizes their approach to their work, and thus they make popular friends and much-loved family members. These peo- ple will often find themselves in great demand, but it is vital for their emotional equilibrium that they peri- odically withdraw from the company of others and find time to be themselves.

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