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May 7th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 07, 2024

Most of you are blessed with humanitarian feelings and the talent to put ideas into practise. Its wise to remember that what's good for you may not be perfect for somebody else. And do perk up.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 7

May 7th Birthday Love Astrology

Such a serious space traveller this. May 7 is a spiritual creature, with a deeply non-materialistic view of his and her place in the world and a strong desire to create better surroundings for all the people in it. For many, humour is not a strong point and they abhor even the lightest mockery, deeming it merely cruel. So don't joke around with this reforming star.

Often deeply drawn to religion, most find it hard to go through life without a firm belief system, and once they discover it, they will try to convert others. In the nicest possible way. Some may be vulnerable to cults and should take care. Others, especially women, may turn to strong, firm and tough beliefs such as Roman Catholicism or Islamic Fundamentalism, finding the brashness of western culture offensive. Both men and women born on this day make great mentors in the arts and in life. It is given to them to change younger people's lives and open their eyes to new thoughts and this they do, winning wholehearted respect. Their selflessness is enormously attractive. Many are extremely talented and reach international fame - something that all Taureans love. This star sign feels validated by fame. There are some born on this day who are so self-critical that unless they become known, even in a narrower sphere for their talents, they doubt themselves and wonder if their skills are not just bullshit. In particular women feel this, that one day they will somehow be found out.

Overmodesty is irritating because others must constantly reassure you. At worst, it so undermines May 7's self-confidence that personal growth and talent can be suppressed. Some of the men are also overmodest. They judge less modest people too harshly, frequently underperform and throw away their talents by going for the easy option. Naturally some also suffer from a bad case of green-eyed jealousy.

In Love

In an intimate union, you desire the emotional security sought by all Taurus natives. Your affectionate nature compels you to find a permanent love relationship. Yet despite your need for roots and a firm foundation, you yearn for freedom and independence. You may become bored and restless if you stick close to home for too long. Less emotional and more intellectual than the typical bull, you are uncomfortable talking about your feelings. Your ideal mate is someone who understands your solitary moods and accepts your inability to share your innermost thoughts with another person, no matter how close.

In Bed

You project a mysterious quality that is at once earthy and ethereal. There may be times when you just want to be alone. However, there is also a side to you that knows instantly when Mr. or Ms. Right crosses your path. That is when the sensual, deeply passionate part of your personality emerges.

You’re not someone who is likely to be content with superficial sexual encounters. You want to share yourself with your lover completely: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Sometimes this person could really do with a clock round the ear. It might stop them drooping about, and worrying so unnecessarily. And worrying others too. Strongly recommended here is Rescue Remedy, one of the most famous of the remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach, who searched the hedgerows of England and Wales in the 1930s for medicinal plants and gave us his marvellous Bach Flower remedies. Three drops in a small glass of water does wonders for some of his modern day admirers. Rescue Remedy can be bought in most health stores and may be given to pets to perk them up as well.


Just being with a lover who has an attitude toward love and sexuality that is as spontaneous as your own is a guaranteed turn-on. You enjoy injecting an element of romance and mystery into your lovemaking. Passion can over-take you quite suddenly, so you appreciate a partner who initiates and responds to overtures made at unlikely times.


Most of you are blessed with humanitarian feelings and the talent to put ideas into practise. Its wise to remember that what's good for you may not be perfect for somebody else. And do perk up.

Reality Check

Philosophical and highly principled, you are honorable and sincere, but solitary and given to private contemplation and meditation. A close union can be difficult for you, because you function best in an individual capacity where you control your own destiny. Because you often feel misunderstood, you need a partner who understands these quirks in your personality.

May 7 Date Share

Peter ilyitch Tchaikovsky, Russian 19th century composer, conservatory teacher, created Russian ballet music for Swan Lake, Nutcracker. Robert Browning, British 19th century Romantic poet, Pied Piper of Hamelin. Eva Peron, actress, dictator's wife, subject of musical and film, Evita. Susan Atkins, murderess, Manson follower.

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