April 19th Magnetic Self-sufficiency Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onApril 19, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is discovering where your talents lie

☆The way forward is to gather information and listen to the advice of people who know you well or who have worked with you in the past.

The Birthday Of Magnetic Self-sufficiency, The Day Of Solid Control

April 19th Magnetic Self-sufficiency Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of April 19th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Sun, the Individual

Tarot card: The Sun (enthusiasm)

Favorable numbers: 1, 5

Lucky days: Tuesday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Scarlet, orange, gold

Birthstone: Diamond

Liberally endowed with originality, stamina, intelligence, and ambition, people born on April 19 possess unlimited faith in their own knowledge. This means they will also take some knocks but much of their confidence is gained through their experience of victory and defeat.

Possessing a strong competitive streak, if something isn’t difficult or nearly impossible, these people are not interested. With the ability to turn weaknesses into strengths, they are often the unqualified workers who soar up through the ranks. Although career focused, they are rarely materialistic, often being generous with both their time and their money. Their goal is not necessarily to be rich but to be self-sufficient, as in their eyes dependency on another is a sign of weakness. Learning to accept financial support—or any type of support for that matter—from family and friends may be difficult, given the high value they place on self-sufficiency, but reaching out will take them a step forward in personal development.

It is important for them to learn to step back now and again, and let others take the lead. Until the age of thirty-one there is an emphasis on security and routine in their life and they need to be careful not to be over-controlling or to ignore the feelings of others. After the age of thirty-two, however, they may widen their interests, placing more emphasis on learning, knowledge and new skills. If they can teach themselves and others to experiment with new and untested approaches to situations this period in their lives can be extremely productive.

Nothing gives them more satisfaction than knowing that the success they have achieved has been of their own making. They instinctively take control, providing vision and direction in cooperative ventures; others tend to look to them for leadership because their confidence and poise under fire make their advice difficult to ignore. Once they have learned to delegate, to listen more and talk just a little less, their stamina, mental acuity and personal magnetism can help them succeed in virtually anything.

☆ On the dark side:Over-bearing, dismissive, self-centered

☆ At your best:Committed, skillful, charismatic

April 19 people attempt to exercise solid control over whatever they do. Although they often have star or pioneering qualities, these powerful people primarily exhibit endurance and earthiness. The concrete goals that they set may seem to others difficult to attain but to those born on this day will simply be a matter of course. Control, rather than leadership, is their principal focus.

The greatest joy of April 19 people is to build a well-grounded career, system or family setting which will have staying power. Indeed, all forms of power attract them, but the emphasis of this day is on being able to shape and polish raw materials into an organic and worthwhile product.

Thus producing objects, ideas or even children, is very imponant for April 19 people. In order for something to have meaning for them it has to actually exist, which often means that they create it themselves. They are also quite happy to work on improving someone else's product, giving it a new slant or making it more attractive.

April 19 people are strongly attracted to powerful ideas and people. The danger is that in their admiration of others they may fail to fully develop the potential latent in themselves.

Therefore, they do best when they discover early in life what it is they do best and stick to it; they then stand a good chance of rising to the top of their profession. If they can learn to listen to their associates and recognize as well as benefit from their mistakes, they will move forward. If not, they may get into a rut and be condemned to a life of dull tasks. To be open to change is extremely important for April 19th people, particularly in grabbing that once-ina- lifetime opportunity which comes along, often in their twenties. They will think of every reason in the world not to take it, but if they miss the chance it may never come again.

In addition, if at the crossroads of their life, usually around age forty-two (or a bit earlier for women), April 19 people take the right turn they will bask in the radiance of happiness and success. If they take the wrong turn they may find themselves shut out and unappreciated, on a downward spiral. They must also beware of getting sidetracked by the lure of glitter and short-term monetary gains, thus losing sight of their ultimate goal which may demand denial and a letting go of attachments.

The key to those born on this day moving forward spiritually will be their resisting the desire to control every personal situation in which they find themselves. They must not rob another person (particularly a mate or child) of the right to make his or her own mistakes. A desire to shield and protect, born of good intentions, may prove to be a denial of experience for those close to them.

Power Thought:Today I will not preach but listen,There is no power greater than the power of love

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 19th day of the month are ruled by the number 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1), and by the Sun. Because April 19 people are born on the first day of the Aries-Taurus cusp, are ruled by the number 1 and have strong Sun influences, they must beware of the abuse of power, which can have disastrous effects on family and personal relationships. Since the venusian influence of Taurus comes into play on April 19, those born on this day should perhaps tone down the fire of Mars (ruler of Aries) and the heat of the Sun, and rely more on the venusian qualities of beauty, harmony and social stability. Knowing when to be more aggressive and when more passive in life is particularly important for April 19 people.

