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April 20th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 20, 2024

When a lazy pattern of life reinstates itself, it assuages all relationships, allows for compromise and dreaming and makes things safe again between lovers, parents and children and old friends.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 2, 6

April 20th Birthday Love Astrology

April 20 thinks a kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. This Maserati of the skies is always chasing time, and since time waits for no man it's going to be a long drive. From earliest youth, both men and women are unusually conscious of encroaching age. They shore up their bodies with visits to the gym, and mental fitness with every alternative medicine you can mention. Investments are made for the future. Love is exchanged for commodities, diamonds maybe, or property. Divorce is a way of getting rich quick if you've married wisely and signed a helpful marriage contact.

Every moment of both sexes' lives must be packed with work, or fun. Friends are fitted in for half an hour, or cancelled because there's no time. Family seek a window in April 20's diary. There aren't enough hours in the day, too many are wasted in sleeping at night. Holidays are always a waste of time. And quality time with children means precious hours packed with activity, exhausting the child.

Yet April 20 has many spiritual qualities and though he may be driven, he can stop. Often this creature does just that when enough money has been accumulated to ensure a secure future. Then time takes on a different speed and April 20 learns the pleasures of wasting it. A second life now begins, where leisure is pursued and quality time with child, friend or partner stretches for days or weeks.

The same drive that was devoted to gaining, now goes into restoring an old building, learning new languages, how to judge a good painting or a horse and how to watch the sky change colour. In later life travel becomes a great pleasure and a great deal of time may be spent in leisurely journeys abroad. Time usually speeds up as you grow older, but in April 20’s case it's the other way round.

In Love

Those born on the Aries/Taurus cusp are sensuous and fun loving, with a lively zest for life. Your personal recipe for love contains equal parts passion and romance. You may be romantic, but you’re too sensible to be fanciful.

The things you want most from an intimate relationship are affection, emotional security, and good sex. To you, good sex means an ardent, sensual, but basically uncomplicated physical relationship. Your ideas about love are fairly traditional; you don’t play mind games or make promises you don’t intend to keep. Loving and loyal yourself, you expect fidelity and devotion in return.

In Bed

You pursue love as you do everything else, with calm determination. As a sexual connoisseur, quality is infinitely more important to you than quantity. Although you tend to be rather shy initially, once aroused, you can be quite the sexual dynamo. While you have no trouble drawing your lover to you, you actually prefer being the one who is seduced. For Taurus the neck is a major erogenous zone, and you welcome long sliding kisses along your neck as a prelude to lovemaking.


Garlic (Alium sativamj is wonderful for your health, although its pungent odour on the breath makes it better consumed at weekends or during holidays. Unless, of course, you work at home or dorit work at all, in which case eat it all the time. Cooked garlic lowers blood cholesterol and acts as a decongestant It contains minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C. A garlic soup made from 50-100 cloves is an enormous help when suffering from the common cold. Raw, it contains powerful antibiotic qualities. Garlic also protects you from vampires, in particular Count Dracula.


You like being kissed, cuddled, and caressed. However, luxuriating in lavish surroundings is also a guaranteed turn-on. The lover who sets the scene with music and flowers and plies you with gourmet food and drink, especially delicacies like exotic fruits, chocolates, and fine wines, truly knows the surefire way to stir a bull’s passion.


When a lazy pattern of life reinstates itself, it assuages all relationships, allows for compromise and dreaming and makes things safe again between lovers, parents and children and old friends.

Reality Check

You’re so stable, your partner always knows he or she can depend on you.

Friends call on you when they’re in trouble, and you never turn them away.

But you can also be stubborn, dogmatic, possessive, and demanding. You expect those you love to be as devoted to your needs as you are to theirs.

April 20 Date Share

Jessica Lange, film actress, The Postman Only Rings Twice. Daniel Day Lewis, British film, stage and TV actor. Luther Vandross, soul singer. Ryan O'Neill, Hollywood star, father of Tatum. Adolf Hitter, German Nazi dictator, author. Mein Kampf. Joan Miro, Spanish painter.

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