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April 21st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 21, 2024

Sensitive April 21 must try to care less about other peoples problems, and resist overburdening themselves. This is the carer's birthday, and when its necessary, then its good. But not all others' woes are that important.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 3, 7

April 21st Birthday Love Astrology

This is a sleepyhead. Many people find the idea of lying about in bed horrifying, but those born on April 21 regard sleep as a great sensuous pleasure. Not because they are neurotic, or want to escape, they simply like it. And naturally, it often makes them late, because they just can't get up in time.

People born on April 21 have a horror of early starts because of this. They say: ‘Of course I'll be there at nine o'clock. What do you take me for?', getting cross with others who enquire if it's possible to be punctual. Then they are late, rushing in with flustered murmurs of the car/train breaking down.

Many individuals born on this day avoid corporate life. Usually very clever, they have a wide range of interests which have nothing to do with work and a horror of being bossed about by somebody less intelligent. For this reason, both men and women make excellent teachers, often at universities. And good personnel officers, where they will go to endless pains to look after people. Find them too in music and the arts. An April 21 person is a wow at running local theatre, or a summer concert. (There will always be enough loos. This day is sensitive to the physical needs of others.)

When it comes to sex, these steady creatures are extremely keen - on quantity. They patiently circle the planet of their affections, and will put up with crossness and bad behaviour, just as long as they share a pleasurable bed at the end of the day. This is not to say that April 21 is not an adept lover. Often starting their sex lives at a tender age, they are alert to the needs of their partner, preferring to give pleasure than take it. Most of the time.

When they are hurt, they say little, arguing that those who upset them are under pressure and can't help it.

In Love

As a romantic partner, you are affectionate, sensual, and exciting. However, you have a tendency to blow hot and cold regarding long-term commitment. While you enjoy the stability of a serious relationship, too much togetherness makes you feel decidedly uncomfortable. Physical closeness presents little difficulty, but you’re often unavailable when emotions come into play. You desire the security that intimacy offers, but you also want the freedom to pursue your own dreams and ideas. When you decide to settle down, you need to find a partner who stimulates you mentally as well as physically, or you could lose interest.

In Bed

You’re a charming, inventive, good-humored lover with a great deal of sexual stamina. Unlike the typical placid bull, you possess an excess of nervous energy. Your energy finds its best expression through communication. Spicy sexual banter and verbal fantasizing allow you to share what you’re thinking and feeling with your bedmate. Although you are sensual and truly relish the physical pleasures love has to offer, there is also a mental component to your sexuality that yearns for intellectual rapport.


April 21 loves to cook, and eat and gets fat very easily. There's no way round this except to eat less, because although people born on this day can be fine athletes, in most cases they are rather inert. Usually extremely slim in youth, the weight catches up with them before they realise they have passed 25, and these creatures must simply give up the mounds of curries and bottles of beer which delight them. They must learn to resist curry-houses, and think of them as fatty-houses. Chinese take- aways, pizzas and burgers are also on the no-list.


Turned on by a sense of ongoing excitement between you and your partner, you favor a saucy, playful style of lovemaking that leaves you feeling a little bit naughty. The fires of passion begin stirring if your lover first blows in your ear and then begins to whisper the spicy details of the impending sexual indulgences planned for you.


Sensitive April 21 must try to care less about other peoples problems, and resist overburdening themselves. This is the carer's birthday, and when its necessary, then its good. But not all others' woes are that important.

Reality Check

Your personality is a mixture of patience and restlessness. At times, you’re as much a puzzle to yourself as to everyone else. Home loving yet possessed of an adventurous spirit, you always seem eager to be off somewhere. Your potential for success in life lies in your ability to integrate your innate understanding of nature with your quick-witted mental ingenuity.

April 21 Date Share

Queen Elizabeth II, 20th century British monarch, bedevilled by her children's failed marriages. Charlotte Bronte, British novelist, Jane Eyre. Catherine the Great, Russian Empress, very keen on sex with courtiers. Anthony Quinn, Hollywood actor. Iggy Pop, singer, songwriter, Iguanas, Stooges. Rumoured to be well endowed. Patti LuPone, stage actress, singer, Evita, Les Miserables.

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