April 19th Birthday Tarot Card

The 19th card of the Major Arcana, The Sun, can be considered as the most favorable of all the Major Arcana cards; it symbolizes knowledge, vitality and good fortune, and promises esteem and reward. This card posits the good qualities of clarity, harmony in relationship and fine reputation; however, it also holds out the bad possibilities of pride, vanity and false appearance.

☆Luck maker:(Networking)Keep your connections with other people alive and you maximize your chances of luck. People who are isolated are the least likely to get lucky breaks, because luck always comes through someone else.

Love Only you

You’re drawn to people born on July 24 to August 23:A sense of excitement marks these relationships out as special, as you will encourage each other to new heights.

Once people born on April 19 have fixed their sights upon a potential partner, the matter is usually settled as their sex appeal is irresistible. However, this is not to imply that their judgment is always perfect and their high sex drive can frequently lead to hasty and unhappy marriages, or affairs and lots of children. Although they do not find it hard to attract partners, they really do fare best with a steady stream of love from one special person.

Health Empty yourself out

A healthy, balanced diet, quality sleep and regular sex are the keys to good health for people born on this day. Sports provide a positive and healthy outlet for their competitive instinct. Both individual challenges, such as jogging, and group sports such as baseball and soccer will be worthwhile. These people often have a secret yearning to relinquish the daily battles of the world and tend to do best when they allow themselves to recharge—through gardening, massage, a vacation, or simply taking themselves less seriously. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to look inward and think of higher things.

If those born on this day have a sedentary job they must be careful of gaining weight. A modicum of daily exercise is essential to their health. In addition, it is important for them to get plenty of sleep. April 19 people rarely develop true sleep problems, but if insomnia emerges during periods of stress they may do well to take hot baths with essential oils or seek out a masseuse. Regular sex with a loving mate can do wonders also. April 19 people may beunder tremendous mental strain due to their desire to control every aspect of their work. Learning to relax will be the key to their keeping well. To this end, they may sit down to a sensuous and leisurely meal offering everything from bread, vegetables and earthy foods to more exotic dishes and spicy concoctions.

Career Born freelancers

Their excellent communication skills mean that careers involving people and persuasion are ideal, such as public relations, advertising, law, politics, project management, or construction. Their creativity may also draw them toward careers in fashion, performing arts, journalism, design, or being an intermediary or agent. They are born self-starters, so working for themselves may appeal and, because their idealistic nature yearns to accomplish something that will benefit others, they may be drawn toward medicine, teaching, charity work, or work that serves the community.

Destiny To introduce efficient, smoothly running and progressive systems

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to cooperate with, as well as take charge of, others. Once they have learned the importance of being part of a team, their destiny is to introduce efficient, smoothly running and progressive systems into the world.

Don't get caught in a control trip; allow for spontaneity. Avoid getting stuck; learn to listen and be open tor change. Latch on to that train before it pulls out. Let others make up their own minds; back off sometimes.

Celebrities Born On April 19th

Kate Hudson(American actress), Maria Sharapova(Russian tennis player), Ashley Judd(American actress and political activist),

Glenn T. Seaborg (US Nobel Prizewinning chemist, co-discovered nine heavy elements, including plutonium), Lucrezia Borgia (Pope Alexander Vl's illegitimate daughter, famed for treachery, supported Renaissance culture, died at age twenty-six), Dudley Moore (comedian, film actor, pianist), Murray Perahia (pianist), James Mollison (Scottish aviator, first east-west Atlantic flight with wife, Amy Johnson), Paloma Picasso (designer, Pablo Picasso's daughter, stylist, jewelry and perfume), Al Unser, Jr. (auto racer, CART title, 1 7 IndyCar victories, Indy 500 winner), Jayne Mansfield (film actress, sex symbol, decapitated in car accident), Andrea Mead Lawrence (US alpine skier, 2x Olympic gold medalist), Richard L. Garwin (Defense physicist, H-bomb scientist), Hugh O'Brien (actor), Anthony Bliss (Metropolitan Opera head), Mark Volman (singer, songwriter, The Turtles), Don Adams (TV actor, Get Smart), Larry Ramos (singer, The Association), Emma L. Brown (botanist, pioneer ecologist), Gustav Theodor Fechner (German philosopher, psychologist, phys), Constance Talmadge (stage, film actress), Richard Hughes (British novelist, High Wind in Jamaica), Ken Carpenter (US Olympic gold medalist, discus)

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