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People Born on May 12th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMay 12, 2024

May 12th Birthday Numerology

No. 3:Creative with the gift of imagination and an ability to communicate in writing, art or speech.

May 12 VS Taurus, 3, Wise philosopher

People Born on May 12th: Destiny, Future

May 12th Birthday Destiny

You are naturally eloquent, what makes your philosophising so appealing to others is the healthy dose of wit you throw into the mix. Whatever career you’ve chosen, whether politics, broadcasting, sport or scientific research, you will be outstanding at it. As with all Taureans, home and the security it brings is important to you, but you also have a very strong restless streak, so it is going to be a challenge trying to balance your need for stability with your urge to throw caution to the wind, give everything away and travel the world with nothing but the smallest backpack to slow you down. This constant vacillation between staying put and taking off makes it seem to others that you blow hot and cold emotionally, and if you were being honest about yourself, you’d probably have to admit that’s true and a tad unfair on those you embark on a relationship with. Maybe try an alternative to the ‘norm’ such as living in different countries or hooking up with a travel writer – that way, you won’t be home together long enough for either of you to get itchy feet.

May 12th Birthday Future

Bulls who celebrate birthdays on this date are an intriguing mix of dogged endurance and restless impatience. Although you are security minded and home loving, your adventurous spirit thrives on travel and exploration. You're more articulate than the typical Taurus native, and your wonderfully witty sense of humor enlivens all your comments and conversations. More than anything, you're a philosopher with a deep understanding of nature and the world around you. Your forte is the ability to translate your intuitive ideas into words and communicate them to others.

May 12th Taurians are artistic and self-expressive, but they're rather inclined to take their creative talents for granted. Nevertheless, you have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality by forging a successful career in music, art, dance, or sports. Individuals born on this day do their homework. With your practical intelligence, excellent memory, and skills as a researcher, you would make an outstanding writer, educator, actor, lawyer, politician, or preacher. Your natural eloquence is enhanced by your ability to paint vivid word pictures that allow you to share your personal experiences with others.

Emotionally, you blow hot and cold. Your basic makeup is a mixture of the number twelve's freewheeling independence and the rock-solid dependability of Taurus. You want rhe comfort of a secure relationship, but you also crave the freedom to pursue your dreams.

May 12th Birthday Tarot

Knight of Cups:If there’s one person who’s going places it’s this dashing Knight of Cups who’s sitting ramrod-straight on his trusty steed and heading into his future in a straight line: no distractions, no diversions. The Cups represent our deepest emotions and the fact that our knight is holding just one tells us he would give his (your) heart to the right person but will have to break the habit of moving on as soon as it starts to feel real with someone. Moving on is a great way of protecting your heart, but by doing so, you are missing out on the very great joy of loving, and being loved in return.

May 12th Famous birthdays

Gabriel Byrne(Irish actor and director); Katharine Hepburn(American actress); Dante Gabriel Rossetti(British Pre-Raphaelite artist); Born Today:

Burt Bacharach (songwriter); Yogi Berra (baseball player/manager);George Carlin (comedian); Emilio Estevez (actor); Tony Hawk (skateboarder); Katharine Hepburn (actress); Jiddu Krishnamurti (philosopher/teacher); Florence Nightingale (nurse/founder of modern nursing as a profession); Tom Snyder (TV host)

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