May 13th Wild Child Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMay 13, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to control your impulses

☆The way forward is to understand that self-control is the key to success in your life; without it you are like a reed blown about by the wind.

The Birthday Of The Wild Child, The Day Of Natural Appeal

May 13th Wild Child Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of May 13th Birthdays

Sun sign: Taurus

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Bull

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: Death (change)

Favorable numbers: 4,9

Lucky days: Friday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Lilac, pale green, light blue

Birthstone: Emerald

Other people find themselves instantly drawn to the natural charisma and playful charm of people born on May 13. These untamed spirits follow their instincts and, although they often clash with the conventions and restrictions placed upon them by society, their wild-child presence always has an electrifying effect on others.

These people are often self-taught in some way and their approach to situations and people is easy and natural. They have the ability to win friends quickly and easily and, as a result, to attract good fortune. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make them the object of envy or resentment. They should be aware of the effect their success and popularity have on others; if necessary they should tone down their lighthearted approach or find the appropriate level of intensity for their audience.

In keeping with their wild-child personality, they find practical concerns and routine boring and unfulfilling. With a love of movement, change and variety, if they do find themselves stuck or restricted in anyway, they may get depressed or behave recklessly. Although this butterfly approach makes them fascinating individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience, if those born on this day delved more deeply into subjects or situations they would discover how enriching and enlightening a more intense knowledge or commitment can be. Before the age of thirty-seven they should deepen their approach and outlook; after the age of thirty-eight they may be more concerned with emotional commitment.

Although they appear to breeze through life, it’s highly likely that at some point a significant event, generally one with unpleasant or painful consequences, will have given them the impetus to focus on their more serious side and have concern for the welfare of others. When this newfound earnestness and sense of purpose is combined with the enthusiastic enjoyment of life that is their defining feature, the possibilities for them to achieve success in all areas of their lives are limitless.

☆ On the dark side:Wild, flighty, superficial

☆ At your best:Impulsive, natural, energetic

May13 people often have great popular appeal in their immediate social circle or in society at large. With apparent ease, in the most natural manner possible, they can achieve the recognition and success that others must struggle to attain.

Unfortunately, however, such facility often draws reproach. May 13 people are sometimes accused of superficiality or of achieving a trivial success of no real depth.

Those born on this day have a marked influence on others. Therefore, if only interested in entertaining, they must be careful not to attach their ideas to a cause. If, on the other hand, they wish to enlighten or make a statement, they must remain free of corrupting forces.

Rather than only teaching ideas, those born on May 13 often transmit their message through their physical presence, and activities involving the human body.

May 13 people are seldom good at handling their financial affairs alone. Thus it may be helpful for them to enlist the aid of a family member, professional accountant or bookkeeper to provide guidance and keep track of things. Often May 13 people have a scorn for such practical concerns, taken up as they are with themselves and their role in life.

Movement and travel of all sorts are important to those born on this day. Depression often overcomes a May 13 person at a time of real or imagined unpopularity, especially when they feel stuck in one place or occupation.

The work of a May 13 person will definitely be bettered by a study of craft and broadening of technique, on the one hand, and a deepening of meaning, resolve or intensity on the other. Yet the personality of those born on this day often works against such growth, since emphasis is placed on being natural, self-taught and easy in expression. A May 13 persons serious study in a given area usually makes the difference between being a light-headed dilettante and an artist, businessperson, athlete or worker who is taken seriously. Accepting this fact and acting on it is the central challenge in May 13 people's lives. They can either enjoy their natural gifts and ability to impress others or make a momentous decision to deepen their mission and broaden their path. At this point more evolved persons of this day must also pledge themselves to the betterment of all around them, becoming truly responsible rather than self-seeking or destructive.

Often the catalyst or turning point in the life of a May 13 person is a setback or tragedy—physical, spiritual or emotional—a kind of crisis or even breakdown after which they will be able to grow and deepen their outlook. If this event or the realization discussed earlier does not come to pass, then they may be confined to a more limited plane of experience.

However, in either case, naturalness and playfulness remain the hallmarks of this day.

Power Thought:I can choose how I will respond to every situation in my life,A teacher teaches the student to teach himself

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 13th day of the month are ruled by the number 4 (1+3=4), and by the planet Uranus which is both erratic and explosive. The number 4 typically represents rebellion, idiosyncratic beliefs and a desire to change the rules. Although the number 13 is considered unlucky by many people it is. rather, a powerful number which does cam' the responsibility of using its power wisely or inviting self-destruction. Since May 13 people are usually involved in social activities, they must learn to keep the uranian part of themselves under control, and allow their venusian (Taurus) instincts to lead them toward beauty and harmony.

