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People Born on April 21st: Destiny, Future

Last updated onApril 21, 2024

April 21st Birthday Numerology

No. 3:Creative with the gift of imagination and an ability to communicate in writing, art or speech.

April 21 VS Taurus, 3, Self-possessed motivator

People Born on April 21st: Destiny, Future

April 21st Birthday Destiny

Capable, efficient and self-disciplined, you’re a shining example of the tenacity it takes to succeed without giving up life’s pleasures, which, for you, revolve around your appreciation of the arts. You may even be the original sybarite, and you are most definitely an indulgent parent! Your ability to motivate others will be quickly noticed in any work environment and don’t be surprised when offers to lead in some way soon follow. With your earthy grounded energy and reliable Taurean nature, you were born to teach or lead in some other way. Your hedonistic streak means you won’t much like rigid rules, so be careful about the environment you work in – if you do settle on teaching, then look for positions in more progressive schools. You get enormous pleasure bringing happiness to others, which makes you an endearing friend and a worthy choice as a life partner. Just make sure you don’t tip into trying to control everyone and everything, however pure your initial intent and motives.

April 21st Birthday Future

The enigmatic individuals who celebrate birthdays on April 21 are as much a puzzle to themselves as they are to everyone else. Nevertheless, your sharp mind and friendly nature make you an outstanding communicator. Your forte is your talent for distilling the highlights of a plan or idea and then conveying them to others. Your natural eloquence is enhanced by the ability to paint vivid word pictures that make it possible for you to share your personal experiences. However, if you allow yourself to be seduced by rumor and gossip, your facile tongue can convert your strength into a weakness.

Those born on this day are home loving and security minded. However, you are also possessed of an exuberant, adventurous spirit that makes you eager to be off some-where exploring new ground. Artistic and creative on the one hand, yet serious and responsible on the other, your good business sense helps you turn dreams into practical realities. An intriguing mix of patience and restlessness, you have a way of flipping back and forth between serenity and nervous anxiety. At times you seem very flexible, yet, when emotion takes over, you can become remarkably stubborn and determined.

As a romantic partner, you are sensual and exciting. Although you desire the affection and safety that family life offers, you would also like to the freedom to pursue your own plans and interests.

April 21st Birthday Tarot

Three of Wands:You are as steady as a rock or, in the case of this card, the three sturdy staffs surrounding the successful merchant we see looking contentedly out over the trading plains, where ships full of luxuries to be traded between civilisations sail back and forth. This is a person of whom we would say they have ‘made it’ in life. They have earned their position on the higher ground and with their love of life’s little luxuries have enjoyed every step of the journey they have taken to get here.

April 21st Famous birthdays

Queen Elizabeth II(Queen of the United Kingdom); Max Weber(German sociologist, historian and political economist); Andie MacDowell(American actress); Born Today:

Charlotte Bronte (writer); Catherine the Great (empress of Russia);Charles Grodin (actor); Tony Danza (actor); Elizabeth II (queen of England); Silvana Mangano (actress); Rollo May (psychotherapist/writer); Iggy Popp (singer/songwriter/musician); Anthony Quinn (actor); Max Weber (sociologist/philosopher)

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