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April 12th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 12, 2024

Greed leads to a desire for power and to dictate to others. It denies the individual's freedom to develop according to the dictates of his own soul, to work and blossom unhampered and in doing so find inner peace.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 3, 7

April 12th Birthday Love Astrology

The joker in the pack, this creature laughs its way into people's hearts and their beds. And all the way to the top of a chosen career ladder. While some Aries are extremely tall, fine boned and good looking, not all people born under this star sign are so blessed. Many find laughter the weapon they need to get attention and please others. It usually starts at school, where this person entertains the class, diverts the bully with ferocious playground jibes, and endears teachers, who goodness knows, need some cheering up.

This star-spangled laughter maker never plays dirty or uses cruelty to pin down a victim. It's more wit than ribaldry. The turn of phrase that others wish they'd thought of. An enviable verbal facility. Sales and marketing would die for this creature. City investors need someone like this to take the edge off the swinging money market. Advertising will pay a lot for April 12's slogans. Witty women do well here, because society regards them as a precious rarity.

April 12 likes money, but doesn't care greatly about acquiring it. At home, one room will probably be painted red (Aries colour) and other warm colours, but all done himself and at no expense. Not socially competitive, this creature just wants everybody to have a laugh, a good time and try to like each other.

The ram travels light and on holiday, when the plane is late and the hotel lavatory is blocked, rely on him to take it all well and keep others' morale up. They dislike the Moaning Minnies of the zodiac and will either avoid them, tease them out of it, or retire with them to the bar and get them drunk. A brave creature, always looking on the bright side of life. They are good friends, generous, tolerant lovers and no child of April 12 ever feels afraid for long, because their parent will solve the problem.

In Love

The individual celebrating a birthday today is an unabashed optimist with an eternally youthful outlook. You need a love relationship that keeps you energized and active. More than anything, you want to be with someone who is as fun loving and playful as you. Friendship and communication are essential to your ideal relationship, as is a plethora of common interests. As long as the good times keep rolling, you truly believe that the union will last forever. However, if you become bored or disenchanted, you may break it off rather abruptly and begin searching for someone more exciting.

In Bed

You approach the bedroom with enthusiasm for the promise of erotic discovery. You revel in the spontaneous and unexpected. If a hint of boring routine emerges during your lovemaking, you spice things up with innovative sex play. Talking and even joking around while having sex sparks your desire. You like knowing exactly what your partner is thinking and feeling when you’re making love. You enjoy acting out your fantasies and experimenting with new ways to titillate each other.


Travel sickness can be a plague to April 12, although neither sex lets it get in the way of going places. Ginger can be as good as any shop-bought travel sickness reliever. It has been renowned for its alleviation of sickness since ancient medicine began. Before buying weigh the ginger root in your hand. The heaviest will be the freshest, containing the most moisture. Make ginger tea by grating a tablespoon of the root and leaving it to infuse in boiling water for five minutes. Also excellent for colds, to stimulate circulation and the Chinese use it for all rheumatic pains.


When your mind is aroused, your body follows. Dressing up and engaging in role-playing games stimulates you mentally and physically. Your intellectual inquisitiveness extends to your sex life, so you’re always in the market for novel experiences. A partner whose curiosity matches your own, and who knows a new trick or two, is a sure turn-on.


Greed leads to a desire for power and to dictate to others. It denies the individual's freedom to develop according to the dictates of his own soul, to work and blossom unhampered and in doing so find inner peace.

Reality Check

People seek you out because you are fun, and there’s rarely a dull moment with you around. You adore traveling, meeting interesting people, and trying new things. You consider sameness and dull routine a major turnoff.

However, you need to realize that some of the exciting, unusual activities you enjoy are not just risky. They can also be quite dangerous.

April 12 Date Share

Andy Garcia, Hollywood heart-throb. David Letterman, TV entertainer, late night show magnate. Alan Ayckbourn, playwright, satirist, wrote Jeeves with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Montserrat Caballe, opera singer, cut record with Freddie Mercury. David Cassidy, singer, actor, The Partridge Family.

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