People Born on April 26th Personality,Stars,Numbers

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Planetary Influences:Ruling planet:Venus;First decan:Personal planet is Venus. Virtues:Reliable, independent, careful. Vices:Close-minded, controlling, rigid. Careers:Manager, project developer, consultant, military leader, teacher. Skills & Aptitudes:Strategic thinking, careful planning and forethought, clear-cut vision, single-minded focus. Compatible with:July 27–31

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People Born on April 26th Personality,Stars,Numbers

People Born on April 26th Personality Reference

Your birthday reveals you to be intelligent yet sensitive, a practical visionary who has the potential for tremendous success. Although you are attracted to mental power in all its forms, a dislike of harshness implies that you are sensitive to your environment. You have drive and imagination, and these are ideal when you are inspired and fighting for your dream.

With your Sun in the first decanate of Taurus, you have a very creative side and should deeply appreciate color, form, and sound. This also accents a love of nature, beauty, and luxury, and a strong need for self-expression. Since you are likely to be very affectionate yourself, you are drawn toward people who can be very loving. The subinfluence of your decanate ruler Venus indicates that you have a flair for financial dealings and need only apply self-discipline to manifest your large-scale plans and natural good fortune. Unfortunately, this may also suggest a tendency to overindulge.

Although pragmatic, with a good sense of form, you also possess natural psychic gifts. Your strong instincts give you insight into people’s motivations, and suggest that your highly developed perception can lead to universal understanding and a growing sense of compassion.

After the age of twenty-five, when your progressed Sun moves into Gemini, there is an increased desire to express your ideas and interrelate with others in your immediate surroundings. This influence may encourage you to study or mentally diversify in numerous ways, and continues until around the age of fifty-five, when your progressed Sun enters Cancer. As a turning point for you, this will highlight the growing importance of having a secure home base and expressing your feelings, especially in family circles. A strong need to nurture or be nurtured is also indicated.

Stars of People Born on April 26th


Sun: Taurus

Decanate: Taurus/venus

Degree: 6°-7° Taurus

Mode: Fixed

Element: Earth

Fixed Stars

Star’s name:Hamal, also called Al Hamal or the Sheep Degree position:6°43’-7°38’ Taurus between the years 1930 and 2000 Magnitude: 2 Strength:******** Orb:2° 10* Constellation:Alpha Arietis Applicable days:April 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Star qualities:combined influences of Mars and Saturn Description:an orange-yellow star located in the forehead of the Ram

Primary Star’s Influence

Hamal endows restlessness and a drive to excel, together with an influence of rebelliousness. This star suggests that competitiveness and drive for success may at times challenge you to use unorthodox methods in order to achieve your goals.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star bestows the power to overcome obstacles with concentration and persistence but warns against being inconsiderate to others or using force to get your own way. Only through patience can you develop your skills, talents, and abilities. Hamal may also suggest a danger of putting money at the top of your priorities.

• Positive:patience, discipline, hard work, concentrated energy, leadership

• Negative:use of force, unscrupulousness, keeping unsuitable company

Secrets of People Born on April 26th

Understanding the value of knowledge and wanting to use it to build for the future, you like to keep yourself productive. This enables you to feel that you are being positive, security-conscious, and true to your strong sense of values. Keeping your amazing mind occupied and living up to your potential are threatened by the danger of falling into escapist tendencies. With your sensitivity and vivid and powerful imagination, it may be too easy sometimes to take the easy way out or tell people what they want to hear. At the other extreme, when you have set your mind on something, your power and determination can be formidable.

Possessing superior organizational skills and being very sociable, you often fare well when involved in group activities. Frequently you like to take a leading role, especially when learning is concerned. When interested in a subject, you are able to learn very quickly and may be drawn toward metaphysical subjects.

Occupations suitable for individuals born on April 26th

A practical aptitude together with an organizational flair could suggest that you can achieve success in manufacturing, merchandising, or banking. If business is chosen as a career, you would prefer to be involved in large-scale operations. Your natural creativity could lead you into writing, painting, or music. A flair for relating to people indicates that you can be successful in dealing with the public, especially through education and social welfare. An excellent sense of structure or form combined with your vision may take you into careers such as architecture, photography, or filmmaking. Alternatively, your special insight into psychology and a natural healing ability may draw you toward the medical or alternative health professions.

Famous people born on your birthday include painter Eugene Delacroix, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, entertainer Carol Burnett, and musician Duane Eddy.

