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People Born on May 1st: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMay 01, 2024

May 1st Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

May 1 VS Taurus, 1, Patiently persistent

People Born on May 1st: Destiny, Future

May 1st Birthday Destiny

You’re the embodiment of two of the key Taurean traits – patience and persistence. If the race is between the tortoise and the hare you know who you’ll be backing and who’s going to win through sheer bloody-minded determination to get to the end of whatever it is that lies ahead. You’re not particularly bothered by the good opinion or otherwise of others and once you’ve set your course of action, there’s very little that will knock you off course. Stability is important to you – in both your work and home lives – but you have a deeply romantic nature, so can be prone to being swept off your feet, Disney-style, for entirely the wrong type of person with which to build a stable and meaningful life. One of your key strengths is the ability to recognise and grasp opportunities that come your way, so don’t be surprised if this gift doesn’t propel you to the top of whatever work you’ve chosen to commit to. When you give 100 per cent to all your projects and all your people all of the time, there’s a risk of draining your own batteries, so make sure you take that holiday allowance, find ways to take it down a couple of notches and find out for yourself what it feels like to let go of the reins a little and really relax. We call this ‘downtime’!

May 1st Birthday Future

Bulls celebrating their birthdays on this day are a complex blend of persistence and patience on the one hand and restless impatience on the other. The energy and enthusiasm of the number one engenders immediate action. Unlike n1any natives of your Sun sign, you're a doer rather than a procrastinator. Self-motivated and more assertive than other Taurians, you rarely worry about what others think of you or your activities. When a good opportunity presents itself, you seize it by the horns. Once committed to a project, you'll stick with it to completion.

A born executive, it is natural for you to assume a leading role in all your endeavors. Your energy level is exceptionally high, but you need to take time out to recharge your batteries from time to time. There is a genuine division between your intellect and your emotions. You can be calm and rational one moment, yet upset and temperamental the next. It's not unusual for you to hold rigidly to a belief about how things should be done and then, unexpectedly, switch sides and take the opposite position.

In relationships, you crave security and can be difficult if your stability is threatened. Yet you are a true romantic and likely to be swept off your feet by love. If you meet the right person, you won't shy away from a long-term commitment.

May 1st Birthday Tarot

Ten of Pentacles:It may not seem like the flashiest card in the Tarot deck, but this card is telling you that you can have it all, if you make the right choices: the rewarding and stimulating work, a happy and committed relationship with someone who is also in it for the long haul, a beautiful home, and more than enough money to achieve the security that has always been important to you. Slow but sure wins the race, whichever race you choose.

May 1st Famous birthdays

Wes Anderson(American director); Joanna Lumley(British actress, presenter and activist); Calamity Jane(American frontiers woman); Born Today:

Chuck Bednarik (football player); Steve Cauthen Qockey); Rita Coolidge(singer); Judy Collins (singer); Glen Ford (actor); Joseph Heller (writer); Ollie Matson (football player); Tim McGraw (singer); Kate Smith (singer); Terry Southern (screenwriter); Valentina (fashion designer); Theo van Gogh (art dealer)

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