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May 9th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 09, 2024

When your pulse rate rises, take ten minutes for this simple meditation technique. Close your eyes. Imagine you are on a sandy beach, barefoot in the surf as it froths in and out.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 9

May 9th Birthday Love Astrology

May 9 is a good sportsman, plays hard and fair. Not so in the office, where they are often badly afflicted with work rage. you've heard of the road kind? Well these people favour head on collisions, drive roughshod over colleagues, attack other people's ideas and often steal them. What to do? Distance yourself, duck, find another job - or apply for theirs.

May 9 often gets so angry he or she start to talk to themselves. You can hear them muttering at their desk, puce in the face as the violent volcano stirs, bubbles, then erupts. They are convinced they are the only one really working and that everybody around them is a knave or a fool. Bosses born today feel that anybody who works for them is inferior, and getting away with something. Because they are paying for somebody else's mortgage, they expect to be crawled to, and indeed get on best with creeps and creatures whose bellies are close to the ground.

At home they rant to their spouse, who must develop blind loyalty syndrome, because any contrary suggestion produces monster sulks. The male of the species calms down in environments they aren't used to. Take them to a lingerie department, hand them something silky and ask them to buy it while you pop off to the loo. They go nervously polite. Women are calmed by buying something nice, or gifts of jewels and having babies.

Fortunately work rage doesn't affect all May 9 people. Many do have a temper, but usually learn to control it in young adulthood, often with the help of parents who spot the tendency in childhood and stamp on it hard.

The upside to this fiery star is their courage. When there is a problem, or someone is in danger, May 9 will be the hero or heroine, showing resourcefulness, reserves of stunning humanity and leading others out of danger. They are tender with small children and make good playmates.

In Love

In an intimate union, you are the consummate romantic. Caring and affectionate, as a mate or partner you’re both giving and responsive. You enjoy all the stylized rituals of courting and being courted. While you may be idealistic about relationships, you’re practical enough to know that lovers cannot live on love alone. You’re more than willing to share everything you have with your beloved, but you make darn sure there are plenty of goodies to go around. Once you find your true love, you are completely devoted. However, you have a rather possessive nature and expect absolute loyalty in return.

In Bed

You know how to elevate lovemaking to an art form. When you make a genuine connection, you want to share all of yourself with your significant other. You are loving and sensual, and your idea of true intimacy is to shut the world out and concentrate your total attention on your bedmate. Pleasing your partner and yourself is paramount in your mind. Your leisurely approach is slow and deliberate. Gently and steadily, you stoke the flames of desire until they erupt into a raging fire.


May 9 suffers from stress which means sore throats, fatigue and tired eyes, often from too much computer work. A change of diet can help balance the body which in turn may contribute to control of bad throats and blurry eyes. Have a salad a day plus raw, steamed or lightly cooked vegetables. Change to camomile tea at work. (Many women magazine editors favour camomile.) Go for one serving offish or poultry every other day instead of red meat. If you are vegetarian, use bean derivatives. Try to include grains in your diet, such as short grain brown rice, millet and basmati rice.


You respond to all the sensual pleasures. Enjoying a scented bubble bath with your lover provides the perfect prelude to an evening of rapturous lovemaking. You revel in the sensuous delights of a late-night gourmet supper, ending with feeding each other tidbits of fruit dipped in melted chocolate and sharing sips of a fine wine or champagne.


When your pulse rate rises, take ten minutes for this simple meditation technique. Close your eyes. Imagine you are on a sandy beach, barefoot in the surf as it froths in and out.

Reality Check

A genuinely warm social being, you have a compassionate heart and a friendly, easygoing manner. Moreover, you’re tactful and receptive to the needs and feelings of others. In fact, you’re so eager to be of assistance to people in need, you may not notice when someone is taking advantage of your good nature.

May 9 Date Share

Glenda Jackson, British stage and film actress, politician. Carlo Maria Guilini, Italian conductor. James Barrie, Scottish playwright Peter Pan. Pancho Gonzales, tennis champion, winner of US Open and Wimbledon. Albert Finney, British film & TV actor. Billy Joel, singer, pianist, songwriter. George Lippert, German three-legged man, two legs from the right knee downwards. He walked using all three.

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