April 26th Birthday Numerology

Sees the ‘big picture’ and aims for it, linked to abundance and material wealth, and uses financial success to give back to others. The strength or power suggested by the number 26 birthday shows that you are a cautious character with strong values and sound judgment. A love of home and parental instincts may also suggest a need to build a solid foundation or find real stability. Often a tower of strength for others, you are willing to support friends, family members, and relatives who may turn to you in time of need. You may nevertheless need to guard against materialistic tendencies and a desire to control people or situations. The subinfluence of the number 4 month indicates that you need to express yourself more freely. You need to develop your inborn talents and be experimental. Avoid being overcritical, lazy, or cynical. If confused, you can become bad-tempered, obstinate, or easily bored. Avoid pessimism by being positive yet realistic, and take time away from your responsibilities to have fun.

• Positive:creativity, practicality, caring, responsibility, pride in family, enthusiasm, courage

• Negative:stubbornness, rebelliousness, unstable relationships, lack of enthusiasm, lack of persistence, instability

Love & Relationships of People Born on April 26th

In your major partnerships it is important that you find someone who is like-minded, with whom you can share the same values and level of understanding. Your most successful, enduring, and stable social and emotional relationships are likely to be with those who are intellectually stimulating and know their own mind, possibly with those who are concerned with politics, philosophy, spirituality, or education. Work may also play a part in your personal relationships, but guard against a tendency to become involved in power games. Your grasp of subtle emotional changes enables you to enjoy enchanting relationships with the opposite sex.

The dream lover of someone born on April 26th

You might just find the inspiring partner you are looking for among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendshipJan. 10, 13, 20, 30, 31, Feb. 8, 11, 18, 28, Mar. 6, 9, 16, 26, Apr. 4, 7, 14, 24, May 2, 5, 12, 22, June 3, 10, 20, July 1, 8, 18, Aug. 6, 16, 30, Sept. 4, 14, 28, 30, Oct. 2, 12, 26, 28, 30, Nov. 10, 24, 26, 28, Dec. 8, 22, 24, 26, 29

Beneficial:Jan. 12, 16, 17, 28, Feb. 10, 14, 15, 26, Mar. 8, 12, 13, 24, Apr. 6, 10, 11, 22, May 4, 8, 9, 20, 29, June 2, 6, 7, 18, 27, July 4, 5, 16, 25, Aug. 2, 3, 14, 23, Sept. 1, 12, 21, Oct. 10, 19, Nov. 8, 17, Dec. 6, 15

Fatal attractions:Mar. 31, Apr. 29, May 27, June 25, July 23, Aug. 21, Sept. 19, Oct. 17, 29, 30, 31, Nov. 15, Dec. 17

Challenging:Jan. 6, 18, 22, 27, Feb. 4, 16, 20, 25, Mar. 2, 14, 18, 23, Apr. 12, 16, 21, May 10, 14, 19, June 8, 12, 17, July 6, 10, 15, Aug. 4, 8, 13, Sept. 2, 6, 11, Oct. 4, 9, Nov. 2, 7, Dec. 5

Soul mates:Mar. 28, Apr. 26, May 24, June 22, July 20, Aug. 18, Sept. 16, Oct. 14, Nov. 12, Dec. 10

April 26th Birthday Personology Summary

It may seem contradictory to those who do not know them well that although those born on April 26 are proponents of bold and visionary ideas, they also manifest a meticulous attention to detail. Yet these propensities are not so paradoxical when one understands that these realistic people recognize that a project’s success cannot generally be achieved without careful forethought and planning involving the minute examination of all inherent issues and the subsequent setting in place of sound systems of organization, with contingency plans.

Having considered and catered for all eventualities, those born on this day will find themselves with the potential to preside over smooth-running and effec- tive projects which they control with great capability while rarely relinquishing their focus on their ultimate objective. They are admired for their efficiency and reliability, and will therefore flourish in any profes- sion they chose as long as they are able to retain their autonomy of thought and action.

It is perhaps inevitable, given their efficacy and practical talents, that April 26 people are extremely self-confident as regards to the veracity of their out- look and methods. There is a risk, however, that they will become too rigid in their beliefs, and will seek to mold others—or else dismiss them—into their pre- ferred form. This controlling predilection will not gen- erally result in harmonious personal relationships— particularly with their children—and it is therefore important that they should learn to relax their expec- tations of others, respect individuality and embrace diversity of conviction.

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