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People Born on May 11th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMay 11, 2024

May 11th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

May 11 VS Taurus, 2, Artistic trendsetter

People Born on May 11th: Destiny, Future

May 11th Birthday Destiny

Artistic with a capital ‘A’, you’re a one-off original when it comes to what you think, how you live and what you wear. If you know the rules – and you probably don’t – they won’t be relevant to you because you have absolutely zero interest in fitting in or following the herd. Ruled by the Moon, you are highly sensitive, so much so that you will sometimes take offence where none was intended and waste a lot of time brooding over imagined slights. The artist Salvador Dali shares your birthday, which should tell you that you really do see the world in such a unique way it may be difficult for some to understand your vision or preferred way of living. You won’t waste your breath trying to explain yourself but will just move on to the next canvas/person. Be careful that you don’t end up ploughing too lonely a furrow as you age. It may not seem so, but the wise man and woman know there’s a great deal to be learned from the Buddhist mantra: chop wood, carry water. In other words, there may be more artistic depth to the everyday banalities than at first appears.

May 11th Birthday Future

Individuals who celebrate birthdays on this day are possibly the only Taurians with a facility for handling two tasks at once or balancing two careers simultaneously. As a practical idealist, you face the zodiacal task of finding a way to integrate your spirituality with the bull's earthy materialism. On one level you are pragmatic, ambitious, and determined to "make it" in the material world. However, on a deeper level you need to know that your personal achievements contribute something to your community's development. You feel most rewarded when your humanitarian efforts help people to help themselves.

Your abundant charm and personal magnetism draws friends and admirers. You possess tremendous creative potential that may be used in the arts, business, or the help-ing professions. Although some born on this day choose to become ministers, teachers, nurses, or missionaries, others who are more artistically inclined prefer vocations associated with the fine arts. In business, you employ sound financial practices while making sure that customers get what they pay for. Whatever you decide to do in life, you have a gift for turning the ordinary in to something very special.

In relationships, you like being surrounded by clever, interesting people. In love, you are affectionate, romantic, and genuinely devoted to your partner. You're capable of great sacrifice, but at times you may need to guard against jealousy and possessiveness.

May 11th Birthday Tarot

The Moon:Look closely at the image here, which may reflect – as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light – how you feel. There’s not one but two dogs howling at a frowning moon, with a scorpion in the foreground pulling itself out of the water and up onto the riverbank. Great art often emerges from great pain and you are likely no stranger to the creative impulse that follows tragedy in either your life or that of someone you care deeply about. Channel your grief and confusion into your art and share some of those universal truths with other souls who have suffered, for whatever reasons, too.

May 11th Famous birthdays

Salvador Dalí(Spanish surrealist artist); Irving Berlin(American composer and lyricist); Natasha Richardson(British actress); Born Today:

Irving Berlin (composer); Eric Burdon (singer/songwriter); Salvador Dali (artist); Charlie Gehringer (baseball player); Martha Graham (dancer/choreographer); Andre Gregory (director/actor/writer); Natasha Richardson (actress); Margaret Rutherford (actress); Mort Sahl (comedian); Phil Silvers (comedian/actor)

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