People Born on April 17th Personality,Stars,Numbers

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Planetary Influences:Ruling planets:Mars and Venus;Third decan:Personal planet is;Jupiter;Second cusp:Aries with Taurean tendencies. Virtues:Methodical, ambitious, organized. Vices:Critical, judgmental, forceful. Careers:Lawyer, CEO, financial advisor. Skills & Aptitudes:Attention to detail, coordination, vigilance. Compatible with:May 1–4, July 27–28,December 12–18

Zealous campaigner

People Born on April 17th Personality,Stars,Numbers

People Born on April 17th Personality Reference

Practical and visionary, with an ambitious nature, you are often positive and ready for action. As an Aries, you have the impetus to get up and go, yet in your quest for success you may at times have to overcome a tendency to be restless and change your direction. The subinfluence of Sagittarius, your decanate ruler, suggests that with foresight you can make fortunate decisions. This provides you with natural luck and protects you financially. However, in order to truly profit from this celestial benefactor, you have to put a strong emphasis on values and hard work and develop a responsible attitude. You possess the capacity to cope with challenging situations and solve problems through quick realizations. Although you can overcome obstacles with your determination and vitality, when you complete your tasks you need to stop for a well-earned rest.

Practical skills, strong intuition, and an ability to concentrate on the job at hand are just some of your many talents. The pride you take in your work can also carry the sign of the perfectionist. However, this sense of duty and self-control must not turn you into an individual who is overly concerned with economy. Your efficient and down-to-earth approach often suggests that you are outspoken and direct, but you may have to guard against a tendency to be abrupt as well as stubborn.

Your progressed Sun moves into Taurus where you are age three, commencing a thirty-year period of increased emphasis on security. A turning point occurs around the age of thirty-three, when your progressed Sun moves into Gemini, stimulating you to widen your interests and place more emphasis on knowledge, communication, and study. From your early sixties, when your progressed Sun moves forward into Cancer, you will find a greater awareness of your emotional needs as well as an accent on your family and home.

Stars of People Born on April 17th


Sun: Aries

Decanate: Sagittarius/jupiter

Degree: 27°30’-28°30’ Aries

Mode: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Fixed Stars

Al Perg, also called Kullat Nuti or Piscium; Vertex, also called Great Nebuli

Primary Star

Star’s name:Al Perg, also called Kullat Nuti or Piscium Degree position:25°50’-26°46’ Aries between the years 1930 and 2000 Magnitude:3.5-4 Strength:***** Orb: 1°30’ Constellation:Eta Piscium Applicable days:April 15, 16, 17, 18 Star qualities:Saturn and Jupiter Description:a binary star located in the cord near the tail of the Northern Fish

Primary Star’s Influence

Al Perg bestows determination to realize one’s objectives. Success comes with patience and steadfastness, but not without struggle. Accomplishment and recognition can be achieved through perseverance and dedication. This star also implies that dissatisfaction with oneself as well as with others may cause irritability.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star denotes achievement, with a slow and steady rise to greater power; and a preference forwork in government and political affairs.

• Positive:happiness in solitude, sense of duty, straightforwardness, honesty

• Negative:inconstancy, discontent, moodiness, emotional tensions, changing objectives

Secrets of People Born on April 17th

Paradoxically, one part of your personality wants life to be stable, secure, and predictable, while another part of you seeks activity and variety to guard against boredom. Be careful of falling into a rut if your situation becomes congenial and fairly smooth-running, as your opportunities are often away from your visual routine of home and work. If this quest for excitement or new experiences is repressed, you may feel restless and impatient without quite knowing why. This can lead to escapism in order to compensate.

Because you are an active person, you may feel that experience is a better teacher than theory is. You also possess an emotional sensitivity and subtle, intuitive insight that can positively guide you. Rather than rush in different directions, listen to this inner perception, and your life might run more smoothly.

Occupations suitable for individuals born on April 17th

Your birthday shows excellent opportunities for commerce and enterprise. With an innate practicality, you like to create method and order, so having a plan for your big visions is vital. In business you are ideally suited for dealing with other people’s money, imports and exports, banking, and law; transacting business abroad; and initiating large projects. You are also likely to have dexterity and a sense of form. Ambitious, with negotiation skills, you are usually able to strike a good deal and get value for your money. Your birthdate also suggests that you may have an interest in facts or figures and can achieve material success or a prominent position as a specialist or researcher. Alternatively, you may choose to travel and explore, or use your sensitivity and creativity in some form of self-expression through music and the arts.

