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April 13th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 13, 2024

Music is known to lower blood pressure, improve the memory and bring joy to patients in hospital. In German hospitals, music is used during minor operations to lessen the dose of anaesthetic. Doctors say Mozart works wonders.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 4, 8

April 13th Birthday Love Astrology

It takes time before April 13 stops blaming others for their own misfortunes. This is the child who is late for school because somebody ‘deliberately moved his homework'. This is the adult who fails a job interview because of being the wrong sex, race, religion or just having the wrong accent.

April 13 is tempted to blame parents for everything about her i life today. Doctors are dunces. Colleagues at work are out to get her. And the bank manager can't stand her personally. It's a mind set this dark star must exclude from the psycheology, or unhappiness sets in permanently.

It's all part of the childish psycheological streak, not wanting to grow up. But our lost lamb must find its own way, and not blame the shepherd. There's talent and more in April 13.

Music is a comforter. Many play an instrument well. Drums and trumpets are perfect Aries instruments, but their physical dexterity draws them to the piano and they have a powerful singing voice. If this person can be a professional musician, the music may solve all personal problems and many are so good, it will solve their financial problems too. Remember that E and F Major are Aries keys, bringing Pythagorian harmony, the basic musical structure of the universe and its singing stars.

Both sexes delight in running their own business, working at home by themselves. Redundancy and the sack hold no fear. There is a strong possibility of late acquisition of masses of money, made after a spectacular idea comes to fruition. Though not particularly psychic, April 13 must listen closely to the dictates of his psycheology.

Domestically, these gentle companions give generously of time and energy and usually form partnerships for life. Childbirth ain't vital, and sans offspring they won't pine. Surprisingly there are powerful resources of strength to cope with an unfaithful partner, but hearts may stay broken for a while.

In Love

In personal relationships you often feel torn between your desire for freedom and independence and your sense of duty and obligation to others.

When your impulsive Aries nature prompts you to rush headlong into a romantic union, a cautious little voice inside your head reminds you to think before you leap. A loyal friend and faithful lover, you yearn for a long-term relationship that is built on a solid foundation. Despite your need to always be the one in control, you have a kinder, gentler side that is generous, caring, and extremely protective of loved ones.

In Bed

As someone with a lusty libido, you need to find a bedmate whose physical needs equal your own. Sex has a transforming effect on you; your lover only needs to lure you into the bedroom to chase away a bad mood. Success in bed boosts your self-esteem. The more you enjoy the fruits of love and romance, the more daring and adventurous a lover you become—particularly if your significant other encourages you to throw caution to the winds and try some unfamiliar moves.


April 13 overdoes it on the alcohol front and Christmas, birthdays and parties are often ruined by appalling two-day hangovers. Sensitive stomached Aries should avoid red wine, whisky, brandy, rum, port, bourbon and other thicker, darker and sweeter drinks. The reason is that they contain more chemicals called congeners, which, along with ethanol, cause hangovers. Experts think that congeners in some way stimulate the pain receptors in the brain. Vodka, gin and white wine have the fewest congeners and normally produce the least severe hangovers. Take the precaution before a party of lining your stomach with a pint of milk.


You have the stamina to make love all night long, if only you had the time.

The trick is to get you to make time for lovemaking. A smart lover seduces you away from your obligations by stroking both your ego and your body, with a combination of slow, passionate caresses and sincere admiration for your capabilities in and out of bed.


Music is known to lower blood pressure, improve the memory and bring joy to patients in hospital. In German hospitals, music is used during minor operations to lessen the dose of anaesthetic. Doctors say Mozart works wonders.

Reality Check

You have a driving determination to get things done and a compelling desire to get them done right. You’re able to spot potential weaknesses before they develop into serious problems. If difficulties arise, it’s usually because you refuse to believe that others can do a job as well as you.

April 13 Date Share

Gari Kasparov, Russian world champion chess player. Frank W Woolworth, store chain magnate. Stanley Donen, film producer, choreographer, Singin' In The Rain with Gene Kelly. Samuel Beckett, Nobel Prize-winning playwright. Thomas Jefferson, American president.

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