April 5th Athlete Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onApril 05, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to relax and unwind

☆The way forward is to understand that time out isn’t time wasted but time gained. Returning to the task in hand you will feel refreshed and more productive.

The Birthday Of The Athlete, The Day Of Consequence

April 5th Athlete Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 5th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Mercury, the communicator

Tarot card: The Hierophant (guidance)

Favorable numbers: 5, 9

Lucky day: Tuesday, especially when it falls on 5 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Scarlet, silver, orange

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on April 5 have star quality, but they don’t tend to seek out fame or even fortune. For them, the satisfaction and reward always lies in the work itself. Like true athletes totally dedicated to their sport, their goal is to constantly learn, improve and strive for their personal best.

These people tend to focus on work and career, valuing solid achievement but, because they are highly principled, their success will never be at the expense of others. They need to feel that they deserve their success and, given the fact that they are blessed with both creativity to inspire others and tenacity to see things through, they have great potential to succeed in life. Their manner tends to be quiet and unassuming, and they like to avoid conflict if they can. This doesn’t mean they are pushovers. When their plans are threatened or their beliefs criticized, others may be surprised at their bluntness and drive to succeed. Once they have settled on a chosen course, they will stick to it and defend it passionately. Although this dedicated approach will attract success, it is important for them to understand that some change is essential for progress and development.

Their tendency toward stubbornness is highlighted between the ages of fifteen and forty-five, during which there is an emphasis in their life on security and stability. After the age of forty-six, however, they become more interested in travel, communication, learning new skills, and change. If they can take advantage of the opportunities offered to them, this can be an extremely positive period in their life.

The strong and consistent personality of these people makes them natural candidates for leadership; but because they set extremely high standards, they should be careful that they don’t become too demanding of themselves and others in the process. They also have the determination to overcome the most frustrating of obstacles and, even though they don’t seek or even realize it, their energy, dedication and will-power will earn them the applause of all their contemporaries.

☆ On the dark side:Stubborn, inflexible, repetitive

☆ At your best:Hardworking, dedicated, energetic

Those born on April 5 have the ability to succeed in life and the tenacity to hang in there. Possessed of star quality, they present a composed and self-confident image without appearing overly egotistical. In like manner, they themselves are often taken up with the appearance of things rather than examining them deeply. Most often they pursue one profession, one set of principles, one stream of thought right through life. April 5 people seek appreciation, as those with star quality do, but survive without it, persisting in endeavors whether others are paying heed or not. No matter what is going on around them, they can bring tremendous powers of concentration to bear on the matter at hand.

It is hard to imagine calling people with this kind of star quality modest, but in fact April 5 people are. They are most comfortable playing the part of an unassuming, regular guy or girl. Of course, for those born on this day who are exceptionally gifted, this is consummate play-acting. Yet April 5 people do not react well to being analyzed, probed or found out. As far as they are concerned the part they are playing is what they truly are—they do not want anyone to dig any deeper.

The most suitable professions for April 5 people are those in which they can continue for a life's duration. Those born on this day tend to be long-lived with complete and satisfying careers. The same cannot always be said of their marriages, which can be tempestuous, and for some April 5 people, dotted with both their indiscretions and rather long affairs.

Often they can see nothing wrong with their behavior. Emotionally, those born on this day can be very difficult to reach; sitting down and talking things out may be something they disdain.

Those involved in relationships with April 5 people generally find that they are expected to be understanding at all times. Since April 5 people attract admirers like flies, a lot of understanding may be required.

Although these are the last people who wish to burden themselves with controversy, they may encounter antagonism from those threatened by their direct and forthright approach. They will not compromise their beliefs even if it means being punished financially for it. Money is not paramount to them anyway. More important is that they be successful in implementing their plans, and that their ideals not be threatened. Great believers in defending honesty and integrity, they may nonetheless avoid disturbances in order to get on with the business of life. Often they will leave the question of whether there is to be a fight or not up to the opponent.

When locked into an endeavor or activity, April 5 people often do not know when to quit, unaware that others are getting bored or indifferent and may wish to move on to something else. In the same way, some born on this day continue in their principal occupation too long. It is thus essential tharthey periodically take stock of their lives and if necessary make needed changes, even if difficult or painful.

Power Thought:I take time to renew myself in silence,If you have two legs—run; if you have one leg—hop:if you have no legs—fly!

