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April 30th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 30, 2024

Small things make you unnecessarily mad. Sleeping policemen, being put on hold, the uncertain driver in front of you, another mound of socks to match together. None of these is worth a temper tantrum. Ignore the irritation.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 3, 7

April 30th Birthday Love Astrology

Don't go breaking their heart. This nicely turned out pudding is liked by everybody and most people just want to gobble it up. But if you make April 30 sad, it will never forgive you, and you may regret such an action for the rest of your days. You may regret it because there is a fascinating side to this character which many remember all their lives, and to which they often wish to return even if it's just to talk.

April 30 is a day which knows where it is going, like a steady, bright satellite. A broken heart is one thing that does get in the way. When love goes wrong, this creature feels terrible pain, may sit alone for hours gazing at nothing, be unable to work or think properly and is sometimes so depressed a doctor must be called in. For those who hold this person dear, it's worth remembering that everybody born on this day has a taste for alcohol, and can often be coaxed out of unhappiness if you take round a wallop of champagne, a good video and then act the clown. (They have a simple sense of humour.)

Nothing has the same capacity to cause sadness, so it's best for creatures born on this day to establish a long-term relationship. Which won't be hard, because they are sexy, charming and usually intelligent.

While they are capable of making money, finance doesn't come high on April 30's list of priorities. Both sexes dislike greed in others, and get bored with the accumulation of material wealth. They think it vulgar. Nor are they likely to let ambition get in the way of their pleasures. No late nights and gritted teeth over work brought home here.

When faced with not having a job, they merely shrug their shoulders and pick up a book. Something will turn up is their philosophy. And it usually does.

In Love

Inherently friendly, articulate, and witty, you enjoy interacting with people at large social gatherings and in intimate one-on-one situations. As a romantic partner, you are sensual, affectionate, and exciting. You like the stability of a committed union, but emotionally you tend to blow hot and cold. On one hand you want safety and serenity, but on the other you crave independence, change, and diversity. In love, as in life, you dislike feeling tied down. Although devoted to your loved ones, you are more likely to stay loyal to someone who grants you the freedom to come and go as you please.

In Bed

You want to be able to talk to your lover, and one of your favorite subjects is sex. You enjoy experimenting sexually and like discussing your innovative erotic ideas with your bedmate, both before and after the fact. Frank conversation between lovers also allows each of you to give and get exactly what you want. You’re looking for a union that is sexy yet fun at the same time.

Your ideal partner is smart and witty but also affectionate.


Aeroplanes make April 30 uncomfortable. They aren't afraid of flying, but arrive with tired eyes and swollen feet, generally feeling jaded. Many airlines devote time to helping their passengers but there are things you can do for yourself To refresh eyes, take a cotton or silk scarf, soak it in bottled water (tap water in planes is not a good idea) and place it over your eyes. Tina Turners travel guru, London and New York based Rajendra Sharma has also found that some female patients benefit from putting their shoeless feet in brown paper bags. No kidding, it has reduced their swollen ankles.


Verbal enticements have a big impact on you. Receiving a sexy email, fax, or phone message from your lover works better than any classic aphrodisiac to engender excitement and put you in the mood for lovemaking. Whispered exchanges of sexy, intimate dialogue serve the dual purpose of igniting your mind as well as your body.


Small things make you unnecessarily mad. Sleeping policemen, being put on hold, the uncertain driver in front of you, another mound of socks to match together. None of these is worth a temper tantrum. Ignore the irritation.

Reality Check

The enigmatic individuals celebrating birthdays on this date are as much a puzzle to themselves as they are to everyone else. Your character and personality contain an intriguing mixture of patience and restlessness. Although home loving and security minded, you have a freewheeling, adventurous spirit that is always eager to go off somewhere and explore exciting new possibilities.

April 30 Date Share

Alice B Toklas, Gertrude Stein's partner, cook. Jill Clayburgh, filmstar. Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi foreign minister, convicted at Nuremberg. Queen Juliana, Dutch 20th century sovereign. Queen Mary II, British ruler with Dutch husband, William of Orange.

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