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January 5th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 05, 2024

Rubies are Capricorn's lucky gemstone, repelling ill luck and giving insight and mental power. Said to grow paler when misfortune threatens. Catherine of Aragon, first queen of Henry VIII, was warned of her decline from royal favour by the ruby she wore.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 5, 6

January 5th Birthday Love Astrology

In matters of love this gilded creature can be a real Saturnuisance. Both sexes shimmy about the night sky causing hearts to beat. A crook of the finger and the star they are hunting melts with love. Here's the Saturnuisance bit. January 5 is only interested in playing the great sparkler-studded night blue field and doesn't care for victims who've turned into molten mettle in his/her hands. They like the chase. They are the dangerous hunters with their jewelled bow and arrow in their hands and the poisoned dart of love in their belt. Willing victims mean nothing.

Worse still, January 5 doesn't worry about chasing married people and best friends’ partners. It adds interest. Sexually, they're addictive. Wonderful, generous lovers, they ply their quarry with food and wine, all laced with heady compliments and deft caresses until the seducee bounds into their bed. In the 60s this was a one night stand person. Today they take care that sex is physically safe, even if mentally about the unsafest thing you could do.

January 5 does well at work. The seducer's charm, toned down, is heady stuff for bosses and colleagues. It oils deals, and makes working on their projects the coveted job.

Find them in film, television, theatre and any local amateur entertainment. Rich enough not to be tempted by money, they may eventually choose a well connected partner, then make charming, inattentive parents. The only members of the opposite sex who can hold them are those who refuse to sleep with them, but become friends.

January 5 adores them, quietly lusting but never openly, afraid they'll lose this most valuable relationship. Others of their own sex find them faithful, generous friends and they are attentive relatives. The nuisance factor for others involves giving advice to avoid January 5, and mending broken hearts.

Apart from all this, they're great fun, full of decorating ideas for Christmas and parties and make every occasion go with a bang.

In Love

You’re more outgoing than other members of your Sun sign, with a relaxed sociability that is extremely witty and entertaining. Companionship is important to you, yet so are personal freedom and the opportunity to explore the world on your own terms. Wanderlust and a fear of intimacy can cause you to hold off before settling down with one person. When you do, you’re likely to choose a mate who has many of the same interests as you and is as much a friend as a lover. Your restless nature makes you particularly responsive to a partner who shares your love of novelty and adventure.

In Bed

Outwardly you may appear cool and aloof, but deep down you yearn for affection. You prefer maintaining a certain amount of emotional distance because you’re afraid to let anyone get too close to you. With all your various interests, love and sex are rarely the first things on your mind.

Consequently, you’re more passive than aggressive, and something of a slow starter in the bedroom. However, once things get under way, you make an ardent, enthusiastic, and extremely inventive lover.


Perfume makes love more exciting. Always choose essences that are safe on skin, and only apply absolutely harmless substances to more intimate parts. Diluted rose oil is perfect on the nipples. To scent pubic hair subtly, apply a little neroli to a small, soft bristled hairbrush (kept specially for this purpose) and brush through. Use dilute vetivert on thighs, jasmine around your waist or on the navel and sandalwood oil for the inside thighs. Myrtle brings heat to wherever it is applied and can be used intimately. No more than 2 or 3 drops to a teaspoon of fatty oil.


You respond most readily to a partner who can play two or more roles with equanimity. Although you relish outrageous behavior behind closed doors, you demand a certain amount of decorum in public. In private, a direct, earthy approach is more likely to inflame your passions than a plethora of hearts and flowers.


Rubies are Capricorn's lucky gemstone, repelling ill luck and giving insight and mental power. Said to grow paler when misfortune threatens. Catherine of Aragon, first queen of Henry VIII, was warned of her decline from royal favour by the ruby she wore.

Reality Check

You have a habit of overestimating your endurance, and your ultrabusy lifestyle may leave too little time for loving. Because you manage to pack so much activity into each day, unstructured moments of relaxation are few and far between. Make room in your life for romance, even if that means

“penciling in” specific dates and times for lovemaking.

January 5 Date Share

Robert Duvall, film TV actor. Diane Keaton, film star. Konrad Adenauer, West German chancellor. Umberto Eco, Italian author. The Name of The Rose. Alfred Brendel, international concert pianist. Jimmy Page, guitarist, songwriter, Led Zeppelin. Raisa Gorbachev, Russian wife to Mikhail. Juan Carlos, Spanish 20th century king.

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