April 8th Noble Intention Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onApril 08, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to give to yourself

☆The way forward is to understand that until you have met your own physical and emotional needs, you can’t muster sufficient resources for helping others.

The Birthday Of Noble Intention, The Day Of Conscience

April 8th Noble Intention Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 8th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: Strength (passion)

Favorable numbers: 3, 8

Lucky days: Tuesday and Saturday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Scarlet, dark blue, blood red

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on April 8 have a passionate sense of right and wrong, with a strong focus on humanitarian concerns. Their intentions are extremely noble, being motivated by a deep passion for the underdog or those who haven’t been given a chance to develop their potential. The admiration or respect of others is not their main concern; what matters to them is the well-being of others.

Despite their compassion, there is a tendency for these people to see things in black and white; as a result they run the risk of becoming intolerant or dismissive. They passionately believe that everyone is equal, and if they see any form of injustice they can become extremely critical. In the process, they can gain more enemies than friends. It is therefore important for them to learn to control their impulses and find more effective ways of getting their point across.

Since they often find it hard to express their emotions freely they can appear somewhat detached or reserved. When there is a crisis, however, they are a tower of strength. Despite their apparent steadiness they may also alternate between being warm and responsible, and cold and indifferent.

Beneath their self-confidence lie fears of inadequacy that can manifest in self-sacrificing behavior; but if they can overcome these fears, their enormous determination, combined with their incisive and methodical mind, can help them achieve almost anything. Before the age of forty-two there is an emphasis on establishing security and stability, but after that age their focus is on new interests and on communication. These are the years when their self-confidence tends to flower and they really come into their own.

As well as being noble in their intentions, they are independent and daring, keen to express themselves with originality. Their drive to succeed is great but not usually selfish, as they prefer to express their uniqueness through humanitarian deeds that benefit many people. This is what gives these enigmatic but lovely people the potential to bring harmony to the world.

☆ On the dark side:Self-doubting, detached, intolerant

☆ At your best:Compassionate, intense, responsible

April 8 people manifest strong feelings for their fellow human beings, often displaying well-marked humanitarian and altruistic tendencies. For April 8 people it is not enough to be admired or at the center of what is going on (although they often are), but to express the concerns of their associates, friends, family or countrymen. The welfare of others is of the highest importance to them, in extreme cases even greater than their own. It is possible, however, that they may be highly intolerant as well, valuing one social group (of which they are usually a member) over another.

Curiously enough, although possessing star quality, April 8 people often carry an inherent shyness about them. While they are performing their role(s) on life's stage they seem to be in their own private world and it is this unusual admixture of public intimacy that they give to group meetings in which they are involved. Cool under pressure and in crises, April 8 people can be counted on for their calmness and unwavering support during difficult periods.

At times they exhibit an almost saintly quality.

The values of most people born on April 8 espouse the cause of the disadvantaged. Not that they are necessarily social reformers, but they do believe that everyone should be given an equal chance. Because most April 8 people favor the underdog, the downtrodden, those with public or political careers generally do whatever they can to ameliorate unfavorable social conditions. Regardless of their station in life, April 8 people are extremely critical and outspoken when they see those with power over others (whether it be personal or economic) indulging in excesses or injustices. When responding to such injustices, their incisive barbs can really pack a punch. Though forceful individuals, April 8 people seem, to experience ups and downs in their social standing largely determined by events or accidents beyond their control.

People born on April 8 may be hard for others to touch emotionally. They often seem to be quietly suffering from a private hurt which no one will ever understand. Most do not want to be reached in this area or "understood/' since their primary energy is directed outward on the world. This may make it difficult for those who want to help to have close personal relationships with April 8 people (who place more worth on giving than receiving.) It may be in fact difficult for April 8 people to accept anything from anyone, particularly psychological help or what they see as charity.

April 8 people are stars who shine alone in the firmament—solitary and a bit melancholy, with a strange beauty. They do not need the adoration of others, yet seek to promote their values at the highest level possible to them. Their drive to succeed may be great, but rarely motivated by egotism; when they seek power in their work or family life, it is usually for the purpose of furthering the common good as they see it. In this, they are unselfish.

