January 19th Originality Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onJanuary 19, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to stop getting bored and bogged down with detail

☆The way forward is to keep your ego in check. Paying attention to the little things helps you get the big things done, whether you like it or not.

The Birthday Of Originality, The Day Of Dreams And Visions

January 19th Originality Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of January 19th Birthdays

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Horned Goat

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Sun (enthusiasm)

Favorable numbers: 1, 2

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 2 of the month

Lucky colors: Black, orange and lion brown

Birthstone: Garnet

Those born on January 19 are honest and direct people with a great sense of the beauty in life. They have the ability to look at the world as if through the eyes of a child, seeing everything in a joyous light. Above all they are people of energy and wonder. This is the birthday of true originality.

The originality that defines people born on this day goes hand in hand with a personality that is independent and free-spirited. They really don’t care too much what people think and can from time to time indulge in flamboyant or outrageous behavior. Even if they appear respectable on the outside, anyone who gets to know them will soon appreciate what a truly unique individual they are.

January 19 people often surprise others with their reactions because they are able to sense what others miss. Occasionally they will fight against their intuitive side but it is important for them to find ways to balance and incorporate it into their lives. Typically around the age of thirty-two, frequently sooner, there is an emphasis toward their inner life. They learn the importance of working with, not against, their intuition.

These people are destined to shine brightly and to attract others to them like magnets; those born on this day who try to fit in or repress their creativity and originality are on the road to unhappiness. It may take a while before others understand their undoubted gifts but the power of these people is so great that they have the ability to win almost anyone over to their side. The only danger is that the dynamism and unconventionality of these people can lead to attention-seeking and sometimes immature behavior in an attempt to impress. They may also find it hard to lead to stable lives constantly changing focus and unable to balance their imaginative powers with normal working life.

Blessed with natural drive, curiosity and originality of thought, when they have finally learned to be true to themselves and others, not only can they lead and inspire others, there is the potential for real greatness.

☆ On the dark side:Attention-seeking, immature, pretentious

☆ At your best:Curious, free-spirited, independent

Those born on January 19 must be allowed the psychic space to dream and experience their highly unique orientation to life. Even in the most practical areas of their work, they tend to act according to far-reaching social and universal ideals. These powerful individuals are often in touch with the hidden aspects of human emotions and consciousness, and to the extent that they bring out such truths in their own uncompromising manner of living, can be an example to others.

In their family and social lives, those born on this day are often recognized as people who can not only state their opinion forcefully, but also through their personal magnetism lead others to accept their views regarding everything from taste and politics to morality and art. They must, however, avoid getting sidetracked by negative phenomena, and becoming habituated to self-destructive tendencies.

January 19 people can be extremely difficult individuals, who lead very difficult lives, but nonetheless manage to function dynamically and impact greatly on their surroundings. It is as if every ounce of their energy can, when necessary, be directed outward. Actually, outside of moments of peak experience and intense involvement with their work, those bom on this day may appear surprisingly ordinary. But by locating powerfully human qualities within themselves, the more highly evolved of January 19 people perfonn a kind of alchemy where they transform themselves or their work into something exceptional.

Certain January 19 individuals, however, find it near impossible to lead any kind of stable life. Constantly beset by personal, usually emotional, problems, they bum like bright comets in the sky and then disappear into the blackness of the night. January 19 people of this type must learn to moderate and balance their frenetic energies, and to mediate their intensity. Often an empathic bond with an understanding, more stable individual is of vital importance in grounding them.

Other January 19 people feel compelled to make a strict division between their imaginative work and a more ordinary and stable private life (or on the contrary adopt more normal work patterns which balance an intense and imaginative inner life). In either case, a striving for objectivity and balance helps them weather the white heat of their own expressive energy.

The natural enthusiasm and high intensity of January 19 people should not be denied.

Those bom on this day who repress their individuality and creativity are eventually headed for frustration and unhappiness. Often a sense of crisis arises at twenty-eight and then around forty-two years of age where they must make fateful choices concerning widening or restricting their activities.

Power Thought:I recognize my creativity and I honor it,In dreams, some forget while others discover who they really are

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 19th day of the month are ailed by the number 1 (1+9=10. 1+0=1). and by the Sun. Because January 19 people are born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp (theme mystery and imagination), they are strongly influenced by both Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius): their energies tend to be overwhelming, and must be securely channeled in order to avoid scattering, stress and burnout. This is still more essential since those ruled by the number 1 are most often ambitious and dislike restraint.

