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May 13th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 13, 2024

If you cant get out into fresh air and green countryside each day, the next best thing is to close your eyes and simply imagine that you are walking on a sunny, green hillside.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Saturn; Numbers: 4, 9

May 13th Birthday Love Astrology

People born today are likely to live to great old age in happiness, health and mental alertness. May 13 creatures carry on shining when others fade, yet they often live hard and don't take particular care of their health. Although they have Taureans' large appetites, these time-blessed children possess more self-control than their star siblings.

They adore to eat, but stick to healthy, homemade sandwiches and honey rather than sugar. They like to drink, but not every day and not very often to excess. They may ride a motorbike, but not so fast and always with a good quality helmet. When they are tired, they put their feet up. And most of them have extremely relaxing hobbies, which fascinate them and always keep them busy.

Many Taureans are skilled with their hands. They play music, which is excellent for health. Why do you think so many great conductors are 80 and look 50? They like to carve, or paint. And many of the women are brilliant at textile design, sewing and tapestry or embroidery. Indeed, their houses are full of brilliant shimmering creations, which gives their surroundings magical calm. These are not the bungee jumpers of the zodiac.

From an early age May 13 makes sure to make and keep their money. They don't worry about work politics, don't have sleepless nights about who will win promotion. They just lie in bed adding up their possessions and working out the next financial move. Like counting sheep, it sends them into a peaceful and dreamless sleep.

Well, mostly dreamless. If they do encounter a midnight fantasy, it will usually be the pleasant flying and travelling kind, both of which are thought to be sex dreams. So they wake up refreshed.

Most of them end up owning their own unmortgaged house, having spent their life with one partner. If they have gambled a little, they mostly won more than a little. They're just lucky.

In Love

Above all you want a calm, stable love life with the closeness of a permanent alliance. You’re a sentimental, generous lover who will try to keep romance alive throughout the relationship. Verbally, you’re not terribly forthcoming about your feelings, but you demonstrate your love by your actions. You like being needed and are happiest when taking care of loved ones. In an intimate union, you’re extremely loyal and very responsive to the other person’s wants and needs. However, your expectations are exceedingly high, and you can be severely disappointed if your romantic partner is unable to live up to them.

In Bed

Still waters may run deep, but with a little encouragement your sexual responses can go from relatively cool to wildly abandoned. You prefer keeping your true nature under wraps, until you feel completely at ease with your partner. Once assured, you can be wonderfully amorous and affectionate. You appreciate a lover who enjoys pleasing you as much as you like pleasing him or her. Although not bold enough to suggest erotic innovations yourself, you welcome the partner who leads you into unfamiliar sexual territory.


May 13 needs to watch the weight, and usually does so quite efficiently. Most people born on this day get to know what suits their body and what doesn't. Many become a dab hand at the quick, healthy sandwich for lunch, something they have made themselves and therefore know what has gone into it. Excellent slimmer's sandwiches include tuna, celery, nuts and cottage cheese filling on thin slices of brown wholemeal bread, or a delicious mixture of cooked chicken, whole berry cranberry sauce, with a little orange juice on the same thin, brown bread. Good health.


Once your inherent reserve is overcome, you can be delightfully open to sexual suggestion. Thrilled by the idea of forbidden fruit, you may develop quite an appetite for naughty sexual adventures, as long as they are not too outrageous. Stolen moments of intimacy in risky places arouse your passion and send your lusty libido into overdrive.


If you cant get out into fresh air and green countryside each day, the next best thing is to close your eyes and simply imagine that you are walking on a sunny, green hillside.

Reality Check

You have a deep-seated need for material and emotional security. Although careful with your money and property, you’re no penny pincher. You actually love everything that is beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious. However, you dislike waste of any kind, and your innate understanding of the value of things keeps you from throwing money around.

May 13 Date Share

Stevie Wonder, blind singer, songwriter, keyboardist. Harvey Keitel, film actor, producer. Jim Jones, cultleader, The People's Temple, led mass suicide in Guyana.Bruce Chatwin, novelist, The Songlines. Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader of the Vedanta tradition.

May you live all the days of your life.

(Jonathan Swift)

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