Power Thought:I am thankful for all that I am,I am a human being from the planet Earth

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 8th day of the month are ruled by the number 8 and by the planet Saturn. Since Saturn posits responsibility, and a sense of limitation, caution and fatalism, April 8 people are not impetuous in implementing their plans, but rather proceed slowly and carefully in building their lives and careers. This is at variance with the martian exuberance and impetuosity of Aries, thus potentially creating conflicts in less evolved April 8 people. Often such people will exhibit an internal struggle taking place between the irresponsible Child and the responsible Parent of their psyche. Also since the number 8 can carry a satumian coldness about it. April 8 people may give an impression of distance, while inside they really have a warm and giving heart. Those ruled by the number 8 should, however, beware of being too fanatical in their views.

April 8th Birthday Tarot Card

The 8th card of the Major Arcana is Strength or Courage, which depicts a graceful queen taming a furious lion. The queen symbolizes the female Magician who can master rebellious energies and stands for moral as well as physical strength. This card's positive attributes include charisma and determination to succeed; the negative qualities include complacency and the misuse of power.

☆Luck maker:(Feel good about yourself)Find ways to feel good about yourself and your life. If you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you expect others to feel good about you and offer you opportunities to improve your luck?

Love Avoid power games

You’re drawn to people born on August 24 to September 23:You share a passion for self-improvement and original thought, and this can create a stimulating and rewarding union.

People born April 8 have a tendency to become jealous and insecure when it comes to relationships, and they need to learn to let those they love fly free as this will strengthen rather than weaken their relationship. Fortunately, their charm, generosity and people-skills ensure that they are never without friends or admirers. They are attracted to partners who are intelligent and altruistic, but who also have the potential for success.

Health Put your health and well-being first

People born on this day tend to be more worried about the health of others than their own, and it is important for them to make sure they put their health and well-being first; otherwise they will be prone to stress and depression. As far as diet is concerned, they need to make sure they avoid going for long periods without eating and should eat four to six small meals and snacks during the day. Red meat and foods high in saturated fat, sugar, salt, and additives should be avoided. Exercise is a must as they enjoy energetic pursuits, and solitary pursuits such as walking, jogging, and cycling suit their need for time alone or time out. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color pink will encourage them to take better care of themselves.

April 8 people must beware of giving too much of their energy to others: either individuals, causes or religions. Like other Aries. April 8 people are outwardly directed, but due to their strong social consciousnesses they may neglect personal considerations, hence not paying enough attention to their health. For the most part, just an ordinary interest in their personal well-being will serve to keep those born on this day healthy. Regular vacations to the woods, mountains or seaside grant a much needed respite from the burdens and cares of the world. Those born on April H will enjoy eating, but not if those around them are being deprived of food. Thus, sharing meals with others is particular satisfying to them.

Career Born reformers

The ideals those born on this day promote make them well suited to careers in law, the military, politics, humanitarian activity, and social reform, but because they also enjoy physical activity, sporting careers may also appeal. Being natural psychologists, they may also be interested in counseling or healing, and they may choose to express themselves through journalism, writing, drama, music, and art.

Destiny To become a righter of wrongs

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to become neither too self-sacrificing nor intolerant of others. Once they have developed these skills, they have the potential to turn their noble intentions into reality and become a righter of wrongs.

Be as tolerant as you can and beware of condescension. Open up. Attend to your personal needs; don't be too sacrificing and come to resent it later. Put aside time for reflection.

Celebrities Born On April 8th

Vivienne Westwood(British fashion designer), Julian Lennon(British singer and musician), Robin Wright(American actress and director),

Jozsef Antall (Hunganan anti-communist prime minister, scholar), Albert I (WWI Belgian king, led armies to retake Belgium), Jacques Brel (Belgian chansonnier, song- writer), Hou Hsiao- Hsien (Taiwanese film director, City of Sadness), Leon Blum (French socialist premier), Betty Ford (First Lady, founded alcohol treatment center), E.Y. Harburg (lyricist, Over the Rainbow, Brother Can You Spare a Dime, Finian's Rainbow), Sonya Heine (Norwegian I Ox world figureskating champion, won three consecutive Olympic gold medals, film actress), Carmen McRae (jazz singer), John "Hondo" Havlicek (Boston Celtics basketball forward, 4x All-NBA I st team, sixth alltime scorer), Jim "Catfish" Hunter (baseball pitcher, 5x 20 game winner, hurled perfect game, Cy Young Award winner), Franco Corelli (operatic tenor), Sir Adrian Boult (British conductor), Julian Lennon (singer, songwriter, son of John), Peggy Lennon (singer, Lennon Sisters, Lawrence Welk Show), Donald Whitehead (journalist), Ian Smith (Rhodesian pre Robert Giroux (New York editor, publisher), Seymour Hersh (Vietnam journalist), Ilka Chase (actress, writer)

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