February 10th Achievement Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 10, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to learn to give others a chance

☆The way forward is to understand that giving others a chance to prove themselves is an important part of their psychological development.

The Birthday Of Achievement, The Day Of Acclaim

February 10th Achievement Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 10th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Wheel of Fortune (change)

Favorable numbers: 1, 3

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1, 3 and 10 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark blue, orange, purple

Birthstone: Amethyst

People born on February 10 have a clear picture of what they want to achieve and how they want to get there. The pursuit of their goals is likely to take precedence over anything else. Achievement matters greatly to them, as do the approval and recognition of others. Their clear-sighted recognition of their aspirations, along with their ability to concentrate, means that they are more than likely to surpass their professional goals.

Once they settle on a chosen course, the drive these people are blessed with can take them right to the top. They do need, however, to be careful that they don’t thereby become obsessive. It is important for them to look deep within to identify and hold onto the real motivation for their determination. They may well find that it is not material success but rather making their mark on the world and winning the approval of others.

Although the ambition and drive of people born on this day is explosive, it never leads them to stab others in the back. Intuitive, honest and decent, their ideal is to achieve success in the right way without harming or hurting others in the process. Unfortunately, though, there are people they are capable of hurting without realizing it; these are the people closest to them whom they tend to neglect when their goals take precedence over everything and everyone else. If they aren’t careful, this can leave them emotionally isolated and, in extreme cases, alone. Fortunately, between the ages of twenty and thirty-nine there are many opportunities for them to open their hearts and turn the spotlight from themselves onto others. At forty there is a turning point where they feel the need to be more assertive but at the same time more passionate in their relationships with other people.

As long as people born on this day remember that admiration is no substitute for affection, and can learn from any setbacks they experience, their considerable achievements will earn them both personal fulfillment and a large number of fans.

☆ On the dark side:Aloof, self-obsessed, anxious

☆ At your best:Positive, creative, bold

Those born on February 10 generally seek the widest acceptance available to them but also like to be appreciated by those in the know. Many born on this day wish for their achievements to be highly prized right up into the higher echelons of society or culture.

More highly evolved February 10 people succeed in attracting recognition without trying too hard or compromising their integrity. Rather, they self-confidently follow a personal vision so intense or imaginative that others are won over.

Indeed, it is highly unusual for February 10 people to change their ways in order to become more popular. Their attitude is basically, "take it or leave it." Not that they are necessarily combative or confrontational by any means. It is simply that they only know how to do things their own way and are assured of themselves. Unfortunately, others may well take such an attitude for stubbornness or inflexibility. Those born on this day may therefore have to find a very understanding mate or someone who loves them precisely for their eccentricities, faults and foibles.

February 10 people are able to touch the emotions of those around them very directly, yet personally are not effusive with their feelings. Somehow they seem to channel all of their energy into impassioned endeavors while retaining a degree of emotional detachment. This objectivity' can in fact be the basis for their success. As performers on the stage of life they recognize that they have a great responsibility to their audience (family, friends, associates, social contacts) and. like a pilot flying an airplane, know not to get so carried away that they allow the plane to crash.

February 10 people must learn not to always place themselves at the center of attention, however. Giving others a chance, and passing on what they know as models or teachers is an important part of their personal development. The whole question of responsibility is an interesting one for February 10 people. Many born on this day feel an enormous sense of universal responsibility toward both their work and life, but perhaps fail to remain accountable to other human beings on the most personal level. They must beware that family members do not feel ignored, friends taken for granted or colleagues overlooked. Caring, sharing, sacrificing—these are themes which February 10 people should keep in mind when pursuing their objective goals.

Those born on this day run the risk of winding up recognized, lionized... and alone. Yet this fate can be avoided if they acknowledge the warning signs of isolation early on and make changes. It is never too late for those who have cut themselves off to mend bridges and reach out. February 10 people have no shortage of empathy for others—it is mostly a matter of orientation and awareness.

