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April 29th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 29, 2024

Some people have flashes of temper over piddling things, which leave them upset for hours, along with everybody else. This can be due to hormonal changes in both men and women. See your doctor.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 2, 6

April 29th Birthday Love Astrology

April 29 is good fun, glamorous, with a strong image which often forms the basis for their profession. Most people born under this sign are blessed with excellent looks, regular features, strong bodies and fine eyes. Some may suffer from the old Taurean problem of early baldness, but most are philosophical about it - sufficient unto the day is the hair loss. Who knows if tomorrow it may come back again?

They are likely to become extremely rich, their income based to some extent on their looks, but mostly on their talent. While they adore fast living, flash cars and flasher houses, none of this goes to their head. At rock bottom they can live off little with enormous happiness.

At work they are punctilious, arriving on time, even much earlier, and going through the day with energy and brightness. Don't mistake the smile and the relaxed manner as pushover attributes. Low self image is not a component part of this person's stable psycheology. They know what they are worth, negotiate for more, and get it.

Extra dependable, many take positions of responsibility, sometimes succeeding in the travel industry, where whatever they organise always works out well. This is partly because April 29 thinks through what may go wrong, and pre-empts it. So he and she will check if the new hotel has actually been finished, if the hired car is roadworthy, if the swimming pool is properly cleaned, and the cook does what he says he will do.

It's a sexy enough date. They like it and they do it with good humour. What really matters to many of them is having children, though, and because they are responsible types, they will try to ensure that a child is born to a lasting relationship. Nobody can calculate the future though, and if this creature ends up a single parent, they will be remarkable in their ability to love and cope.

In Love

More introverted than extroverted, individuals born on this day rarely make the first move or initiate anything. You would rather sit back and wait for opportunity to come knocking, which it invariably does. This is particularly true where your love life is concerned. Fearful of rejection, you rely on the passive approach to romance. You much prefer attracting a lover to pursuing one. Despite your amiable nature and great sense of humor, you are afraid of looking foolish. Because you care about what other people think, you shy away from any relationship that might make you the butt of gossip.

In Bed

Taurus is the most sensuous of all the signs. Although sexuality is included among your catalog of sensual pleasures, it is far from the only one on the list. Actually, you enjoy most anything that appeals to the senses, especially the sense of touch. Physically, you are deeply passionate, but somewhat shy and reserved. A caring and considerate lover, you treat your partner extremely well. In and out of bed, you will do whatever you can to keep your mate happy and interested.


The potato has a bad diet press, but some doctors recommend them for weight loss and to aid constipation. The American expert in weight and fertility, Dr E Flatto, extols their virtue in his famous book. Super Potency (Thorsons) insisting that potatoes can in some cases, because they have zero cholesterol, contribute to an eating regime which can reduce high blood pressure. Whatever its effect on you in this area, this very ordinary vegetable is composed of 78% water, has more than twice the protein of human milk and one six ounce potato contains only ninety calories. But it's no good smothering it in butter.


Physical pleasure turns you on. Nothing makes you happier than spending long, languid hours indulging in your preferred activities: eating, drinking, and making love. You want to be wooed and pampered lavishly, in elegant, luxurious surroundings—to be kissed and caressed until you’re nothing more than a quivering mass of sensual desires.


Some people have flashes of temper over piddling things, which leave them upset for hours, along with everybody else. This can be due to hormonal changes in both men and women. See your doctor.

Reality Check

Your shadow side manifests when you become so set in your ways that you’re unable or unwilling to adapt to change of any kind. If this happens, your main virtue—persistence—becomes your worst fault. In your search for security and stability you may become so rigid and obstinate that you won’t even consider modifying your views.

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Michelle Pfeiffer, Hollywood star, Catwoman, adopted a small girl. Andre Agassi, tennis champion, wears a hat to hide thinning hair. Sir Malcolm Sargent, British conductor, BBC Symphony Orchestra. Duke Ellington, jazz composer, pianist, bandleader.

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