April 28th Conductor Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onApril 28, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to let go

☆The way forward is to understand that great leadership is about empowering others to take charge of their own destinies.

The Birthday Of The Conductor, The Day Of Steadfastness

April 28th Conductor Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 28th Birthdays

Sun sign: Taurus

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Bull

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Magician (will-power)

Favorable numbers: 1, 5 Lucky days: Friday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Pale blue, orange, yellow

Birthstone: Emerald

When people born on April 28 have decided on a chosen course of action, nothing can divert them from it. Energetic and radiant people, they can motivate others with their imposing emotional, physical and psychological presence. Life is a dance or an orchestra and they are the choreographer or conductor.

Among the most focused individuals of the entire year, they never give up until they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Others instinctively recognize their strength and dependability, and they are often the first to be called on for help during a crisis. They immediately take charge of situations, encouraging others to take positive action and coming up with workable solutions. They try to be as honest as they can be with everyone they meet. Some people may find them too blunt, but they would rather risk offending someone than be involved in any kind of deception.

They take great care to always look the part, and you will rarely find them looking anything less than their best. They are also able to stay in tune with what others are thinking and feeling; this helps them guide and direct others with sensitivity and respect, rather than with overbearing authority. Occasionally they can lapse into stubbornness, but this is often a manifestation of their fear of not being needed. They should learn that the greatest leaders, parents and guides are those who can give their charges or children the confidence and skills they need to survive without their support.

Cultivating a wide range of interests outside the home and learning to take themselves less seriously will help them develop the psychological strength to let others take control of their own lives. Fortunately, from the ages of twenty-three to fifty-three the pace of their life increases; they find new interests, skills and forms of communication. If they can take advantage of these opportunities for growth and diversification, they can use their powers of pragmatism, resourcefulness and creativity to single-mindedly work toward the fulfillment of their goals and their dreams.

☆ On the dark side:Inflexible, over protective, blunt

☆ At your best:Radiant, focused, dependable

April 28 people are capable of using their physical, emotional or psychological presence in an imposing, if not intimidating, way. Among the most determined people of the whole year, they will not give up once they have embarked on a project or a course of action. Against great odds, seemingly contrary to their best interests and that of those closest to them, they will hold out, no matter how persuasive or commanding their opponents may be. The drive to manifest their position is powerful, and what they stand for not easily forsaken.

Yet, because April 28 people are good negotiators and politic in their daily lives, they often give the impression of being reasonable, even tractable. Though they appear accommodating, however, those who deal with them eventually discover that there is in fact only one possible compromise acceptable—that which is desired by the April 28 person. Promises will be made, then later reinterpreted, bent or even broken. The ability of April 28 people to wait is almost inexhaustible—in fact, it is usually their opponents who wind up exhausted! April 28 people attend to their personal appearance and dress with great care. They realize instinctively that a first impression is often the most lasting one; consequently, they will avoid losing the opening gambit of any life situation. If mothers, they place their stamp squarely on the home, structuring the daily life of the family with respect to meals, hours, chores and personal cleanliness; if fathers, they will lay down the law and fully expect to be obeyed. Life can be very difficult for eveiyone concerned if one or all of their children are more changeable, flexible types, who resent such unyielding attitudes.

More highly evolved April 28 people make superb friends, lovers and parents because of their steadfastness in adversity and their utter dependability. They do well in positions of authority because they stay in tune with the feelings of their subordinates. Instead of ailing through fear, they guide and lead with vigorous, self-confident insight, thus avoiding catastrophe.

Less highly evolved April 28 people manifest negative results over and over again through their stubbornness and intractability.

It is important for April 28 people to take themselves less seriously. They must beware of arousing antagonism in others by acting in a superior manner. Fighting battles for the disadvantaged and downtrodden can prove far more rewarding. Finally, those born on this daymust learn to let go once their children, friends or associates are capable of doing without their support. Learning not to be needed, to not always be in demand, is important if April 28 people want to develop the philosophical objectivity needed to occasionally rest and observe life's passing scene.

Power Thought:Today and every day I take time to find the quiet and stillness within me,Is it possible that the earth turns, the stars dance.the comets sing, not because ofgravity and Einsteins laws hut because of the power ofLou ?

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 28th day of the month are ailed by the number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1). and by the Sun. Those ruled by the number 1 are typically individual, of a definite viewpoint and eager to rise to the top. because, as mentioned earlier. April 28 people tend to be dominant types. they must beware of being overcome by their power drives. The Sun carries in its symbolism strong creative energy and fire, which should be directed steadily (the positive effects of Venus, ruler of Taurus) rather than allowed to sporadically flare out of control.

