March 25th Electric Energy Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 25, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to keep a lid on your temper

☆The way forward is to understand that when you lash out in frustration or uncontrolled rage, it’s often because your inner equilibrium is disturbed.

The Birthday Of Electric Energy, The Day Of Dynamism

March 25th Electric Energy Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 25th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Chariot (resilience)

Favorable numbers: 1, 7

Lucky days: Tuesday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, sea green

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on March 25 like to be where the action is, and that is where they are often found. They have bags of enthusiasm and an endless supply of energy, never being afraid of taking an independent position when convinced it is necessary. Their dynamism marks them out as natural leaders as others tend to follow when they show the way; but their natural preference is often to go it alone.

These people are resilient individuals but are also compassionate and imaginative. They may have developed a tough skin to protect themselves from life’s knocks but they have a sense of natural justice and strong protective instincts toward the vulnerable. Quirky and original with a rich imaginative life, what really distinguishes them is their boundless energy.

They are daring, independent and direct with an active mind and body and bright ideas. Making hasty decisions without proper plans, sometimes their spontaneity gets them into trouble. Adopting a more mature, reflective attitude will help them make smoother progress. Until the age of twenty-five they tend to be daring and carefree but after the age of twenty-six there is greater emphasis on the need for direction, consistency, security, and stability. In their thirties, forties and beyond they really come into their own.

Although much of their electric energy is externally directed, these people also have a profound need for periods of solitude and reflection; these help them avoid mood swings and temper tantrums. This need for a private life where they can be allowed to daydream can confuse those who regard them as whirlwinds of constant energy; but others need to understand that it is vital for them. It is important for them to have supportive and caring friends but these friends have to give them the freedom to be alone and recharge. If they keep a lid on their temper and give themselves those regular times out, the electric and highly creative energy and imagination of people born on this day will help them surge right to the front of their chosen field.

☆ On the dark side:Moody, critical, childish

☆ At your best:Dynamic, individual, compassionate

People born on March 25 are unstoppable and dynamic. They are among the most active, energetic people in the year. Many seem cut out to be leaders, but perhaps could better be described as pure loners or soloists. When they head up group efforts, it is usually due to the force of their talents or the demands of circumstance rather than their own desire to lead.

Those born on this day are not driven by blind ambition. They know their capabilities and are very aware of what they can and cannot do. They also have a great need to seek peace when they are away from the hectic professional life in which they are so often cast.

Without this they cannot function. Their private life is sacred to them.

Marriage is difficult for these individualists, perhaps because they can only serve on their own terms. Their partner not only has to be a real pal, but also has to be a "someone" who can balance their own energetic personality. March 25 people often do not find their true partner until later in life, if at all. Ultimately, they may make the choice to live alone rather than settle for anything less than the perfect mate. A March 25 woman is extremely capable of looking after herself, while a March 25 man desires the warmth and affection of a family situation— a secure nest.

At times it seems that the energy of March 25 people is limitless, but in fact they can get run down and become irritable. In this state, they take offense very easily and consider even the slightest sign of being ignored a personal affront to them. March 25 people can throw tantrums or, even worse, be devastating in their cutting criticism. They are faithful to those they love but in their own strange way can believe they are faithful even when not entirely committed or even monogamous. They are loyal to their families but are often fated to have unconventional family lives.

March 25 people may display a measure of tact but are rather frank and also possessed of a quick temper that can land them in trouble. Fortunately, they are easily forgiven, probably because their human qualities (and therefore faults) are so obvious and others know their heart is in the right place. Key friends are essential to March 25 people, forming a kind of inner circle around them. These close friends will be a protecting buffer, not only against the world's criticism but also against self-destructive impulses. What do the friends get out of it? Usually, the satisfaction of knowing such a forceful person, who can always be called upon (if available!) to give advice, time or even money. Those in relationships with March 25 people must quickly learn to leave them completely alone in their assault on the world—to travel, to experience, even to love in their most independent manner. Only when allowed freedom will they themselves give their love freely, both emotionally and physically.

Power Thought:I can only direct what is happening within me not around me,Males wear the makeup in the animal kingdom

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 25th day of the month are ruled by the number 7 (2+5=7), and by the planet Neptune. Since independence is characteristic of dates ruled by this number, the independence of March 25 people can sometimes take extreme forms, indeed. All dynamic activities are enhanced by the influence of Mars, Aries' ruler. Those ruled by the number 7 love to travel, both for its own sake and in order to learn about other cultures. Because of Neptune's influence, those born on March 25 should be wary of unreality states, strange dreams or visions.

