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People Born on May 7th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMay 07, 2024

May 7th Birthday Numerology

No. 7:Very analytical and detail-oriented, likes to observe and investigate things and has a keen, inventive eye.

May 7 VS Taurus, 7, Spiritual guru

People Born on May 7th: Destiny, Future

May 7th Birthday Destiny

OK, I’m not saying you are a spiritual guru already, but I am saying you have all those qualities that could put you on that path where your understanding of the Ancient Mysteries or religious truths behind the dogmas could mean you become some kind of spiritual, religious or political leader. If you don’t become an actual leader, then you will be someone who shares their thoughts and discoveries on matters unseen with a wider audience than the captive one at home. Talking of home, this may be the one area of your life where, ironically, you find it difficult to practise the loving kindness you preach – it is as if you are so wrapped up in your search for the deeper and more spiritual meaning of life that you’ve no time, energy or inclination to engage with the less esoteric matters closer to home. But this does not give your personal relationships the solid foundation they need to thrive. Perhaps you don’t care overly. You have a sense you were born to work on a bigger stage than any of the ones we can see and if that’s where your life is taking you, then you are perfectly aligned with your soul’s purpose.

May 7th Birthday Future

Those born on this day are an unusual blend of the conventional practicality of solar Taurus and the adventurous spirit of the number seven. On the one hand, you're a truth-seeking intellectual with a deep reservoir of wisdom, and on the other, you're something of a mystic or occultisr. Creative imagination is your forte, and you possess all the sensitivity of a true artist. You have tremendous empathy for other people and considerable talent as a psychic, which allows you to "tune in" to what people are feeling.

When your own deepest emotions come into play, logic and reason tend to fall by the wayside, and you think with your heart instead of your mind. There is a solitary side of your nature that requires frequent "down time" for private contemplation. As a result, even people close to youmay regard you as rather mysterious. You can be torn and uncertain about what you want to do in life. However, when you find an idea or project that truly excites you, your enthusiasm won't quit until the goal is achieved.

In an intimate union, you make a sentimental, tender, caring lover. However, at times you can be depressed or moody, especially if you feel that your efforts are not appreciated. If a close relationship turns sour, the inevitable breakup can leave you feeling heartbroken and betrayed.

May 7th Birthday Tarot

Temperance:We see an angelic being pouring the knowledge of life between two chalices in a card that is full of biblical resonance. It looks like a priestly undertaking, an act of communion, an understanding of the deeper mysteries of life – everything that defines who you truly are and what you came here to do, which is to research and then share those mysteries with your fellow-seekers. You may not seek it out initially but fear not because this card tells us it will find you.

May 7th Famous birthdays

Gary Cooper(American actor); Johannes Brahms(German composer and pianist); Robert Browning(British poet and playwright); Born Today:

Ann Baxter (actress); Johannes Brahms (composer); Teresa Brewer (singer); Robert Browning (poet); Gary Cooper (actor); Gabby Hayes (actor); Edward Land (Polaroid Land Camera inventor); Darren McGavin (actor); Tim Russert (TV journalist); Peter llyitch Tchaikovsky (composer); Johnny Unitas (football player)

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