April 17th Will-power Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onApril 17, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is telling others how you really feel

☆The way forward is to understand that everyone, even those with incredible self-control, has times when they feel low or vulnerable.

The Birthday Of Will-power, The Day Of Serious Purpose

April 17th Will-power Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 17th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: The Star (hope)

Favorable numbers: 3, 8

Lucky days: Tuesday and Saturday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Scarlet, green, red

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on April 17 are confident, ambitious and opportunistic individuals. When knocked down, they have the will-power and resilience to bounce right back. They know their own mind, having a clear idea of where they are going and how to get there. Determined to succeed, they also have a talent for spotting opportunities, not just for themselves, but for others.

Despite often being quietly spoken, the impression these people make on others is often strong because they promote their ideals with absolute conviction. They expect others to agree with them and, because of their intense will-power, others often do. They also have the ability to translate their ideals into action and may find themselves leading those who are less determined. Although it can seem as if they were born to be successful, they do have to work hard to get to the top. This isn’t a problem for them, though, as they do whatever it takes to make their mark. They thrive on challenge and love a good battle and, in the process, make either loyal friends or resentful enemies.

These people are prone to mood swings and like to spend time alone when dark moments are upon them. Although this can be beneficial in their professional relationships, in their personal relationships it can be detrimental; refusing to share their ups and downs limits the depth of close bonds. Their tendency is to divide everything into positive and negative; just as it’s important for them to appreciate the complexity of their emotional life, they also need to acknowledge the complexities in the world around them. Until the age of thirty-three they strive for security and certainty, but after the age of thirty-four they may move toward a more flexible world view.

It is important for them to ensure that their amazing will-power does not make them too judgmental or serious. Once they inject a little light-heartedness into their lives, they will discover that their authority isn’t weakened but strengthened, and that wherever their dreams take them, others will gladly follow.

☆ On the dark side:Moody, judgmental, harsh

☆ At your best:Purposeful, opportunistic, resilient

Those born on the April 17 carry a strong sense of their own power while at the same time exhibiting an adventuresome spirit and leadership qualities. These are definitely people who expect to be listened to when they speak. As a matter of fact, being ignored in any manner is extremely difficult for them to handle. They know that they count, that they are important, and often they expect that others will pay respect and follow them to the ends of the earth, if necessary.

Some born on this day may make a quiet impression at first, but one can nevertheless feel the force submerged in them. If an April 17 person is as yet unaware of his/her power urges, it will only be a matter of time before some crucial incident in life brings these to the fore.

Those born on this day may be deeply interested in philosophy or religion, for powerful ideas often attract powerful people. They may also seek to ally themselves with strong individuals and institutions. For them, everything that is established of a social nature is to be defended and served to the fullest. Yet they also despise bullies and will seek to bring down those w-ho abuse privilege or position. Those born on this day may themselves come from quite humble backgrounds, but never forget their roots.

April 17 people cherish their willpower and sharply reasoning mind above all else. They have a kind of shrewdness or cunning that will lead them out of the most difficult situations.

In this respect they are amoral, so they must beware of lending their energies to unscrupulous or underhanded endeavors which will eventually catch up with them, no matter how high they rise. iMore highly evolved April 17 people put their power directly in the service of others, particularly those weaker and more vulnerable who cannot protect themselves. Unevolved April 17 people may be carried away by egotism and greed. A desire to indulge the pleasures of the mind as well as the body can become all-consuming pursuits for some born on this day. Learning to be less possessive by giving up material possessions from time to time will be an important lesson for them to learn. Actually, every individual born on this day should beware of selfishness, especially in the name of family, where it passes as filial or parental responsibility. Eventually these individuals may come to realize that they are part of one human family and find a realistically helpful role relative to the common good.

April 17 people take themselves seriously, perhaps too much so. They have to remember to laugh at themselves from time to time—discover a lighter side of life, perhaps cultivate pastimes.

They should also try to be less judgmental; it is very important for them to live and let live, and the sooner the better.

Power Thought:Today I am prepared to look at myself and the world differently,Laughter is the best medium

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 17th day of the month are ruled by the number 8 ( 1+7=8), and by the planet Saturn. April 17 people may be unduly attached to material possessions and Saturn, which carries with it a strong feeling of limitation and restriction, may add to this problem. In addition. Saturn tends to carry a judgmental aspect as well, increasing the already present tendency of April 17 people to be overly severe in their criticism of others. However, the combined influences of Mars (ruler of Aries) and Saturn can sometimes cause them to become too accommodating and self-effacing in order to gain the adulation they need. The number 8 carries a conflict between the material and spiritual worlds; those ruled by the number 8 can be lonely, and also prone to indulge in excess.

