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May 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMay 02, 2024

You are so attractive to others, because of your sympathetic ear, that some people tend to use you as a waste-paper basket for all their woes. Discourage the confession junkies. It does neither of you any good.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 7

May 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

These are peaceful people, revelling in the pleasures of social life. Ill-tempered disputes upset them. At work May 2 is the pacifier, calms warring opponents and asks the canteen to put more salt in the chicken casserole. Colleagues turn to them and always go away reassured and calmed.

In the home and the local community they do the same job. There may be rows with parents, brothers and sisters and children. May 2 understands that tempers must sometimes be raised, but our kindly creature always sets about smoothing the atmosphere afterwards.

This is a singing star, the beautiful voice reflects the music of the planets. Many have a guitar in their room, some play the piano and if they are not professionals on the international stage, they will often enjoy being involved in a local band, either pop or classical. Natural leadership, which is a characteristic of Taurus, comes out on this day. Find them managing the band, going places as a singer, a songwriter or even conducting.

While they are happy listening to other people bang on about their private lives, most May 2 people keep their own private life out-of-bounds. When they fall in love they don't want others to know, not because they are ashamed, but because they don't want interference. When they are ill, or somebody close is unwell, they have no desire to discuss symptoms with others, nor hear somebody else's medical solutions. Unless, of course, it's from a doctor.

Many Taureans have a problem with authority. They dislike it, look for the foolish side in their boss, and find it. This compliant sparkler, however is easy-going with bosses and authority, but may not take much notice of either.

Both sexes like to please others. They may do this by painting something for them, or embroidering a cushion. Others love to cook, reflecting their star sign's passion for eating.

In Love

In an intimate relationship, you can be jealous, demanding, and possessive.

However, your loyalty and generosity are beyond question, and your devotion to your beloved rock solid and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Moreover, your back is broad enough to shoulder your partner’s concerns along with your own. Yet unlike the members of some of the more driven Sun signs, you know how to unwind and enjoy the many material pleasures this world has to offer. You view life as pleasurable, a delight to be savored and enjoyed. And you enjoy it most with a loving partner by your side.

In Bed

In the bedroom, as everywhere else, you prefer taking the time to do things right. Your generous nature and legendary staying power make you an excellent lover; your bed partner is all but guaranteed a satisfying lovemaking experience. Sensual and seductive, you know just what to do to set the stage for romance. Moreover, once your powerful libido is let loose, you’re capable of depths of passion that can leave your lover gasping for breath and begging for more.


This date adores salty food and must try to reduce the quantities they use in cooking and put on their plates. Many wallop through packets of crisps accompanied by Bloody Marys, so spicey they would render most other stars unconscious. This kills taste buds at best and makes their cooking too strong for some. But, for women, it also promotes fluid retention at certain times of the month and during the menopause. And in both sexes it can contribute to high blood pressure. There are salt substitutes on the market. But best to train yourself to eat less.


You are turned on by simple, earthy pleasures such as romantic walks in the rain with your significant other. Something of a homebody, you’re happy just spending a cozy evening on the sofa watching romantic movies or curled up together in the love seat listening to your favorite CDs and feeding each other sinfully rich candies and pastries.


You are so attractive to others, because of your sympathetic ear, that some people tend to use you as a waste-paper basket for all their woes. Discourage the confession junkies. It does neither of you any good.

Reality Check

Your customary demeanor is one of calm, good-natured patience. You would rather suffer in silence than fight or leave, and you’ll put up with a lot of negativity in order to avoid direct confrontation. However, when your patience is pushed to the limit, you react like the proverbial angry bull and your temper erupts quite dramatically.

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Bing Crosby, crooner, entertainer, World War II icon. Bianca Jagger, ex-wife of Mick, tireless worker for her home country Nicaragua. Benjamin Spock, paediatrician, writer. Hedda Hopper, Hollywood gossip columnist, radio journalist. Baron Manfred von Richthof en, The Red Baron, World War I ace fighter pilot.

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