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May 10th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 10, 2024

May 10 can have psychic powers. They have dreams which come true, hunches which are correct, frequently think of somebody who then unexpectedly turns up or telephones. Useful powers to develop rather than deny.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 6

May 10th Birthday Love Astrology

In many countries a man's wealth is still calculated by the number of cattle he owns, and the Taurean sign of the bull indicates that those born under it will be financial accumulators. Fortune favours the brave, a talent which May 10 has in full, and which he and she may need, because their Tarot indicates that the 10th card in the Major Arcana, is The Wheel of Fortune, signifying reversal in fortune, gains and losses. Nothing is permanent except change.

These individuals focus on opportunities. Numerology helps, the 10th of the month is ruled by the number 1 (1+0=1) and by the Sun, which means they generally like to be first, but have well-developed, balanced judgment, ideal for making the right financial decision at the right time.

Both sexes understand that ill luck may be around the corner -for anybody. They enjoy their wealth, but invest it wisely. Many end up owning their house, the mortgage paid off. They lay-up resources in case of job-loss, or reversal at work which may affect their income. In fact they plan well for the future, take into account inevitable problems on the way, and so can cope when they come.

The women are immensely attractive. They adore children and make exciting, relaxed mothers, although some may not have a family, in which case they will develop a strong circle of friends, powerful interests and a happy way of life much admired by others. Nor do the men count parenthood as a necessity to fulfilment.

Both sexes are pragmatic, fast-witted and funny. And May 10's generous streak means that they have no need to court others for their success. They simply couldn't care less what people do, only liking them for what they are. And will while away the hours with neighbours, relatives and friends, chatting, drinking, eating and generally having fun.

In Love

In an intimate relationship, you are warm and passionate. Occasionally you show a side of yourself that is possessive and jealous, but more often you are friendly, sociable, generous, caring, and indulgent. You crave security and can be difficult and demanding if your stability is threatened. There is a freewheeling side to your nature that wants adventure and independence.

However, your need for roots and family connections usually overcomes your desire for personal freedom. If and when you find the right person, you are not afraid to take the plunge and commit yourself for the long haul.

In Bed

Enamored of all the earthly pleasures, you approach the bedroom with a combination of languid sensuality and bold, aggressive action. Your magnetic personality gives off subtle hints of the passion simmering beneath your surface reserve. Nevertheless, you don’t like being hurried or rushed, either in bed or out. You prefer a slow, steady seduction to fast, furious lovemaking. However, once in the throes of passion, your reserve melts away. In the sizzling intensity of the moment, you respond with total abandon.


May 10 loves to cook for people, especially little surprises you rustle up and hand round while everbodys chatting. They are ideal cooks for small children who really prefer nibbles anyway. Try making Old Fashioned Toffee, tough on teeth, but May 10 doesn't have many tooth problems: see it as a jaw firming exercise. Take 300ml condensed milk, 45ml golden syrup, a large pinch salt, put into a saucepan, stir continuously and bring to boil for 20 minutes until toffee becomes a firm ball. Pour into greased tin, leave until cool enough to handle. Cut into squares and finish cooling.


Sexually you’re impulsive and spontaneous. You would like to be able to make love whenever the mood hits you. Because this is rarely possible in everyday life, nothing turns you on like the prospect of a secluded romantic getaway. Freed from your daily concerns, the two of you can bask in an atmosphere of unfettered sensuality and passion.


May 10 can have psychic powers. They have dreams which come true, hunches which are correct, frequently think of somebody who then unexpectedly turns up or telephones. Useful powers to develop rather than deny.

Reality Check

Despite your need for security, your pioneering spirit impels you to try new things and explore virgin territory. A natural leader, you instinctively take charge in cooperative ventures. Moreover, you tend not to worry much about what others think of you or your actions. As a result, you can garner a reputation for being bossy and officious.

May 10 Date Share

Barbara Woodhouse, dog trainer. Sid Vicious, punk singer, bassist with Sex Pistols. Max Steiner, film composer. John Wilkes Booth, stage actor, Lincoln assassin, kille during capture. Donovan, singer, songwriter. Phil Mahre, alpine skier, three-time world champion.

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