March 25th Birthday Tarot Card

The 7th card of the Major Arcana is The Chariot, which shows a triumphant figure moving through the world, manifesting his physical presence in a dynamic way. The card may be interpreted to mean that no matter how narrow or precarious the correct path, one must continue on. The good side of this card posits success, talent and efficiency; the bad side suggests a dictatorial attitude and a poor sense of direction. Not surprisingly, March 25 people have to watch out for car accidents, particularly when behind the wheel.

☆Luck maker:(Give others a break)When you get angry with other people, the part of you available for luck is unused. So give others the benefit of the doubt when they annoy or upset you; they may have had good intentions.

Love The one that got away

You’re drawn to people born on October 24 to November 22:A match of great potential, you both need the security of togetherness and the space to daydream alone.

Close relationships aren’t always easy for people born on March 25 as they do have an absolute requirement for solitude or aloneness every now and again. They need to find someone who can keep up with their energy and give them security but who will also allow them to be alone and to think inde-pendently. Because they are so imaginative, they also love to fantasize about the one that got away or the one they may never have.

Health Time out

People born on this day do seem to have limitless supplies of energy but the key to their dynamism is that they also need regular periods of rest and solitude to recharge their batteries. It is vital that they allow themselves these periods and don’t neglect them in the race to get ahead; if they do it will have disastrous consequences for their physical and emotional health. As far as diet is concerned, they should stay away from too much red meat, alcohol, saturated fat, and nicotine, as these will slow them down. Their diet should be rich in energy-boosting fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead. Both vigorous and mild exercise are recommended for people born on this day; these can help speed them up when they need to direct their energy outward and slow them down when they feel the need to withdraw. People born on this day often respond well to the cooling color of indigo as it tends to calm their exuberant fire.

March 25 people are so much on the go that they may literally have no time to look after their health. They too often assume that health is something with which they are automatically blessed. They can walk around for years with various ailments, more or less ignoring them. It is. therefore, important for them to schedule a yearly checkup with their physician. Vigorous physical exercise is also a good way of keeping fit and shedding excess pounds (March 25 people usually enjoy both eating and drinking a lot—both for quality and quantity— and thus tend to put on weight). Though of course a zestful appetite is in general healthy, they should seek to avoid excess salt, meat, dairy products or alcohol, if possible.

Career Born propagandists

These people may be drawn to careers in education, sales, writing, promotion, public relations, social work, the stock market, law, music, and the arts. They also make excellent propagandists or fighters for their chosen cause. Whatever career they choose, their dynamic energy and originality of thought will take them to the top.

Destiny To highlight and reverse social wrongs

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to balance their inner and outer life. Once they are able to recognize the importance of finding this balance, their destiny is to highlight and reverse social wrongs.

You are indeed a handful, but at times need to get a handle on yourself. Self-control and discipline are important. Learn to modulate, temper and soften, and to appreciate the value of silence and stillness. Don't overwhelm everyone. Is the outer world that important?

Celebrities Born On March 25th

Elton John(British singer-songwriter), Gloria Steinem(American feminist), Sara Jessica Parker(American actress and producer),

Bela Bartok (Hungarian composer, pianist, piano pedagogue, ethnomusicologist, twentieth century music pioneer), Arturo Toscanini (Italian-American conductor, classical music legend, Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, NBC Symphony Orchestra), Flannery O'Connor (woman novelist Wise Blood) Elton John (British singer, songwriter), Aretha Franklin (gospel, soul singer), Howard Cosell (sportscaster), David Lean (British film director, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, film editor), Gloria Steinem (feminist activist, writer), Simone Signoret (French film actress), Gutzon Borglum (Mount Rushmore sculptor), Raymond Firth (social anthropologist), Debi Thomas (2x world champion figure skater, Olympic silver medalist), Tom Monaghan (corporation executive, Domino's Pizza, Detroit Tigers baseball owner), James Lovell (US astronaut), Big Sid Catlett (jazz drummer), Laszlo Papp (Hungarian 3x Olympic gold medalwinning boxer), Paul Michael Glaser(TV actor, Starsky and Hutch), Jean-Louis Come Vilar (film actor, director), Steve Norman (British percussionist, saxophonist, Spandau Ballet), Ed Begley (stage, TV, film actor)

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