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April 8th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 08, 2024

Those who devote themselves to the social round, judging others only by their appearance and usefulness, will find themselves so judged and the struggle to keep up as time passes, becomes, in the end, overwhelming.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 3, 8

April 8th Birthday Love Astrology

Some say the colour for Aries is white, others say red. April 8 is carnivorous cardinal red and you'd better watch out. Excellent at sport, many play at the highest level. And absolutely nothing gets in the way, not parents, loved ones, illness or politics. No weakness is allowed except in opponents, kicked aside as they run past without a backward glance.

As tough as the men, the girls apply Spartan rules when they have kids. The house is perfectly run, and impressive. April 8 hates muddle, and doesn't go for pastels, flowery things or lavish curtains which look as if they were nicked from the local hotel.

At work, no quarter is given. This creature is Mars and this is war. They'll pinch ideas, criticise opponents for being out of touch, fat, thin, nervous, too old, too young. All those ruses we know and hate and which are so astonishingly effective. This is a computer, age advocate, joined at the nose to his screen, contemptuous of anyone who can't manage the whole programme, but sticks, snail like, to the word processor slow lane. They are usually perfectly dressed and if they can afford it, the men wear Paul Smith and the girls favour a little Chanel mixed with the season's hot Marks 8c Spencer's line. Naturally they always know what it is first.

April 8 loves her children, as do the men. But kids are really an extension of themselves and must excel. This person worries about her children not having enough of the right friends, right talents and it's all completely exhausting for the young ones concerned, and frequently for their teachers.

Don't imagine they mellow with age. At 70 both sexes will still be looking over your shoulder for somebody more interesting at a party. And they'll still ask who the other guests are before accepting a dinner party invitation. How do they get away with it? Power and money.

In Love

Although you appear reserved on the surface, at heart you’re a romantic idealist and more loving than your cool demeanor suggests. Unfortunately, your single-minded drive toward your career goals can put quite a damper on your love life. There is bound to be friction between you and your significant other as long as you consider your relationship a deterrent to success.

It’s important for you to realize that love and achievement are not mutually exclusive. Actually, it is the other way around. When you are relaxed and content in your personal life, you focus better at work.

In Bed

You may come off as somewhat impersonal in public situations, but behind closed doors you are an exciting, adventurous lover. Although you have great difficulty expressing your deepest feelings and emotions, you have no such problems when it comes to your lusty libido. Physically, you are passionate, sensual, energetic, and demonstrative. Your style of lovemaking is forthright and direct. You need to feel safe and secure in an intimate relationship, but when you do, anything goes.


April 8 loves pets but becomes panicky when they have accidents or seem unwell Its just as good an idea to use the famous Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for animals as it is for human beings. It comes in liquid form, a few drops to be taken in water, or cream, which keeps wounds supple, speeds up the healing process and relieves pain. Many vets use the liquid form to help animals overcome the shock of strange surroundings, especially after accidents. It can be dropped into water or put directly in the mouth and will not interfere with any other medicine or treatment the animal may be receiving.


Because you’re no stranger to hard work, you need a chance to kick back and relax with your lover. A long soak in a two-person tub or a spa, followed by a sexy massage that combines muscle manipulation with a search for your “hot buttons,” can do the trick. You like it when your partner asks what turns you on and then carries out your wishes.


Those who devote themselves to the social round, judging others only by their appearance and usefulness, will find themselves so judged and the struggle to keep up as time passes, becomes, in the end, overwhelming.

Reality Check

Always practical and opportunistic, you keep your eye on the prize and waste little time or energy on nonproductive enterprises. You don’t expect success to be handed to you on a silver platter. However, you automatically assume that you’re right until proven wrong, so when you make a request, you refuse to take no for an answer.

April 8 Date Share

Ian Smith, Rhodesian premier. Betty Ford, American First Lady, founded alcohol treatment centre. E Y Harburg, lyricist, ‘Over The Rainbow', ‘Can You Spare A Dime?', ‘Finian's Rainbow'. Franco Corelli, operatic tenor. Sir Adrian Boult, British conductor. Julian Lennon, singer, songwriter, son of John. Jacques Brel, Belgian singer, songwriter.

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