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April 28th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 28, 2024

You need to calm the mind to concentrate. Seek half an hourys solitude each day, preferably in sun, or during the morning in the open air, with green grass and trees around you.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 1, 5

April 28th Birthday Love Astrology

This is a day where intellect, determination and physical attraction combine with devastatingly potent effect. April 28 is the stuff that heroes are made of - or anti-heroes if things go wrong. Either way these sterling creatures use their physical allure to get what they want, and show remarkable bravery if what they want or pursue requires sacrifice or heroism of any kind for a humane cause.

It has to be said, that some never, physically, go as far as shocking. Just enough to promise something that never actually comes through. In the course of public duty, that is. Privately, this hot frittata is a different matter.

When destiny calls, April 28 turns out to be a great negotiator, ruthless, charming and resourceful. If you want an historic building saved, or a lovely piece of countryside, or an old railway, here's your spokesperson. Big business just can't get round them. They look up every old law in the book, find financial support in the most eccentric corners. Don't bother to fight April 28 with the bit between its teeth.

Throughout their lives, other people have to fit in with this creature's strictures. As children and teenagers they already show leadership characteristics which make their parents and teachers admire them - and listen to them. As parents they can sometimes be overbearing, forgetting that others are not like them and maybe don't want to be. But April 28 always inspires admiration.

This individual needs to relax, and what pleases most is sex, and a brilliant financial deal, at both of which they can excel. In particular, they like the backs of their ankles stroked, which does amazing things to other parts of the body which are vulnerable to a sensuous flutter. And as far as money goes, they adore splendiferous fantasy games with lover and friends about how to direct their latest collection of mint-fresh currency.

In Love

In an intimate relationship, you’re warm, sensual, and passionate. Sometimes you show a side of your nature that is possessive and demanding, yet at other times you are relaxed and full of fun. Since you crave safety and security, you can be rather difficult when your emotional stability is threatened. Where love is concerned you are impulsive, with a tendency to be swept away by romance. Ultimately, your need for roots and connections overcomes your desire for freedom and independence. When you are sure that you’ve found the right person, you’re prepared to make a long-term commitment.

In Bed

Good sex ranks high on your list of relationship priorities. Your approach to lovemaking is sensuous and erotic. You like being with a partner who appreciates luxury and creature comforts as much as you do. A dynamic lover, you have a strong sex drive and a taste for adventure. Physical intimacy energizes your body and also nourishes your inner being. Although you enjoy experimenting with various techniques and positions, it is the warmth of close physical contact and sharing affection that satisfies you most.


Go on, admit it, like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and of course, the Duchess of Fergiana, foot massage transports you to the realms of delightful deliciousness. Furthermore, a feeling of bodily well-being comes from feet which are regularly massaged with aromatherapy recipes. Put two to three drops of scented oils into a camellia oil base, as instructed on bottle or ask health store assistant. Try peppermint for hot feet, myrtle for cold, cypress for smelly feet, and when recovering from any illness, any of the following oils naturally promote health: lavender, bergamot, lemon, neroli, and rose.


Indulging all your senses stirs your physical desires. Your ardor is increased by tactile sensations. Trailing a feather or a bit of silk, satin, velvet, or fur along your skin is a great source of titillation. Because each part of you is an erogenous zone, a sensuous and fragrant full-body massage inflames your libido while also providing immediate pleasure.


You need to calm the mind to concentrate. Seek half an hourys solitude each day, preferably in sun, or during the morning in the open air, with green grass and trees around you.

Reality Check

There is a split between your intellect and your emotions. You can be calm and rational one moment, upset and temperamental the next. Although usually exact about details, you’re much better at starting things than finishing them. If you become bored, you’ll just drop what you’re doing and move on to something new.

April 28 Date Share

Lionel Barrymore, founder first acting family, author of We Barrymores. Saddam Hussein, Iraqi dictator. Oskar Schindler, Nazi Party member, saved over a thousand Jews during World War II, subject of film Schindler's List. Odette Hallowes, French Resistance fighter, British Special Forcesagent, tortured by Gestapo, refused to talk. Ann-Margret, film actress, singer.

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