February 24th Romantic Bard Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 24, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to assert yourself

☆The way forward is to take charge of your life, say no when you need to, express your true feelings and don’t let others treat you like a doormat.

The Birthday Of The Romantic Bard, The Day Of Sacrifice

February 24th Romantic Bard Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 24th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Lovers

Favorable numbers: 6, 8

Lucky days: Thursday and Friday, especially when those days fall on 6 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, pink

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on February 24 have an intuitive, generous and loving spirit that makes them a much-sought-after friend, acquaintance or partner. Highly romantic, they sometimes see the world through the eyes of a poet blinded by the power of love. Intimacy is extremely important to them—without it they can wither and pine away like the hero or heroine in a romantic novel.

Those born on this day are highly sensitive to their environment and they are constantly tuning into the moods of others and the situations going on around them. This makes them good peacemakers and valuable members of a team or family, as they can often spot trouble or find ways to resolve a situation without offending anyone. The danger lies when they concentrate on the emotional needs of others rather than on their own. It is vital for them to set boundaries in their interpersonal relationships. This won’t be easy for them, and they may even bend the truth if they think it will avoid an argument. In the long run, this kind of evasive and dishonest behavior can make them feel anxious and uncertain. Fortunately, between the ages of twenty-six and fifty-six there are opportunities for them to develop their assertiveness and to be more straightforward in their relationships. Then, after the age of fifty-six, they become even steadier and more mature.

The longing for intimacy or emotional connection possessed by these people always rules their life in some way. They may have tried to suppress emotional traumas in the past, but, whatever their background or experience, these will somehow manifest themselves, perhaps in a quest for the perfect partner or in a passionate devotion to a cause.

People born on this day have a desire to use their energies selflessly on behalf of others. Once they have learned that love isn’t just about pain, but also about joy, and that intimacy is not just about sacrificing and giving, but also about receiving and gaining, they will discover within themselves the tenacity and vision to achieve just about anything.

☆ On the dark side:Needy, moody, passive

☆ At your best:Loving, generous, altruistic

Sacrifice is a pivotal theme in the lives of February 24 people, and can manifest in a variety of ways. Those born on this day often sacrifice their own concerns—to a cause, parental wishes, or the desires of a mate or family. Typically they themselves demand a great degree of sacrifice from others, particularly loved ones. The theme may also recur in more abstract or philosophical forms, where sacrifice becomes a kind of acceptance of life as it is, a sacrifice of ego so to speak. In the best cases this is a true unselfishness and desire to work for the common good.

Those February 24 people who choose to sacrifice themselves to a larger purpose or the wishes of a group do so with anything from blissful joy to an austere, even grim sense of duty.

In the former case they sincerely believe in what they do and the happiness or well-being of others is their personal reward. In the latter case, though they may act out of firm moral or ethical convictions, they can harbor deep resentment due to the frustrated demands of their ego.

Such frustration, building up over a long period of time, one day bursts out and leads these February 24 people to reject the responsibilities placed on them.

Many February 24 people seek to reduce the presence of their ego, perhaps even getting rid of it altogether, in the pursuit of a more pure lifestyle. The danger here is, of course, that they could be in some way deluding themselves; it may not be possible to get rid of one's ego when it is not yet fully formed! The more highly evolved of February 24 people are aware of this trap and steer clear by strengthening the positive aspects of their personality and judging themselves by objective standards whenever possible. Yet other February 24 people accept everything that fate sends their way, believing that their misfortune, is somehow a confirmation of a higher state.

February 24 people must find a way to work for the common good or perhaps please their parents and society without compromising their own beliefs and desires. More than for most, those born on this day must be very sure of their wishes and unafraid of communicating them.

If they have grown overly accepting of compromise and less-than-ideal circumstances, or a selfimage that is not up to their talents or abilities, they run the risk of building a set of negative or self-fulfilling prophecies into their outlook which determine their future as well. If they one day wish to again take control of their life, they may find the going rough, as they will be swimming against an undertow7 of ingrained habits and expectations.

Steady progress, willpower, resolute conduct, determination, guts—these are qualities which February 24 people must have in place before they begin to make any major sacrifices.

Also sharing love from a position of strength rather than weakness proves far more satisfying in the long mn.

