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April 25th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 25, 2024

This lover of the galaxy has a deep spirituality, but sometimes gets tired of being charming. Music is April 25's soul food. Try a little Mozart, or listen to Pavarottis wonderful soaring voice.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 2, 7

April 25th Birthday Love Astrology

When April 25 sashays into a room, everybody looks. And this little bull likes it that way. They want to play the field and have their own way all the time. Most of the time, they can.

Both men and women born today have good bodies. But what really gets the opposite sex going is their come-to-bed eyes. They can turn a potential lover's stomach to water with a speaking glance. They have hands like ballet dancers. Just looking at those hands gives their victims a dizzy sensation. Being touched by them is so pleasurable it should be against the law.

Naturally, such silky individuals think about sex much of the time. Sexy movies excite them and they want to act out the hottest scenes immediately. Their houses are full of sexy books, and sometimes, but you mustn't look, they have sensational magazines secreted in their office drawers. Both sexes have sensuous points on their bodies and go dreamy when they are rubbed. Behind the earlobes and the ankle bone are their secret erogenous zones.

Sex appeal gets you a long way up the career ladder, not by sleeping to the top, just by being glorious to have around. The problem is that people tend to fall in love with this creature and their admiration may be pestiferous. April 25 is brutally straightforward in these circumstances, not a creature celebrated for tact. Most prefer actions to words, are not great conversationalists. How others react to them is crucial, and compliments are relished, to the point of tediously repeating them to everybody. Beware vanity.

These gorgeous creatures are often tempted to the silliest self regard, always an Achilles' heel. While the puffed-up one is smirking at itself in every mirror and shop window, others are laughing up their sleeves. This apart, good looking Taurean April 25 is a pleasure to know. They make the world go with that much more zing.

In Love

You are loyal, generous, and very devoted to those you love. However, living with you can be a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Ardent and affectionate on one hand, you can be difficult and demanding on the other. You are moody and you often feel unappreciated or misunderstood. Despite your longing for physical and emotional security, you also want independence and occasional periods of solitude. You possess a deep reservoir of wisdom, yet when your emotions come into play, reason falls by the wayside.

Your ideal romantic partner is one who understands the duality of your nature.

In Bed

At times you radiate so much magnetic sex appeal that would-be suitors find themselves mesmerized by it. At other times, you give the impression of wanting nothing more than to be left alone. Yet no matter what your mood, an irresistible air of mystery draws your lover to you. In the bedroom, you’re a sensual, passionate and indulgent lover, with a strong romantic streak.

Sexually you can be quite spontaneous, especially when acting out your fantasies.


Like most Taureans, April 25 has a tendency to put on weight and many of them diet too hard. Both sexes can suffer from low blood sugary which of course makes them reach for the sugary doughnut - with jam and a cream filling. And icing on top. All this does, is make them fatter, more breathless, and more worried about weight-gain. Natural sugar is the solution when this craving comesy particularly for women at certain times of the month, or during the menopause. Try bananas and strawberries. Eat plain yoghurty low fat please, with a little honey stirred int but no strawberry jam.


A luxurious late-night picnic outdoors in a beautiful, secluded spot is a Taurean dream. Imagine sharing delicious gourmet food and drink with your lover, surrounded by the beauties of nature. Follow the tasty meal with a sensual massage, or slow dancing to the music of a portable radio. Then top the evening off by making love under the stars.


This lover of the galaxy has a deep spirituality, but sometimes gets tired of being charming. Music is April 25's soul food. Try a little Mozart, or listen to Pavarottis wonderful soaring voice.

Reality Check

You are ambitious and motivated, and material success is certainly important to you. You adore comfort, luxury, and all the accoutrements of a good life. Although you may think that all you want are money and the things it can buy, your innate spirituality and deep-seated need for creative expression actually take precedence over your desire for financial security.

April 25 Date Share

Guglielmo Marconi, invented wireless telegraph in 1895, Nobel prize-winner. Oliver Cromwell, ruled England as Lord Protector. Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer. Walter De La Mare, British poet. AI Pacino, film actor. Patrick Lieh field, celebrity photographer. Eric Bristow, world darts champion, The Crafty Cockney'.

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