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People Born on April 12th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onApril 12, 2024

April 12th Birthday Numerology

No. 3:Creative with the gift of imagination and an ability to communicate in writing, art or speech.

April 12 VS Aries, 3, Lofty idealist

People Born on April 12th: Destiny, Future

April 12th Birthday Destiny

You believe you were born to do everything you can to create a more just, humane and compassionate world, and you have all the skills of persuasion to convince others to sign up for your cause. You are not really too concerned about making money, cannot stand idleness and can sometimes come across as a bit hoity-toity because you are all about the moral high ground, although in truth, if anyone deserves to set up camp there, it is you. You have a fierce wit and may even enter the world of comedy entertainment where, standing in the spotlight on stage during a live gig, you can use humour to highlight the injustices and indignities you want to see tackled. But as is the case with so many comedians, off-stage you may be something of a loner. Be careful this propensity doesn’t tip into loneliness. You are immensely generous with all your resources towards those you are closest to, and although your love affairs (many) will be ardent, you’re not too bothered about the convention of marriage. You know that being a lone wolf grants you a kind of freedom that a conventional relationship would only chip away at.

April 12th Birthday Future

If there is such a thing as an Aries who is relatively cool and collected, you're it. You are philosophical, curious, and a keen observer of the human condition. Your sunny nature and upbeat, fun-loving personality attract many friends and admirers. Communication is your forte. You prize knowledge and enjoy sharing what you've learned with others. You have tremendous insight into what makes people tick and can usually spot a phony a mile away. An idea person, you're continually on the lookout for exciting new ways to implement your plans. A born entertainer, you possess a finely honed sense of humor and a gift for gab that endears you to those around you.

You're ambitious and adventurous and love traveling to exotic foreign places. Because you dislike occupying subordinate positions, your preference for taking charge fuels your climb to the top. You are multi-talented and an inveterate networker. Luck and good fortune seem to follow you around-so much so that it's as if you're under the protection of a guardian angel. Whatever rhe reason, even your disappointments and setbacks often turn out for the best.

In love, you can be fiery and ardent one moment and cool and detached the next. You appear to be a dichotomy of independence versus dependence, yet relationships are important to you. With a like-minded person, you can forge a bond that lasts a lifetime.

April 12th Birthday Tarot

Two of Cups:You have everything you need to really connect with another human being but as we see from this card where a man and woman face each other to make a toast with the chalice each holds in their hand, there’s a reluctance on your part to commit fully. The Cups in the Tarot deck represent emotion and what this card, with one of the parties stepping back or, equally, stepping forward more reluctantly, tells us is that you will always hold something back. Perhaps you need whatever it is you cannot give away for yourself and for the work you really came here to do.

April 12th Famous birthdays

David Letterman(American TV presenter and producer); Tom Clancy(American writer); Jacob Zuma(South African politician); Born Today:

David Cassidy (singer); Tom Clancy (writer); Claire Danes (actress); Shannen Doherty (actress); Andy Garcia (actor); Vince Gill (singer); Tama Janowitz (writer); David Letterman (TV host); Ann Miller (dancer/actress); Ed O'Neill (actor); Scott Turow (writer); Jane Withers (comedienne/actress)

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