Power Thought:I am worthy of all life has to offer,Many tragedies are enacted in the name of love

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 24th day of the month are ailed by the number 6 1 2+ 1-6), and by the planet Venus. Those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic in attracting love and admiration, and since Venus is strongly connected with social interaction, it may be a temptation for February 2 1 people to give themselves over to the easy pursuit of pleasure and become objects of admiration. The combined influence of Venus and Neptune (Pisces' niler). can lend February 2 t people an ultra-romantic and magnetic charm but also weaken their sense of personal and social reality. Often love becomes the dominant theme in the lives of those ruled by the number 6.

February 24th Birthday Tarot Card

Emphasizing this last point is the fact that the 6th card of the Major Arcana is The Lovers, symbolizing the love that unites all of humanity through integration of masculine and feminine polarities. On the good side this card indicates affections and desires on a high moral, aesthetic and physical plane; on the bad side, unfulfilled desires, sentimentality and indecisiveness

☆Luck maker:(Believe that you deserve the best)If you don’t believe that you deserve the best, you won’t allow good things into your life. Believe that you deserve the best right now and you will get it.

Love Born to be in love

You’re drawn to people born on September 24 to October 23:You mutual passion for art, romance and poetry can create an intense and fulfilling bond.

People born on February 24 throw themselves wholeheartedly into relationships and may end up giving too much with very little in return. For their relationships to be satisfying, they need to learn to love themselves first. Once they are able to do that, they will find the soul mate they are pining for.

Health Weak at the knees

People born on this day need to be careful that they don’t relax into a life of sensual pleasure, rich food, addiction, and very little exercise. They may have disorders involving the legs, feet and circulatory system; most of these could be avoided with an active lifestyle. It is very important for them to find ways to incorporate more exercise into their lives; for example, taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking around the block in their lunch hour, carrying rather than pushing their shopping, and so on. They should also watch their intake of red meat, alcohol, saturated fats, and sugar, especially chocolate. To stop cravings for sweet foods they should try smelling vanilla essential oil; wearing or meditating on the color blue will help calm and soothe them when they feel emotional.

Too many people born on February 24 have a tendency to relax into an easy life of sensuality and relative inaction. They must, therefore, beware of sedentary disorders affecting the legs, circulatory system and lymphatics. Because of their self-sacrificing nature, and propensity for creating negative expectations, they may eventually arouse resentment or anger in themselves or others. For some February 24 people, love relationships become the be-all and end-all of existence; therefore, those born on this day have to be particularly aware of dependencies as well as sex-and-love addictions. Sensual food enjoyment and gratifying sexual activities are naturally important for their continued happiness, but they would do well to limit their diet, both in richness and quantity, and perhaps structure their emotional lite in a more healthy or productive fashion.

Career Born poets

These people often find themselves drawn to art, music, writing, dance, poetry, and the entertainment world in general. Sensitive to color and pattern, they may also express themselves through design, in particular costume design, styling or the beauty business. Because they are so talented in dealing with people, any career which sees them in the role of mediator, adviser, counselor, agent, manager, or negotiator will suit, as will social reform, humanitarian or charity work, teaching and health careers.

Destiny To help and heal others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to love and give to themselves as much as they are willing to give to others. Once they can do that, their destiny is to help and heal others and—by so doing—make the world a more loving and giving place.

Learn to stick up for the real you. Don't respond so readily to the suggestions or wishes olOthers.Augment your talents and your willpower Resist the temptations ol ego massage

Celebrities Born On February 24th

Steve Jobs(American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple), Billy Zane(American actor), Kristin Davis(American actress),

Wilhelm Grimm (German fairy-tale author, philologist, folklorist, with brother Jacob), Winslow Homer ( 1 9-20th c. genre painter, illustrator), Giovanni Pico Delia Mirandola (Italian philosopher, united Hermetic and Jewish cabalist traditions), Michel Legrand (French film composer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, singer), Alain Prost (French auto racer, 3x Formula One champion), Charles V (German and Spanish emperor), Renata Scotto (Italian opera soprano), Edward James Olmos (film, TV actor, Miami Vice), Barry Bostwick (film director), Abe Vigoda (film, TV actor, Fish), James Farentino (TV actor), Nicky Hopkins (Bntish session pianist), Jimmy Ellis (world heavyweight champion), Michael Harrington (political activist, writer, educator, democratic socialist), Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson (British journalist, publisher, humanitarian), William J. Grede (steel manufacturer, founding member John Birch Society), August W. Derleth (horror, fantasy, science- fiction writer), Arnold Dolmetsch (musicologist, instrument maker), Lance Reventlow (sportscar designer, racer, heir to Woolworth fortune, Barbara Hutton's only son, killed in plane crash at age thirty-six), Charles Maria Widor (French organist, Bach organ works editor)

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