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April 19th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 19, 2024

You like to live in peace and a good atmosphere. Yet discord and upsets are bound to happen occasionally and when this happens you suffer considerable mental strain. Take the Bach Flower Remedy, agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoriaj.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 5

April 19th Birthday Love Astrology

April 19 may spend the days at a desk working out budgets, meetings and a company health policy, or nights stacking shelves at Tesco to earn money to pay for studytime. But what 19 dreams about are banks of yellow nodding foxgloves. It's no wonder that gardening is a passion for many late April people born at the time when nature crowds hedgerows with beauty and the perfumed cowslip dollops pale sunshiny colour over green fields.

Passionate gardeners are born all year, but April 19 likes brilliance. And wild flowers in the garden border. Theirs are full of yellow Welsh poppies, clumps of white and purple dead nettle and the luxurious golden rod. Splashes of red and purple everywhere, with modern roses blooming all year round ringed by scented white clematis and red tinged honeysuckle.

Wild in the garden means wild at heart. Pressure at work drives April 19 lupins for a few peaceful moments and this individual often throws career to the winds, plumping for less money and more time. They are happy living cheaply, finding work here and there. Both sexes long for an equally unmaterialistic mate. Together they will muddle along, raising kids without luxuries, but happy, healthy and always laughing.

Wealthy in affection, no visitor goes away uncared for, always happier than when he arrived. And usually with an exotic plant for his own garden or window box. If April 19 only has a window box, it will be a glorious creation. And there are flowers growing all over the kitchen.

If April 19 does get his or her hands on money, and fortune promises the likelihood by some accident of fate, friends must try to stop this person giving it away to someone they feel is more in need. April 19 needs persuading that money invested for a rainy day is a comforting thought, and even if they don't want it, their children or some other relative may in the future.

In Love

Like the Knight of Wands, your counterpart in the tarot deck, when you spot a potential lover who attracts you, you move in without hesitation.

Like the impulsive romantic you are, you plunge headlong into a love relationship without a thought to where it will lead. If spurned, your pride may suffer, but you’ll pick yourself up, get back on your horse, and ride off in search of another “true love.” Although you cherish your freedom and independence, if you find the right partner you’re apt to settle down and remain devoted for a lifetime.

In Bed

You set such a lively pace in bed and out that it takes a really dynamic person to keep up with you. You do not mind an occasional disagreement, if it means that both partners are able to express themselves freely. The one thing you can’t abide in your love life is boredom. You want to gratify your partner’s desires, yet you rarely think to ask what they might be. Open and up-front about your own needs, you expect your lover to be the same.


For April 19 every flower has significance. They all have meanings, some less than romantic. Red roses mean ‘I love you’. Pinks say ‘How lovely you are’. Tulips state ‘By this token I declare my passion. And violets insist ‘Pure and sweet art thou So with these commoner gifts we're safe. However a bunch of daffs says ‘I do not return your affections' and narcissus, worse still, ‘You love no one better than yourself. The paranoid and popular begonia warns ‘We are being watched1. And straightforward basil declares ‘I dislike you!


An ultraromantic when it suits your mood, you also enjoy a bawdy romp in the hay. Your idea of a turn-on is a physically exhilarating lover who can challenge you mentally. While emotional games are a no-no in your world, you adore physical ones. In a game of Truth or Dare, you’re not afraid of the truth, yet you can’t resist taking the dare.


You like to live in peace and a good atmosphere. Yet discord and upsets are bound to happen occasionally and when this happens you suffer considerable mental strain. Take the Bach Flower Remedy, agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoriaj.

Reality Check

Sometimes you can be domineering, but you’re always charming, affectionate, and generous. Moreover, your sexual partner rarely has reason to complain about either the quantity or quality of your lovemaking. When you find your soul mate, you two can look forward to a happy, exciting life together.

April 19 Date Share

Dudley Moore, comedian, film star, actor, musician, restauranteur, Beyond The Fringe. Paloma Picasso, lipstick entrepreneur, stylist, jewellery and perfume magnate, daughter of painter. Jayne Mansfield, comedienne, famous for wonderful bosom. Anthony Bliss, head of Metropolitan Opera. Lucrezia Borgia, Pope Alexander Vl's poisonous daughter.

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