May 13th Birthday Tarot Card

The most misunderstood card in the Tarot is the 13th card of the Major Arcana. Death, which very rarely is to be taken literally but signifies a letting go of the past in order to grow beyond limitations, metamorphically. Both this card and the number 4 suggest that May 13 people must guard against discouragement, disillusion, pessimism and melancholy.

☆Luck maker:(Think before you act)It sounds simple, but taking time out to think about the pros and cons before you make a decision shows that you are prepared and therefore less likely to attract bad luck.

Love In too deep

You’re drawn to people born on January 21 to February 19:You share a passion for adventure and excitement, and this can create a colorful and intense union.

People born on May 13 love deeply and romantically; although they believe that a relationship should be for life, they often forget that relationships need work. They are usually very fortunate in attracting admirers but, as with everything in their lives, they do need to exercise a certain amount of discrimination before they take the plunge.

Health Body talk

People born on this day don’t tend to have major problems with their health because they are often very much in tune with their bodies, eating only when they are hungry, exercising when they feel the need to be active and so on. If they do suffer from weight problems or poor health, learning to listen to their body’s signals and seeking medical advice on diet and exercise will get them back on track. They need to steer clear of recreational drugs, as these will have an extremely damaging effect on their health and well-being. The best kind of therapy for people born on this day, apart from fresh air and exercise, is committing to study or increasing their knowledge in one specific area. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color blue will encourage them to be less impulsive and more logical in their approach.

Those born on May 13 seem to have a pipeline to a natural source of energy and therefore generally find themselves in good health, granted that the destructive influences mentioned above dont come to undermine their condition. May 13 people in particular should avoid hallucinogenic or depressive drugs which may distort their outlook and put them at odds with their essential character. Being outdoors, in contact with the beauty of nature, is perhaps the best medicine for May 13 people. In addition, the joy of sharing time with others brings health benefits as well. In their diet, those born on this day should consider avoiding traditional earthy Taurus foods (bread, meat) in favor of lighter vegetarian dishes.

Career Born designers

These people have the independence and impulsive creativity to excel in careers in the arts, music, dance, and design. Their natural charm may also attract them to people-related careers such as sales, public relations, teaching, and law; but whatever career they choose, their chances of success are high.


The life path of people born on this day is to learn to commit themselves on a deeper level to people and situations. Once they can find it within themselves to delve deeper, their destiny is to invigorate, inspire and—if necessary—shock others into progressive ways of thinking and doing things.

The decision is yours. Should you choose the more difficult path you will have the joys but aNo the responsibilities that accompany the developing of talents to the fullest. Do not be disturbed by those who criticize your sense of ease; on the other hand do not be so easily selfsatisfied.

Celebrities Born On May 13th

Harvey Keitel(American actor), Stevie Wonder(American singer-songwriter), Joe Louis(American boxer),

Joe Louis (longest reigning world heavyweight boxing champ in history [almost twelve years], 63-3 record, 49 KOs), Stevie Wonder (singer, songwriter, keyboardist drummer, producer), Gil Evans (jazz composer, arranger, pianist, bandleader). Daphne du Mauner (novelist, Rebecca), Georges Braque (French cubist painter, cited twice for bravery in French Army), Sir Arthur Sullivan (British composer of musicals, Gilbert and Sullivan), Harvey Keitel (film actor, producer), Jim Jones (cult leader. The People's Temple, led mass suicide in Guyana), Roger Zelazny (science-fiction writer, Lord of Light), Bruce Chatwin (novelist The Songlinesj, Empress Maria Theresa (Austro- Hunganan 1 8 th c. ruler), Ftitchie Valens (singer, songwriter, died in plane crash with Buddy Holly), John Galvin (NATO top general), Bea Arthur (TV actress, Maude, Dorothy of Go/den Girls), Adolf Holzel (German painter, Dachauer school), Pundit Ravi Shankar (spiritual master of the Vedanta tradition), Jane Alison Glover (British conductor), Alphonse Daudet (French journalist, drama cntic, novelist Le Nabob), Theodor Axentowicz (Polish painter, lithographer, women's portraitist), Josephine Butler (British 19 th c. social reformer)

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