January 19th Birthday Tarot Card

The 19th card of the Major Arcana, The Sun. can be considered the most favorable of all the Major Arcana cards: it symbolizes knowledge, vitality and good fortune, and promises esteem and reward. The Sun posits attributes of clarity, harmony in relationship and fine reputation: it does, however, also indicate negative qualities of pride, vanity and pretentiousness

☆Luck maker:(Find out what you want, and why you want it)Lucky people are convinced and committed about what they want and why they want it. It is this certainty that gives them the strength and determination they need to achieve their dreams.

Love Highs and lows

You’re drawn to people born on July 24 to August 23:Your share a childlike sense of wonder and optimism and this creates a magical and intense bond.

People born on this day are energetic, intense and flamboyant lovers. They can also go from extremes of happiness to extremes of despondency so it is important for them to find an understanding, stable partner who can help them achieve a kind of balance and keep them on the straight and narrow. They need someone who enjoys their ardor but can also give them the occasional reality check.

Health Pace yourself

January 19 people don’t just use a lot of energy, they burn it, so it is important for them to learn to conserve energy to pace themselves, otherwise they are in danger of collapse from extreme fatigue. A balanced diet and regular exercise will help give them a foundation and a structure. Sports should be energetic but not too competitive, and as far as diet goes they need to cut down on alcohol and sugar. Meditation and other mind-body exercises from yoga and tai chi that encourage balance and harmony will be particularly beneficial. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with shades of light brown or orange will help balance their energy so they feel alert without feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Those born on January 19 have to learn to channel their wilder energies productively. Keeping a balance between their practical and imaginative sides is crucial to their mental well-being. Because January 19 people so often go overboard, expending large amounts of energy, they risk collapse or burnout. Consequently, they must cultivate discipline, learning to still themselves and give stmcture to their lives. In this latter respect, both exercise and diet can play an important role, being areas around which a day can be structured. Vigorous physical exercise is recommended but of a non-competitive nature. Also more meditative physical activities such as yoga and tai-chi are possibilities. As far as diet is concerned, eating well-balanced hot-cooked meals, taking vitamin supplements, cutting down on sugar and alcohol, and in general l(X)king forward to sharing food and companionship at least once a clay with others are positive influences

Career Born movers and shakers

These people tend to do better in solitary professions, but they can also work well in a group as long as they are allowed to use their imagination. They are drawn toward artistic or scientific fields where they can receive acclaim for their efforts. They are also drawn toward sports and other professions such as rock climbing, archeology or exploring that require them to be physical as well as careers where they can be experts, advisors or consultants.

Destiny To make an impact on the world

The life path of people born on this day is to achieve a balance between their imaginative and their daily lives. Once they can do that their destiny is to inspire others with their original ideas and to make an unforgettable impact on the world.

Keep your head screwed on straight Don't get sidetracked. Make the pleasures of life last longer, while deemphasizing negative experiences. Calm yourself and maintain good work habits

Celebrities Born On January 19th

Dolly Parton(American singer-songwriter and businesswoman), Edgar Allan Poe(American writer), Janis Joplin(American singer-songwriter),

Edgar Allen Poe (poet critic, shortstory writer, The Telltale Heart, pioneered detective and horror story genres), Paul Cezanne (French painter, modem art jj pioneer), Robert E. Lee (Confederate Civil War general, commander-inchief), Janis Joplin (singer, songwriter, rock icon, drug overdose at age twenty-seven), Gustav Meyrink (Austrian occult writer, The Golem), Cynthia Sherman (photographer, works of hideous visions), Dolly Partem (country-western singer, film actress), Michael Crawford (British stage, film actor, musical comedy singer), Richard Lester (film director, A Hard Day's Night), Jean Stapleton (film, TV actress, Edith in All in the Family), Auguste Comte (French social philosopher), Robert MacNeil (TV anchor, MacNe/l/Lehrer News Hour), Javier Perez de Cuellar (Peruvian UN secretary general), Horace Parian (jazz pianist, overcame polio), Patricia Highsmith (novelist, thriller writer. Ripley Under Water), Stefan Edberg (Swedish tennis champion, 2x Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open winner). Alexander Woolcott (journalist, writer, actor, drama critic, New Yorker), Simon Rattle (British conductor), Julian Barnes (British writer. Flaubert's Parrot), Phil Everiy (rock& roll singer, Everiy Brothers)

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