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 5th day of the month are ruled by the number 5 and by the planet Mercury. This planet represents quickness of thought and change, and April 5 people would do well to heed its promptings. Mars (ruler of Aries) gives abundant energy to Mercury on this day, energy which may carry April 5 people through life. Those ruled by the number 5 also like to take risks, so one may find April 5 people who are quite content in their family or career situations risking danger on the side: gambling, reckless driving or dangerous liaisons. What those ruled by the number 5 and April 5 people surely have in common is that life's hard knocks generally bounce off their resilient character—they continue on unfazed.

April 5th Birthday Tarot Card

The 5th card of the Major Arcana is The Hierophant. an interpreter of sacred mysteries who is symbolic of human understanding and of faith. His knowledge is esoteric and he has authority over things unseen. Favorable traits conferred by this card are self-assuredness, absence of doubt and proper interpretation; unfavorable traits are moralizing, bombast and dogmatism.

☆Luck maker:(Listen to your favorite piece of music)Intuition is a little-used but powerful tool that can help your improve your luck. To access it, set the volume low, close your eyes, stop all directed thought and listen to whatever comes to mind.

Love Tempestuous

You’re drawn to people born on May 22 to June 21:You are both active and mentally stimulating people and this can create an exciting and rewarding union.

People born on April 5 tend to be hard to reach emotionally and they need to find a partner who will encourage them to open up. Once in a relationship, staying faithful may be a problem because they have great charm and have no problem in attracting lovers. Their challenge is to learn to commit, and to keep their relationships steady and harmonious.

Health Don’t go overboard

People born on this day give so much of themselves to their work that when it comes to their personal life they tend to overindulge by eating or drinking too much, partying too often and generally being reckless. They need to make sure they don’t take their health for granted or take unnecessary risks. As far as diet is concerned, the emphasis should be on fresh natural foods and they should reduce their intake of foods rich in sugar, salt and additives. Regular exercise is recommended, particularly exercise they can perform alone, such as walking or jogging, as they need this time to reflect on things and recharge their energies. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color green will help restore their energies, inspiring healing and inner balance.

Because April 5 people are so conscientious at work, they tend to go overboard when enjoying their free time. Eating and drinking too much, accidents, and misuse of their bodies in general can all be damaging. They should particularly beware of drinking and of taking drugs. Particularly drawn to exotic, spicy foods of all types, April 5 people should try to eat foods not only good for their palate but for their health as well. Because of their unusually strong constitutions and longevity. April 5 people can get away with a lot of reckless behavior for a long time. However, they should perhaps apply their sensible work attitude to their diet, hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

Career Born sports stars

These people have a pioneering spirit and they may excel in careers in which they can test themselves constantly such as sport, music, dance, art, theater, or movie-making. They may also set up their own business or be drawn toward careers in law, the civil service, politics, business, or education.

Destiny To motivate and inspire others to be the very best

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to be more flexible in their goals and opinions. Once they have learned the art of compromise, their destiny is to motivate and inspire others, by their own example, to be the very best that they can be.

Learn when to give up and walk away. Quitting is not always such a bad idea Try being more devoted to your mate, seeing things more often from their point of view. Don't take your good health for granted. Learn to talk about your problems as well as successes, sharing joys and sorrows.

Celebrities Born On April 5th

Booker T. Washington(American political advisor and orator), Bette Davis(American actress), Colin Powell(65thUnited States Secretary of State),

Booker T. Washington (African- American education leader, founder Tuskegee Institute, writer, Up From Slavery), Thomas Hobbes (British political philosopher, Leviathan), Joseph Lister (British 1 9—20th c. physician, introduced antisepsis), Bette Davis (film actress), Spencer Tracy (film actor), Gregory Peck (film actor), Herbert von Karajan (German conductor, Berlin Philharmonic), Colin Powell (US Army general, head joint chiefs of staff), Judith Resnick (US astronaut , killed in Challenger accident), Melvyn Douglas (film actor), Robert Bloch (horror writer, Psycho), Algernon Swinburne (Pre-Raphaelite poet), Jean-Honore Fragonard (French rococco painter), Marilyn Ferguson (social advocate, publisher, editor, writer, The Aquarian Conspiracy), Roger Corman (film producer, director, Bloody Mama), Michael Moriarty (film actor), Stanley Turrentine (jazz tenor saxophonist), Lester James Penes (Sn Lankan film director, Changes in the Village), Nguyen Van Thieu (South Vietnamese general, president). Andy McPhail (baseball general manager, led Minnesota to two World Senes wins)

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