Famous people who share your birthday include former Russian premier Nikita Khrushchev, actor William Holden, actress Olivia Hussey, banker J. P. Morgan, and musician Jan Hammer.

April 17th Birthday Numerology

Sees the big picture and aims for it, linked to abundance and material wealth, and uses financial success to give back to others. As a shrewd, independent thinker, you benefit from being well educated or skillful. The number 17 birthday means you usually utilize your knowledge in a specific way in order to develop your expertise. With a reserved nature and good analytical abilities, you can rise to a prominent position as a specialist or researcher. Private and introspective, with a strong interest in facts and figures, you frequently present a thoughtful demeanor and like to take your time. By developing your communication skills, you can discover much more about yourself from others. The subinfluence of the number 4 month indicates that you can be friendly and outgoing, with diplomatic skills. By showing your caring and loving nature, you can clear up any misunderstandings. Although you like to resolve problems independently, learn to share your thoughts with others or be part of a team. Avoid a tendency to be greedy or envious. A need for recognition suggests that you are keen to express youself and liberate your creative spirit.

• Positive:thoughtfulness, planning, good business sense, financial success, individual thinker, painstaking nature, accuracy, skill at research, scientific ability

• Negative:detachment, loneliness, stubbornness, carelessness, moodiness, oversensitivity, narrow-mindedness, criticism, suspicion

Love & Relationships of People Born on April 17th

Warm and sociable, you draw people with your natural charm. With your powerful emotions, you have a great deal of love to give. Nevertheless, if your feelings do not have a positive channel for expression, you may become moody or sulk. The restlessness or impatience associated with your birthday often surfaces if you become too restricted or frustrated with your current situation. Keeping active and adventurous can help you achieve emotional satisfaction. Although at times relationships may be unsettled, you are usually willing to work at keeping the peace, and you rarely give up easily. Your dynamic and emotional energy, however, can ensure that in any company you are able to successfully stand your ground and get the affection or admiration you desire.

The dream lover of someone born on April 17th

You might come closer to finding your true match with someone born on one of the following days.

Love & friendshipJan. 7, 11, 22, 24, Feb. 5, 9, 20, Mar. 3, 7, 18, 31, Apr. 1, 5, 16, 29, May 3, 14, 27, 29, June 1, 12, 25, 27, July 10, 23, 25, Aug. 8, 10, 21, 23, 31, Sept. 6, 19, 21, 29, Oct. 4, 17, 19, 27, 30, Nov. 2, 15, 17, 25, 28, Dec. 13, 15, 23, 26

Beneficial:Jan. 8, 14, 19, Feb. 6, 12, 17, Mar. 4, 10, 15, Apr. 2, 8, 13, May 6, 11, June 4, 9, July 2, 7, Aug. 5, Sept. 3, Oct. 1, 29, Nov. 27, Dec. 25, 29

Fatal attractions:Oct. 20, 21, 22

Challenging:Jan. 9, 18, 20, Feb. 7, 16, 18, Mar. 5, 14, 16, Apr. 3, 12, 14, May 1, 10, 12, June 8, 10, July 6, 8, 29, Aug. 4, 6, 27, Sept. 2, 4, 25, Oct. 2, 23, Nov. 21, Dec. 19

Soul mates:Jan. 9, Feb. 7, Mar. 5, Apr. 3, May 1, Oct. 30, Nov. 28, Dec. 26

April 17th Birthday Personology Summary

The impression that those born on this day make on others is a strong one, for they promote their lofty ambitions with unrelenting certainty and expect others to fall in line with their convictions. Because they have a highly developed sense of natural justice and possess a burning, protective desire to champion the cause of the downtrodden, April 17 people will often make their careers in such humanitarian-related fields as politics, jurisprudence or the military, although their predilection for paying attention to detail and their prodigious organizational skills will also equip them superbly as accountants or businessmen. And, because they typically translate their profound thoughts into energetic action, they may frequently find themselves leading the less imaginative or dynamic, or—especially if they are women—working as self-employed people on their own account.

Yet despite the laudable nature of their ideological concerns and their considerable practical talents, April 17 people may find enlisting the support of others an arduous task. One inherent problem with their direct, often forceful, approach—which is particularly pro- nounced if they were also born in the Chinese year of the dragon—is that they may appear somewhat unyielding individuals, who are furthermore not afraid to voice their criticism if they feel it is justified. Others may be intimidated by the austere, judgemental image that they project, and hasten to remove themselves from the line of fire. Those nearest to them may simi- larly believe themselves unable to live up to their high ideals and expectations, and thus these people may become emotionally isolated and prone to feelings of disillusionment and depression.

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