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January 7th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 07, 2024

Sometimes January 7 gets over enthusiastic about the wrong thing and insists that others join in, becoming miserably angry when they don't. The Bach Flower remedy Vervain, (Verbena officinalis) restores balance of mind and the awareness of a wider context.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 7, 8

January 7th Birthday Love Astrology

This is one of the most enthusiastic dates of the year, a peach to work with, fall in love with and have either as a child or parent. January 7 always looks on the bright side of life and the bright side of people. They have the self-confidence which comes with being multi-talented and are rarely tempted to gossip. They never criticise others in order to build themselves up, aware that it's always the praising of others which attracts the rest of the world to their side.

This isn't a pushover peach, however. Both sexes are extremely tolerant about other's foibles, culture and religion, but they aren't tolerant of laziness. Their credo is that a job that's worth doing is worth doing well and things left half done will drive them to impressive temper flashes. January 7 rises high in any organisation, because of the hard work, the optimism and the loyalty. And because, with the methodical, logical thought processes common to this star sign, they are often up to the minute on latest scientific and technical inventions.

Our peachette is also one of the most attractive birthday people of the year, usually dark and svelte, but whatever shade of hair and colouring, fine eyes and in both sexes, unusually beautiful, long eyelashes. Not at all given to philandering - they prefer to mate for life - January 7 is nevertheless deliciously flirtatious and there will always be a crowd of hopeful admirers, any one of whom would give their eye teeth to leap into this Capricorn's bed.

Anybody who does make it into the peachy bedroom will find that love is taken seriously. Both sexes have extremely erotically sensitive bodies and respond to caresses on the rib cage just beneath the bosom for girls and on the equivalent ribcage spot for men. A little pressure from the thumbs just behind the ankle bone will also send Ms and Mr Peach into fruitful transports.

In Love

Intimate relationships can be difficult for you. Something of a loner, you are happiest on your own or with someone who is tuned in to your particular wavelength. In a romantic union you are passionate and loving, yet you require more alone time than most people. You find it easier to remain in a serious relationship when you and your partner share an intellectual rapport.

Your ideal match is someone who understands your moodiness and desire for protracted periods of solitude. You may avoid commitment until you’re certain the relationship is right, but once you make a promise you stick to it.

In Bed

Because of your hesitancy to communicate your true feelings, your desires are often misunderstood. A very private person, you believe that what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Moreover, your ever-changeable nature can make you appear sensitive and mysterious one moment, seductive and exceedingly sexy the next. Consequently, your partner can’t always tell where you’re coming from. However, where lovemaking is concerned, you’re naturally curious and willing to experiment when the mood hits you.


January 7 enjoys exotic evenings of unashamed pleasures with a lover. Unless it is the middle of a stonking hot summer, British temperatures don't come close to alluring Mediterranean ones. Buy an electric oil filled radiator for the bedroom which needs to be heated to about 85F or 30C so that perfumes blossom to maximum effect and your naked body is at ease. Choose perfume essences which are traditionally aphrodisiac. These include: rose, jasmine, clove, sandalwood, cinnamon, cardamom and patchouli. Cover the bed with a clean cotton or linen sheet (no man-made fibre please) which you have sprayed with an aromatic mist.


Although your mind may appear to be in outer space, your physical body is right here on Earth. In the proper setting, all it takes is a few well-placed kisses and erotic caresses to ignite your smoldering sensuality. Once aroused, your inner passion meter can zoom up from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye.


Sometimes January 7 gets over enthusiastic about the wrong thing and insists that others join in, becoming miserably angry when they don't. The Bach Flower remedy Vervain, (Verbena officinalis) restores balance of mind and the awareness of a wider context.

Reality Check

At times you’re so serious minded, even other goats seem lighthearted compared to you. When you fall in love, it’s generally for keeps. However, if things go wrong in matters of the heart, you are easily discouraged.

Rejection cuts you to the very core. Bitterness and hurt feelings may cause you to forget about romance altogether and bury yourself in your work.

January 7 Date Share

Died: Trevor Howard, British film star, actor. Born: Charles Addams, Addams Family creator. Nicholas Cage, film actor, heart-throb. Gerald Durrell, naturalist, writer, My Family and Other Animals. Clara Haskil, German pianist. Francis Poulenc, French composer. Bernadette of Lourdes, had visions of Holy Mother of God, miracle cures at Lourdes, subject of movie Song of Bernadette.

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