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People Born on April 28th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onApril 28, 2024

April 28th Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

April 28 VS Taurus, 1, Inspiring role-model

People Born on April 28th: Destiny, Future

April 28th Birthday Destiny

There are some – particularly those born on this day – who will never have to compromise or yield to get what they want because everyone else will yield to them. There’s no denying your physical attractiveness, but there’s something else: the something we call charisma or ‘It’. You were born with ‘It’, so you’ve never had to try hard to get other people to do your bidding, and even when you’re in danger of becoming a little overbearing, people will still admire your gusto and clarity of vision. The fact is, you really do have courage running through every fibre of your body and it is as if people just know that about you. You inspire others to find their courage and, when they do, win their lifelong loyalty. You could be a devastatingly effective politician or decide to become an actor and use your profile to highlight issues of unfairness. Whatever path you choose, it won’t be long before you’re being asked to write books and give TED talks to share your inspiring vision. You love sex (and success), which may cause problems when it becomes clear commitment comes secondary with you; there’s just too much life to see, too much to get done and too many people to meet to ever settle down and say: ‘That’s it, I’m done.’

April 28th Birthday Future

The seemingly placid outer nature of those who celebrate their birthdays on this day hides the extremely ambitious go-getter within. Like most bulls, you need roots and a sense of security. Yet your restless, pioneering spirit craves change and excitement. You long to try new things and explore virgin territory. Your life's challenge is to find a way to combine the adventurous spirit of the number one's vibration with the inherent practicality of your Taurus Sun sign.

As a natural leader, you provide vision and direction in cooperative ventures. You expect a lot from others, but you're prepared to do as much or more yourself When you really want something, you go after it and stick with it to completion. Your single-minded pursuit of your goals may earn you a reputation as a ruthless competitor, especially in business. You are generally open minded and tolerant of other people's ideas, yet you can be surprisingly dogmatic if your own beliefs are called into account. However, your inherent enthusiasm, coupled with your plausible reasoning, usually helps you win people over to your point of view.

In a love relationship, you're sensuous and fun loving, with a lively zest for life. You can be difficult and demanding, but you're also very loyal and caring. Your own need for freedom and independence makes you less clingy than most other bulls.

April 28th Birthday Tarot

Ace of Cups:It’s as if the Holy Spirit or another faith’s equivalent is actually dive-bombing down to Earth to tell you that anything you want and need to get the job done is yours for the taking. The card shows a dove diving headfirst into a large golden chalice supported by the hand of Spirit. The elixir of life spilling from our Holy Grail signifies an overflowing of abundance, which in your life translates to charm, looks, riches, personality, charisma and heart. You are the whole package, and more.

April 28th Famous birthdays

Terry Pratchett(British writer); Penélope Cruz(Spanish actress and model); Melanie Martinez(American singer-songwriter); Born Today:

Jessica Alba (actress); Lionel Barrymore (actor); Penelope Cruz (actress);Nancy Lee Grahn (actress); Saddam Hussein (Iraqi dictator); Harper Lee (writer); Jay Leno (comedian/TV talk show host); Ann-Margret (actress/singer/dancer); James Monroe (U.S. president); Kaneta Shindo (director); Charles Sturt (explorer)

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