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April 17th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 17, 2024

According to old colour lore, black means dignity; blue, friendship; green is for virility; grey for modesty; orange for health; pink for devotion; red for love; white, innocence; and yellow, high spirits. Wear them for the right impact.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 3, 8

April 17th Birthday Love Astrology

April 17 may be a genuine, highly-gifted psychic. Not all people born on this day will have this talent, but when they do, it's the real thing. It's advisable to consult an established expert in this field so that you understand yourself and what you are dealing with.

There is a clear cut vision that comes to many and they must learn to interpret that vision. We aren't talking about dead relatives floating about in the doorway and indicating where they buried their tiaras. This is another thing all together and fairly questionable. We are talking about an image of a building or place and an indication that something may be waiting to be discovered there. Maybe it's an old well in a famous writer's garden, with an unpublished manuscript tucked in an iron box on a ledge six feet down. Maybe it's a clear sense of somebody important you are about to meet, not long before you do. A sudden need to phone home, and you discover that Grandma has won £20, 000, 000 on the National Lottery. A certain knowledge that behind the mantlepiece there lurks an exciting discovery.

Or maybe it's a certainty that this particular aeroplane or train will not, after all be carrying you that day. And later you hear there has been an accident. With this kind of experience it's hard not to take note of all kinds of omens, superstitions, lucky stones and colours. But many people born on this date are strong minded and just stick to their interest in psychic phenomena.

Apart from this these people continue a perfectly normal life, often involved with money and accounting. And no, your high street bank manager born on this day doesn't take punts on the stock market with your money and put a safe load on his favourite horse. But he does get occasional flashes about a person, which he might or might not find useful and take notice of.

In Love

You tend to be more careful in your approach to potential lovers than other Aries natives, because you can’t bear the thought of rejection. Even so, you relish the challenge of the chase. Consequently, you like to be the one to make the first move and rarely respond positively to regard you did not seek. The person who hopes to catch your eye must learn to tread a narrow line between accessibility and indifference. Although you take your time when choosing a life partner, once you make the ultimate emotional commitment, you’ll do everything possible to secure the relationship.

In Bed

Beneath your seemingly businesslike attitude toward love and romance, you’re a virtual fireball. Your cool, self-contained exterior masks a lusty sexual being. You possess a strong libido that both promises and delivers dynamic bedroom encounters. Although you may need to be reminded to take time out for lovemaking, once you get going there is no stopping you. A powerhouse of sexual energy, you rely on your incredible physical stamina to carry you and your partner to the heights of pleasure.


April 17 people need food to stoke their mental energies. Psychic's Rosy Meringue Delight: You don't have to be psychic to know this will pile on weight. Take 4 egg whites, 275g shredded coconut, 275g sugar, drops pink food colouring optional Whisk egg whites stiffly until they peak. Fold in sugar and coconut. If you want pink, drop a little colouring in mixture. Grease baking sheet, line with rice paper, with teaspoon drop small mounds of mixture on baking sheet. Bake at 140°C/275°F/gas mark 1 for 50 minutes, until meringues start to colour. Place on wire rack and cool.


You may dream of a blissful escapade on a deserted island—someplace where you and your lover can make endless love, with no interruptions.

Because this isn’t possible, the next best thing is to put your work aside, turn off your cell phone, and whisk your beloved off for a weekend, or even a single night, in a lovely and very private hideaway.


According to old colour lore, black means dignity; blue, friendship; green is for virility; grey for modesty; orange for health; pink for devotion; red for love; white, innocence; and yellow, high spirits. Wear them for the right impact.

Reality Check

The fearless enthusiasm of your Aries Sun adds an element of risk taking to your nature that places you on the cutting edge in the game of life. All the while, your prudent, cautious side attempts to keep a lid on your reckless push toward power and success.

April 17 Date Share

Nikita Khrushchev, Russian leader. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, first woman prime minister of Sri Lanka, elected to fill assassinated husband's place. Karen Blixen, Africa lover, author, Out of Africa. Clare Francis, round the world sailor, author, ME sufferer and campaigner. William Holden, film and stage actor. Lindsay Anderson, British film director, This Sporting Life.

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