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April 5th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 05, 2024

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Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 5, 9

April 5th Birthday Love Astrology

Most Aries people are competitive. So much so, that some will try to win every game of chess they play with an eight-year-old. April 5 is competitive enough to induce you to be on his team, but never enough to introduce edginess. He'd rather somebody else won than that. What both sexes want most is to have a good time and give everybody else a good time.

They're the darlings of the zodiac. Like the lovely generous splash red poppies make in golden cornfields, this scarlet Aries poppy makes a similar splash in other people's lives. Laughter excites this person. As does the sparkle which comes to a group having fun.

They work to play. Most choose a sober profession such as law, accounting, engineering or something to do with money, where they know they can get on with things quietly day to day, without exhausting their creative energies. Because they can soar across social barriers, their choice of playground is immense. Find them in grand country houses organising the most terrifying game of murder in the dark. That is if you can stop the murder Victim' cackling with laughter. In charades April 5 makes a saucepan into the most stylish makeshift hat. And their team, with its astonishing rendering of Nelson's victory at Waterloo, wins hands down.

Find them too, dancing in the most interesting clubs, with an assortment of partners which would make a Hollywood playgirl/boy envious. There's an electrocrackle of sex about their heads very similar to the pale light which shimmers across the night landscape and is gone just before torrential rain.

When, eventually, they have children, and these creatures aren't keen to settle down, they will play games until everybody drops. Then go and find the best stack of lollies in the world. Children adore their excitable inventiveness. Parents adore them for their sweetness of temperament and their virtue of never leaving anybody out of their plans.

In Love

A fiery, adventurous lover, you can be caring and romantic without resorting to gushy sentiment. You possess an inner emotional detachment that keeps you from clinging too tightly to your lover. In an intimate union, friendship and intellectual companionship are as important to you as physical passion.

An independent spirit, you need a freedom-loving partner who allows you to be yourself. In your search for exciting new experiences, you may shock people by thwarting social convention or changing partners frequently.

However, once you find Mr. or Ms. Right, you’re not averse to the idea of a permanent romantic involvement.

In Bed

Bold and daring in the bedroom, you have few qualms when it comes to exploring sexual frontiers or breaking out into taboo territory. Mentally restless and easily bored, you can lose interest in a partner who is unable to challenge you intellectually. Although you enjoy playing the aggressor in a seduction scenario, you are also capable of tender moments of romantic intimacy. Sex is a carefree, ever-changing game to you, and you engage in it with joyful enthusiasm.


Pimms is a great drink, a party drink, a festive occasion drink, a sexy experience in the right company and everybody should know how to mix one properly. For a jug (8-10 glasses), pour 240ml Pimm's into a large jug, plus 600ml lemonade, 600ml ginger ale, 120ml gin or vodka, ice cubes. Garnish with sliced cucumber, slivers of apple, very thinly sliced orange, slivers of peach or nectarines, one or two strawberries (to taste) and fresh mint leaves. Its wise to remember and we've all forgotten, that it tastes sweet, refreshing and summery, but it contains a helluva wallop.


Ultimately, you live as much in your mind as in your body. It takes a lover who emits mental sparks to really ignite your physical passion. You’re turned-on by the very idea of experimenting with your most exotic fantasies.

Just talking with your partner about what the two of you would like to do to each other puts you in the mood to do it.


Good gardeners can cure drooping plants with a few drops of the famous Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Ten drops in a watering can applied regularly for two or three days revitalises a garden. Five drops watered into vegetables benefits crops.

Reality Check

You are not the typical team player, and you don’t respond well to other people’s rules and regulations. Direct and outspoken, you tackle problems head on, with little regard for tact or subtlety. You say exactly what you mean, and you expect everyone else to be as plainspoken and honest as you are.

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