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People Born on April 7th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onApril 07, 2024

April 7th Birthday Numerology

No. 7:Very analytical and detail-oriented, likes to observe and investigate things, and has a keen, inventive eye.

April 7 VS Aries, 7, Enquiring researcher

People Born on April 7th: Destiny, Future

April 7th Birthday Destiny

Were you one of those children whose favourite word/question was why? Did you drive you parents mad asking for explanation after explanation in a bid to try and understand the world, the experiences you shared as a family and what you witnessed further afield on TV or in movies? You would be well suited to scientific research or investigative journalism – in fact, any career where asking your favourite word is always the starting point, whatever the expected end goal. You bring the perfect mix of logic, imagination and tenacity to any issue, question or challenge you are tussling with and you also bring a typical Arian enthusiasm to everything you embark upon, which helps inspire others to help you. Don’t think you can get around every obstacle by simply battering your way through and keep that fiery Arian temper in check when your efforts to bulldoze through a problem fail. For the most part, you are pretty sunny and chilled – qualities that bode well for a happy and harmonious long-term relationship. Just make sure you’re embarking on one of those with someone who knows better than to chain you down with endless restrictions and ground rules.

April 7th Birthday Future

Like the Tarot's Page of Swords or the members of the monastic military order of the Knights Templar, the April 7th person is a fascinating bundle of contradictions. Are you a warrior or a mystic, an aggressive fighter for what you believe or a spiritual hermit in search of solitude? Linked to the Greek Athena, a warrior goddess and a goddess of wisdom, those born on this date are an uneasy combination of the outspoken crusader and contemplative scholar. Nevertheless, your capacity for blending your pioneering spirit, creative imagination, and inventive, logical thinking is truly impressive.

Thanks to your Aries Sun, you come off as self-motivated and extremely confident, yet you're considerably more open minded and receptive to outside influences than most other rams. Part doer and part idealistic dreamer, you truly believe in your own ability to overcome any adversity and win out in the end. Although personal success is important to you, you also enjoy using your talents and abilities to improve conditions for everyone. As a leader or manager, you inspire the entire team with your novel ideas and fresh approach to problem solving.

Your loving, passionate nature yearns for a long-term relationship with a home and a family, but you may be too preoccupied with your own interests and career commitments to settle down in one place and actually stay put.

April 7th Birthday Tarot

The High Priestess:It’s not a term we hear much these days, but here is a lady best described as ‘bookish’. She is seeking answers and digging deep into the spiritual scriptures to find them. The High Priestess is the female match to the Magician, but where he knows the ‘How?’ to make something happen, she starts a step before by knowing what needs to happen, where and when. Use your own strong intuition to find these same answers to the questions you will have about your own life.

April 7th Famous birthdays

Billie Holiday(American jazz and swing singer); Francis Ford Coppola(American director); Tim Peake(British astronaut); Born Today:

Jackie Chan (actor/martial arts expert); Francis Ford Coppola (director);Russell Crowe (actor); Tony Dorsett (football player); David Frost (TV host); James Garner (actor); Billie Holiday Gazz singer); Wayne Rogers (actor/businessman); Ravi Shankar (musician); Walter Winchell (gossip columnist); William Wordsworth (poet)

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