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April 6th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 06, 2024

Jet is an excellent stone for inducing love and curing ills and can still be found in the Yorkshire hills around Whitby. But it's particularly bad for Aries or Libra to possess. Give it to another star sign.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 1, 6

April 6th Birthday Love Astrology

Frankly there's mystery to April 6. They don't know what they want and nor does anybody else. It's an unusual psycheological duality, and it means this creature is liable to take one step forward and one step back. It's partly the fault of their many skills. At birth Good Fortune bestowed on them numerate and linguistic skills as well as creative and artistic ones. So the poor thing just doesn't know which direction to take.

Will I be happy? Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Will I be a doctor? Maybe an actor? Maybe travel? Maybe marry? Maybe not? Che sarà, sarà. It's hard for April 6 to settle down because the cake on the next plate always has more icing. The truth of the matter is that they are better off choosing more than one way of earning a living. A doctor can be a writer, a carver, an embroiderer and painter and an actor. A taxi driver can be a florist. A plumber can be a pop singer. Going for multichoice is best in this person's case.

It is essential that they try a lot of things, because otherwise their restlessness can become exhausting to themselves and others. At least one extensive trip to a foreign country is a good idea, preferably living in it for a little while. Learn the language, adapt to the customs. Be French for a year or two.

The women change their looks constantly. Some days blonde, some days red-haired. Sometimes they are the elegant, country type. Other times, they slink through life siren-fashion on the highest of heels. Younger men also change their style with their mood, from brooding pony-tailed rebel in long boots, to casually suited and clean shaven. It's all fun. There's no need to stay the same.

They need a sexual partner who is fond of acting, and can play different parts and take on different looks to suit the mood.

In Love

Daring and adventurous, you view life as a romantic quest for idyllic love.

You give yourself to love totally and unconditionally and refuse to let past disillusion impinge on your idealistic dreams. When you think you’ve found your soul mate, you expect your days to be filled with fun and the nights with pleasure. Moreover, you believe that the union will last forever. In social settings you come off as an easygoing, fun-loving charmer who revels in the challenge of a new romance. Even so, you value partnership and a settled home life more than a frivolous love affair.

In Bed

Affectionate and more passive than the other members of your Sun sign, you enjoy the courtly rituals of romance almost as much as the lusty passions of sexual love. Your romantic approach is a reflection of your vibrant imagination and deep-seated appreciation for beauty and harmony. You are flirtatious and seductive in a very un-Aries-like manner. You prefer allurement and guile to the blatant pursuit practiced by other rams. You can lure your partner into your arms with little more than a come-hither smile.


April 6 adores chocolate. Try Chocolate Temptation to induce pleasure and thoughts of love. PEA (phenylethylamine) found in chocolate is the chemical responsible for sexual desire. Take 100g plain dessert chocolate, broken in pieces, lA tsp instant coffee dissolved in 2tbsp cream, 2tsps brandy, 1 large egg, separated, pinch salt. Melt chocolate plus coffee in heat-resistant bowl over saucepan of simmering water. Cool and stir in brandy and yolk. Whisk white with salt, until stiff. Fold in chocolate mixture. Spoon into large glass bowls and place in fridge for 2 hours. Serve in bed with biscuits and raspberries.


Your sexual desires are aroused by sensually perfumed romantic settings with indirect lighting and soft, subtle music playing in the background. Where love and sex are concerned, you’re holding on to a lifelong fantasy of courtship and seduction. And nothing turns you on more readily than feeling your youthful dreams come to life.


Jet is an excellent stone for inducing love and curing ills and can still be found in the Yorkshire hills around Whitby. But it's particularly bad for Aries or Libra to possess. Give it to another star sign.

Reality Check

You are a dichotomy of independence vs. dependence, yet close relationships are truly important to you. Companionship usually wins out over solitude, because your need to share your love is stronger than your desire for freedom. Moreover, you enjoy being one-half of a couple. However, if the thrill of love begins to fade, you may get antsy and begin looking around for novelty and excitement.

April 6 Date Share

Emperor Charlemagne. Ian Paisley, Northern Ireland political leader, Protestant clergyman. Butch Cassldy, outlaw. Harry Houdini, illusionist, escapologist. Anthony Fokker, Dutch aeroplane manufacturer. André Previn, conductor, composer, pianist. Gerry Mulligan, jazz sax player, composer. Barry Levinson, film director, The Tin Men, Rain Man.

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