April 17th Birthday Tarot Card

In the Major Arcana the 17th card is The Star, which shows a beautiful naked girl under the stars pouring refreshing water on the parched earth with one pitcher and reviving the stagnant water of a pond with another. She represents the glories of the earthly life, but also material enslavement to it. The stars above her are an eternal reminder of the spiritual world. April 17 people are thus warned against excessive physicality at the expense of something higher.

☆Luck maker:(Replace judgment with acceptance)The next time you find you’re judging yourself, stop and forgive yourself. Be willing to replace self-judgment with self-acceptance. You’ll feel a lot happier and, as a result, more likely to attract luck your way.

Love Take a risk

You’re drawn to people born on August 24 to September 23:You are both determined individuals; if you can learn to compromise, this can be a passionate and rewarding union.

People born on March 17 can be passionate and loyal lovers but it can take a while for them to open up in relationships and be truly themselves. They like to feel in control and, when another person makes them feel vulnerable or needy, their response is often to withdraw or to flirt with other admirers. It is important for their psychological growth to take a risk and share their feelings with loved ones.

Health Go dancing

People born on this day can sometimes feel lonely and misunderstood, and it is important for them not to try and seek comfort in food, drugs, alcohol, and sex. The best therapy for them when they feel low is to spend time with close family and friends. They would also benefit from regular exercise, in particular walking or dancing, which will encourage them to be more sociable and spontaneous. As far as diet is concerned, they should avoid as much as possible foods that are refined, processed or high in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and additives. Mind-body therapies such as meditation and yoga would appeal to their interest in thought control. Carrying a rose quartz crystal or placing one around their house or office will help them release pent-up stress and tension, providing a calming space for emotional wounds to heal.

Those born on April l"7 must beware of all forms of excess and indulgence, whether sex. drugs, food or drink. They may fall into certain addictive patterns through feeling lonely or misunderstood. To control their weight (which can really shoot up if they are depressed) they should avoid saturated fats, excessive meat, rich sauces and cake. If those born on this clay can manage to find a suitable vocation, enjoy the company of one or two good friends and live with someone who loves them, they will have a good chance of stabilizing their emotions. As a way of relaxing, yoga may work. Also travel, particularly adventuresome holidays, will do wonders to keep them lively and focused for the rest of the year.

Career Born politicians

These people have a highly developed sense of justice and so careers in humanitarian-related fields such as politics, law and the military will appeal, although they may also put their organizational skills to good use in careers in business, banking or accountancy. Alternatively, they may work as self-employed people in their own right or express their ideals in music or the arts.

Destiny To become a great leader

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to be less judgmental of themselves and others. Once they are able to do that their destiny is to become a great leader.

Try to be less < ritk al of others. Also beware of becoming too dependent on ha ing their approval Vek spiritual as well as physical activity. Lighten up: remember to have tun Set easy tasks for yourself as well as difficult ones.

Celebrities Born On April 17th

Victoria Beckham(British fashion designer), J.P. Morgan(American financier and banker), Sean Bean(British actor),

JP. Morgan (financier, most powerful tum-of-century businessman, art collector), Nikita Khruschev (Soviet premier), Sirimavo Bandaranaike (first woman prime minister of Sri Lanka [then Ceylon], elected to succeed assassinated husband), Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen, Danish wnter, coffee plantation manager, Out of Africa), Tamerlaine (14 th c. conqueror), Raphael I Bidawid (Chaldean Catholic church patnarch), Konstantinos Kavafis (Cavafy, Greek poet of Alexandna), Thornton Wilder (2x Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright), Clare Francis (British writer, adventurer, sailed around world), William Holden (film actor), Harry Reasoner (TV journalist. 60 minutes), Cynthia Ozick (poet, essayist, novelist, Trust), Jan Hammer (Czech jazz-fusion keyboardist, bassist, composer), Buster Williams (jazz bassist), Lindsay Anderson (British film director, This Sport/ng Life, Lucky Man!). Don Kirshner (rock concert promoter, TV host), Olivia Hussey (British film actress), Robert Wood (CBS president), Siegfried Jerusalem (German tenor), George Adamsky (UFO expert)

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