April 28th Birthday Tarot Card

The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, who symbolizes intellect, communication, information, as well as magic. Over his head is an infinity symbol, which in some Tarot decks takes the form of a hat. in others a halo. Many interpretations may be drawn, one of which is that the Magician recognizes the cyclical and unending nature of life and is empowered by this understanding. The positive traits suggested by this first card include diplomatic skill and shrewdness but. negatively, lack of scruples and opportunism.

☆Luck maker:(Master the art of delegation)Taking responsibility for everyone and everything will just make you feel exhausted and stressed, blocking out the possibility of luck. To improve your chances of luck, master the art of delegation.

Love Power games

You’re drawn to people born on August 24 to September 23:You share a desire for creativity and security, and this can create a dramatic and a passionate union.

Love comes naturally to people born on April 28 and they are often surrounded by admirers. They do like to take the lead and have all the power in a relationship, but it is important for them to have a partner who can challenge them and take that power away from time to time. Security is important to them, and when they can learn to take as well as give direction in a relationship they are dynamic and sensitive lovers.

Health Take better care of your soul

People born on this day are extremely energetic and it is important for them to find outlets for their energy. Competitive sports will appeal, as will all forms of exercise, in particular dance. They do tend to be prone to weight gain, high blood pressure and problems with the thyroid gland, so they need to make sure that their diet is healthy and balanced. Because they love dining out and experimenting with different kinds of foods, they need to make sure that they don’t overeat. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to look inward, think of higher things and develop their spiritual side which, in their haste to accomplish, direct and resolve, may often get neglected.

Generally, those born on April 28 are possessed of a robust constitution but may nonetheless be vulnerable to heart problems, high blood pressure or glandular imbalances, particularly of the thyroid and adrenals. The whole trick for April 28 people is to keep their energy flowing. avoiding both blockages and flareups of suppressed emotions. Overeating may be a real danger because of a love for a wide variety of foods: the eating habits of April 28 people must be structured and disciplined to avoid major physical problems. The physicality of this day should be directed toward competitive sports of all kinds.

Career Born advisors

These people have a great understanding of human nature, indicating that they may be drawn to careers in teaching, therapy, counseling, or advising. They also like to take charge of large projects or groups of people, and careers in management, advertising, the media, or publishing will appeal. Their natural flair for creativity, form and color may also inspire them to become a designer or draw them to theater, music and the arts.

Destiny To direct and encourage others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to be more flexible in their approach to life. Once they are able to listen to alternative viewpoints and take on board the advice of others, their destiny is to direct and encourage others with their dedication, focus, honesty, and dependability.

Try to take yourself less seriously Cultivate a greater capacity to have fun and be lighthearted.Think very carefully about the effect your ideas and manner have on those around you.Above all strive to recognize the feelings of others and remain sensitive to their needs.

Celebrities Born On April 28th

Terry Pratchett(British writer), Penélope Cruz(Spanish actress and model), Melanie Martinez(American singer-songwriter),

James Monroe (US president, instituted Monroe Doctrine banning foreign intervention in American continent, obtained Florida from Spam, supported anti-slavery position), Saddam Hussein (Iraqi dictator), James Baker (secretary of state), Oskar Schindler (Austrian businessman, Nazi Party member, saved over a thousand Jews during WWII, subject of film Schindlers List), Odette Sansom [Hallowes] (French resistance fighter, British Special Forces agent, tortured by Gestapo, refused to talk), Charles Sturt (Bntish explorer of Australia), Jay Leno (comedian, Tonite Show host), Kurt Godel (mathematician, work described in Godel, Escher, Bach), Yves Klein (French concept and body art painter), Harper Lee (novelist, To Kill a Mockingbird). Kenneth Kaunda (Zambian president, imprisoned by Rhodesia for founding Zambian Afncan National Congress), Antonio Salazar (Portugese dictator, ruled thirty-six years), Lionel Barrymore (stage, film actor), Ann-Margret (actress, singer, dancer), Willie Colon (Latin-jazz trombonist, bandleader, singer, songwriter, producer), Blossom Dearie (singer, pianist, songwriter), Kaneto Shmdo (Japanese film director. The Island, producer), Henry Luce III (journa publisher), Rowland Evans, jr. (TV journalist). Angana Enters (dancer, painter)

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