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April 26th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 26, 2024

Some of the battier ideas entertained by this caring star may be unattractive to others. Don't equate their love of you with their compliance with some of your more unusual dietary suggestions. This is unfair.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 3, 8

April 26th Birthday Love Astrology

This nurturing sweetie-pie is everybody's ideal companion, just as long as you can stand experiment. Nothing ordinary is really interesting to April 26. They are a space capsule, always travelling farther and farther in search of new knowledge and new experience.

The women may insist on natural childbirth with some extra interest tacked on. Perhaps the idea will be to have the baby underwater? Or surrounded by flowers - lilies are a Taurus favourite and their sweet perfume would make a grand welcome to any baby. Some may want music in the labour room.

Males born on April 26 will harbour the same ideas which may not be in accord with the women in their lives born on other dates. But this adventurous dazzler finds it hard to take ‘no' for an answer, and will try to persuade companions go along with their thoughts.

At home, the experiments continue, particularly with food. Many of these individuals become vegetarian and many grow their own vegetables and learn to make them into wonderfully appetising, original dishes.

Most people born on this date are too experimental to fit happily into ordinary corporate life. They can't see the point of rigorous rules and dislike authority figures. Find them running their own business, where they may flourish as inventors. But whatever they do, whether it be in the arts, or using the computer to earn their money, they find most corporate bodies eager to employ them as freelances, just because they are so original.

This birthday child often does best away from towns, settled in the country. There they can farm, or garden, and do what they like best, walk and marvel at beautiful nature. In local communities they can be invaluable, striving to improve the environment with money-raising, energy and devotion which will surprise those around them.

All April 26 people need regular solitude, without which they may feel overburdened and nervous.

In Love

Because of your ability to stay calm in a crisis, you appear rather cool and calculating. Actually, the exact opposite is true. You’re as warm blooded as other bulls, just less comfortable about letting your feelings show. Despite your desire to be loved and understood, you need to be sure you can trust the other person before you commit to an intimate relationship. Passionate and sensual by nature, you need physical affection and the emotional reassurance that comes from a caring and devoted mate. When you feel safe and secure in a loving union, you make a staunch, reliable partner.

In Bed

Earthy and sensual, you love to touch and be touched. You delight in the physical expression of love, and you’re quite skilled at satisfying your bedmate’s desires. Despite your powerful sex drive, you pride yourself on your ability to control and direct your passion. You want to gratify your sexual appetite, but you refuse to let it make you either physically or emotionally dependent on your partner. You like to take your time when making love and savor each and every moment.


This is the day that likes to experiment with food and makes its own wine. Nothing passes the lips of April 26, without this individual considering the effect it may have on the body. If you must indulge in wine-making, try this old recipe, traditionally valued for warding off fatigue, calming the senses and supplementing vitality and physical strength. Take 750g fresh peaches, 100g rock sugar and 1.8 litres of 45% clear alcohol Place ingredients in a wide-mouth jar and leave to mature for three months to a year. Drink 20ml after dinner.


Nothing turns you on as readily as the beauty and comfort of an ultraluxurious setting. A bed made up with the highest possible count Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases and a silk or satin coverlet makes you feel sensual and sexy. Place Belgian chocolates and French champagne on the nightstand, and you’re primed for lovemaking.


Some of the battier ideas entertained by this caring star may be unattractive to others. Don't equate their love of you with their compliance with some of your more unusual dietary suggestions. This is unfair.

Reality Check

You’re very clear about what you want out of life, and you have the self-confidence and determination to make it happen. Naturally responsible, sensible, and logical, you have persistence and a flair for making money that furthers your prospects for success. Although material security may appear to be your main concern, you really crave love and affection above all else.

April 26 Date Share

Eugène Delacroix, French Romantic painter. Chartes Richter, seismologist invented scale for measuring earthquakes. Anita Loos, Hollywood scriptwriter, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. A E Van Vogt Canadian science-fiction writer. Rudolf Hess, Hitler deputy, parachuted to England, imprisoned for life.

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