April 4th Catalyst Is Birthday Personality Analysis

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☆Your greatest challenge is learning to persevere

☆The way forward is to understand that seeing things through to the conclusion is more satisfying and rewarding than initiating them.

The Birthday Of The Catalyst, The Day Of Initiative

April 4th Catalyst Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 4th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Uranus, the visionary

Tarot card: The Emperor (authority)

Favorable numbers: 4, 8

Lucky days: Tuesday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Scarlet, blue, red

Birthstone: Diamond

Those born on April 4 are catalysts—people who affect the lives of others in a profound way. Their creative energy is explosive, and both at home and at work they have little trouble initiating projects and inspiring others to join their cause.

When they are inspired, these people will typically throw their considerable energy, tenacity and organizational skills into a project, giving them huge potential for outstanding success. Above all, they like to initiate; they also have tremendous courage, happy to strike out in a completely new direction. Too often, however, they move on to the next crusade before the previous one has been completed, leaving those who are less impulsive to reap the rewards. To find true fulfillment, they should settle on a goal and see it through to the end. If they cannot slow down their shocking pace they may eventually wear themselves out, losing their unique and unusual energy.

From their late teens unto the age of forty-six there is an emphasis on security and stability; during these years their dedication and enthusiasm are likely to have a positive influence on everyone they meet or work with. After the age of forty-seven, they become interested in new learning and communication; it is important during these years that they establish their financial security before exploring any new interests.

Catalysts that they are, these people are attracted to challenges and opportunities. They are driven and inspired, and others admire them but may have trouble keeping up with their constant shifts of direction. If they aren’t careful, they may end up alone because others regard them as unreliable. They should surround themselves with friends or loved ones who can gently warn them when they are heading off course. They also need to learn that perseverance and self-discipline are the keys to success. However, once they have learned to ground themselves in reality, they should always be allowed to generate and express their ideas. The world would be a less colorful place without them.

☆ On the dark side:Changeable, impulsive, unreliable

☆ At your best:Original, creative, energetic

Those born on April 4 have the initiative needed to bring their very unusual personalities to the forefront. Perhaps they must have this quality, for the odds are often against them. This may be because of reactions to their peculiarities or because they themselves are their own worst enemy. Whatever the case, they have to fight for what they want; the problem is that it may take them quite a long time to find out just who they are and what it is they seek. Therefore perseverance is another quality which is important for their success.

Those born on this day must not only initiate projects but demonstrate the ability to see them through to a successful conclusion. In general their success or failure in life will be judged by their capacity to manifest these steadfast qualities. Of course they will also need to keep a handle on their tendency to get involved in new endeavors since there is a limit to what they can do.

April 4 people can be heading entirely in the wrong direction, but in a moment of realization find the courage and determination to change course, chart a new plan of action and continue on. Those born on this day can be extremely stubborn in their endeavors; one would do well not to oppose them without completely understanding what it is they are attempting. This may require some patience on the part of mates or partners.

It is not only acceptance April 4 people are after but eminence in their field. This does not mean they seek worship and adulation so much as a position of prominence in whatever they are involved in. It is downright harmful to deprive them of their inborn need to initiate and. often, to innovate. April 4 people make fine executives and function well with others implementing their ideas. They may choose to exert their principal efforts as leaders within family or other social groups. To work for those born on April 4 is very demanding, but also satisfying, since they make clear what is expected and equally clear their evaluation of what has been done. They may be impatient, however, finding it painful to repeat themselves and insisting that they be understood the first time around. Ultimately, many April 4 people may find it most rewarding to work on their own as self-employed professionals.

It should be emphasized that April 4 people cannot be well-directed until they discover their purpose in life. Should they go off on a wrong track as they approach middle age and not realize it, they must be informed of this by someone very close to them, whom they trust implicitly. It is really better if they find out for themselves, but this may not happen until it is too late. Thus, having a marriage partner or intimate capable of giving serious, objective advice now and then is essential. If foolish enough to surround themselves with a bevy of admirers or flatterers, April 4 people w4ll harm themselves. A firm hold on reality is the basis for their happiness.

Power Thought:I can achieve anything if I truly want to,To remain still may be humanity's greatest challenge

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 4th day of the month are ruled by the number 4 and by the planet Uranus. People ruled by the number 4 have their own, often peculiar, way of doing things; Uranus indicates sudden changeability and unpredictable action. The influence of Mars (ruler of Aries) can make these sudden actions aggressive and violent. Because April 4 people are blessed with great initiative (again underlined by Mars' influence), the danger added by the qualities of the number 4 is considerable. Since the number 4 can also mean rebelliousness, a concern for April 4 people may be that they will live their lives reactively, rather than exercising their talent for initiating.

