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May 8th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 08, 2024

Some people born on this day swear by keeping a piece of rose quartz in their pocket for its mystical properties, which includes the ability to soothe and fire the imagination.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 8

May 8th Birthday Love Astrology

Venus is a ruler of this day and May 8 is someone who can't do without beauty. Usually beautiful themselves, they can be enormously vain about their best features, notably great hair and astonishing legs. May 8 will always be drawing attention to one or the other. There will be a lot of running hands through the rich mane, and with women a great deal of tossing hair. But why not? For these people it is an absolute crowning glory. Except of course, for those who are challenged in this department, as some bulls - not a creature famous for its hairy nature - are.

This person goes barefoot as much as possible in the house, and outside in the summer. The feet are lovely, the ankles superb and the rest is not left to the imagination. Women will wear skirts up to there and men dress in shorts, or else jeans so tight they show every sinew.

In private this individual campaigns for the environment and for beautiful buildings, which they like to visit. And they are tough opponents, well able to hold a crowd with I ^J^-rjn^-^lS^vn Persuasrve speaking. They are also good at I /^” “^l 31 raismg money with a silky telephone manner and charmingly well-argued

Many companies like to employ them, I wxSiLS' zJsPxA usm8 mese talents for persuasion to benefit ll^y^^^V^yj the product. They may also flourish in the political arena, with the combined assets of physical good looks and plausible beliefs.

And they may make a great deal of money for themselves. May 8 is good at running his or her own business and if they are employed, quite often manipulate their redundancy or sacking (with money) so that they are free to pursue their own plans. Few of them are afraid of the isolation which comes with working for themselves. They just pick up the phone and call friends, and enjoy the time they now have to stop and talk and simply enjoy the rhythms of life.

In Love

Those born on this day are very clear about what they want from life and possess the determination to make it happen. Your need for structure and emotional security prompts you to seek a stable, long-term romantic relationship. Because your approach to love is cautious and conservative, it may take a while before you feel ready to share your heart, home, and bank account with another person. However, when you set your sights on “the one,” you pursue the object of your desire with persistence and tenacity.

Once involved, you’re an affectionate lover and a generous, reliable mate.

In Bed

Simmering just below your cool, businesslike exterior is a sensuous erotic nature that emerges behind closed doors. Careful and methodical in your approach, you keep your powerful sexual urges under control outside the bedroom. In private, however, you let loose your considerable passion and deep sensuality. A considerate lover, you are a master of creative foreplay.

You like to take your time, drawing out your partner slowly and postponing the big payoff for as long as possible.


This person is drawn to a vegetarian life, they find eating something with a face off-putting. This being so, they have strong stomachs, good digestion and few intestinal complaints. Nor is food poisoning much of a problem. They should ensure, when cooking for a family which might not want to be vegetarian, that some meat and fish is included, and that all the dishes made for others are as tasty and unfaddish as possible. A lot of people really don't want to be stuffed with veggie burgers. Beansprouts can be boring. And radishes and beans make you fart.


Your favorite seduction fantasy includes the ultimate in opulent luxury.

Although you know that money can’t buy happiness, it sure can buy a lot of champagne and caviar. Even if you can’t afford Beluga and Dom Perignon, you appreciate a suitor with a touch of class, who knows how to create a sumptuous yet refined atmosphere for lovemaking.


Some people born on this day swear by keeping a piece of rose quartz in their pocket for its mystical properties, which includes the ability to soothe and fire the imagination.

Reality Check

You take things slowly, one step at a time, and rarely change your mind or your agenda along the way. True, whatever you lack in flexibility you make up for with hard work. Nevertheless, new situations tend to throw you off stride. You are so committed to your chosen direction that you can find adjusting to changing conditions really difficult.

May 8 Date Share

Harry S Truman, US president, authorised use of atomic bombs against Japan in World War II. Oscar Hammerstein, opera impresario, built Manhattan Opera House. Candice Bergen, film actress, photojournalist, activist. Peter Benchley, novelist, Jaws. Norman Lamont, British chancellor.

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