April 4th Birthday Tarot Card

The 4th card of the -Major Arcana is The Emperor, who rules over concrete and worldly things through wisdom, the primary source of his power. The Emperor is stable and profound; the force of his authority cannot be questioned. The positive associations of this card are strong willpower and steadfast energy; unfavorable qualities include willfulness, tyranny and brutality. For those born on April 4, the Emperor's steadiness and determination can serve as a useful metaphor.

☆Luck maker:(Stop giving up)Giving up on things before you see them through to the end will bring you bad luck. Learn to persevere with things because this is the only way you will discover what you want from life.

Love Hard to pin down

You’re drawn to people born on January 21 to February 19:The two of you are eccentric and unconventional and, if it works, this can be a match made in heaven.

People born April 4 often find it hard to settle down in relationships. They are attracted to unusual people and it takes someone very unique and quirky to pin them down. Partners may feel confused by their constant changes of direction, but once they commit to a relationship they bring a tremendous amount of energy to it, and that more than compensates for any inconsistencies.

Health Slow down

People born on this day can be extremely impulsive and this is the greatest risk to their health. They may throw themselves in at the deep end without proper preparation and this can result in injuries if the activity is physical, stress if the challenge is mental and anxiety if their emotions have led them in the wrong direction. It is extremely important for them to slow down every once in a while and consider the consequences of their actions before they jump right in. As far as diet is concerned, they should eat a wide variety of foods from all the different groups, and vigorous exercise is recommended to burn off some energy, as long as they don’t push themselves too hard. They would also benefit from mind-body therapies such as meditation and breathing exercises to help them feel calmer and more in control. Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to their handkerchief to breathe in when they feel their hearts racing will help soothe their body and soul.

The greatest danger to the health of April 4 people lies in their impulsiveness. It is at those moments when they decide to change direction, literally or figuratively, when they are at greatest risk. They should be constantly on the lookout for potential accidents, both as pedestrians and motorists. Moreover, they should avoid any occupations, environments or substances that make them nervous. Homeopathic remedies, whether salts or herbs, may be the safest relaxants. Also baths with essential oils, massage and chiropractic manipulation (particularly of the skull and upper vertebrae) can be helpful in returning the body to proper balance. April 4 people are encouraged to take an interest in eating a highly varied and balanced diet.

Career Born organizers

These people have excellent organizational skills, giving them great potential for success in business and finance, as well as in the literary and performing arts and the arena of social reform. They make superb managers at an executive level or possibly working for themselves. Many entrepreneurs, producers, promoters, architects, and designers are born on this day.

Destiny To fight for the well-being of others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to persevere with things and see them through to the end. Once they have learned greater discipline their destiny is to fight for the rights or well-being of others.

Learn the value of contemplation and silence. Become a better team player and discover ways to share more with others. Try to hold back; don't give everything away. Cultivate depth and sense mystery. Keep a handle on any violent, impulsive instincts.

Celebrities Born On April 4th

Maya Angelou(American poet and civil rights activist), Graham Norton(Irish comedian and TV show host), Karren Brady(British businesswoman),

Marguerite Duras (French novelist, Tihe Lover screenplay writer, Hiroshima mon Amour, film director, India Song, journalist, TV interviewer), Muddy Waters (blues singer, guitarist, songwriter), Anthony Perkins (film actor), Maya Angelou (poet, writer. Now Sheba Sings the Song, recited inaugural poem for Clinton presidency), Arthur Murray (dance instructor), Elmer Bernstein (film composer), Hugh Masekela (South African trumpeter, singer), JoAnn Carner (golfer, 2x US Open champ, 3x LPGA Player of Year), Robert Downey, Jr. (film actor), Anthony Tudor (dancer), Gil Hodges (Brooklyn Dodger baseball player, managed "Miracle" Mets to World Senes victory), Chloris Leachman (film, TV actress), A. Bartlett Giamatti (Yale president, comparative literature writer, baseball commissioner), Emmett Williams (poet, "concrete poetry" innovator), Edward Hicks (naive painter), Pierre Monteux (conductor), Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (French Napoleonic historical, portrait painter), Dorothea Dix (prison reformer), Kitty Kelley (writer, unauthorized Sinatra biography, His Way), Chris Sizemore (multiple personality disorder, described in The Three Faces of Eve)

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