Power Thought:Today I will notice what is going on around me as well as in me,Acceptance and universal values are important,but so are washing the dishes and mopping the floor

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 10th day of the month are ruled by the number 1 < 1+0=1 ) and by the Sun. Those ruled by the number 1 like to be first in what they do. which in the case of February 10 people may mean being highly controlling of their environment. The Sun tends to grant the qualities of a warm and well-developed ego. with a distinctly human, positive orientation to life. February 10 people, as Aquarians, are also ruled by Uranus, which may color the Sun's radiance with a distinctly intellectual and nervous cast. Those ailed by the number 1 have sharply defined and sometimes intransigent views on most subjects, and February 10 people can indeed be extremely stubborn.

February 10th Birthday Tarot Card

In the Major Arcana, the 10th card is The Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes the ups and downs, wins and losses, and successes and failures of life. (Learning to live with and handle occasional failure will be a special challenge for February 10 people.) The card signifies a reversal in fortune and teaches that there is nothing permanent except change.

☆Luck maker:(Quiet down and slow down)Just 10 or 15 minutes of quiet time a day can make quite a difference in connecting with your intuitive or luck-making power.

Love Heartbreakers

You’re drawn to people born on July 24 to August 23:If you can learn to fulfill your mutual need for admiration and closeness, this can be an extraordinarily intense union.

People born on February 10 have a charismatic charm which draws others to them. When it comes to affairs of the heart, they are very good at knowing how to win someone else’s heart but they can have problems keeping it. It is important for them not to neglect those closest to them as the loving support of a partner gives them the kind of security and sense of perspective they need to be truly successful.

Health Honor life’s reflective moments

Because people born on this day tend to be so driven they are often prone to disorders associated with stress and anxiety, especially if there are problems at work or their career path has been thwarted in some way. Insomnia may be a particular concern and it is important for them to make sure that there is a clear divide between home and work. Home should be a calm, restful place; they would also benefit from plenty of exercise in the fresh air, as well as hobbies, interests and a wide mix of friendships outside the workplace. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color purple will help them calm down and honor the simple pleasures and reflective moments in their life.

Those born on February 10 must try to calm their nervous systems, as they can be very jumpy at times, and extremely vulnerable to stress. Because their brains are so active, they may have problems sleeping and getting enough rest in general. Sufficient energy should be put into making their homes truly restful places, and within that home having a private sanctuary sealed off from the demands of the world. As far as diet is concerned, those born on this day do well eating whatever their Fancy dictates, within certain health limits of course. A wide-ranging, freewheeling attitude toward food is fine, but they must find the time for relaxed mealtimes. As far as exercise is concerned, only light to moderate physical activity is recommended

Career Born workers

These people have the drive, ambition and determination to succeed in almost any career that they choose. They could be a lawyer, actor, agent, politician, civil servant, charity worker, entrepreneur, sportsperson, artist, researcher, photographer, pilot, or director. In fact it might be better for them, as they have a tendency to tunnel vision, to have not one but several careers in their lifetime.

Destiny To be recognized for their dedication and integrity

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to look outside themselves to reach out to others, as well as inside themselves to understand their true motivation. Once they are able to unite both the external and the internal their destiny is to attract recognition for their hard work, dedication and integrity.

Don't overlook small matters simple tasks can help your abstract nature. Avoid getting too carried away by the scope of your endeavors. Remember to attend to what is directrj in from of you.

Celebrities Born On February 10th

Holly Willoughby(British TV presenter), Bertolt Brecht(German playwright and poet), Laura Dern(American actress),

Berthold Brecht (German poet, playwright, writer of musical dramas with Kurt Weill, Three Penny Opera), Boris Pasternak (Nobel Prize-winning Russian poet [refused award], novelist, Doctor Zhivago), Stella Adler (method acting teacher, founder Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting), Leontyne Price (concert, opera soprano), Mark Spitz (US Olympic swimmer, won eleven gold medals, most ever [seven] at a single Olympics, set twenty-three world records), Roberta Flack (singer, arranger, pianist), Adelma Patti (Italian 1 9c.concert operatic soprano), Cesare Siepi (Metropolitan Opera lead basso), Chick Webb (drummer, big-band leader, died at age thirty), Laura Dern (film actress), Greg Norman (Australian golfer, "The White Shark"). Charles Harold Macmillan (British prime minister), Jimmy Durante (comedian, film actor), Robert Wagner (film, TV actor. It Takes a Thief, Hart to Hart), Alan Hale, Sr. (film actor, close to two hundred films), John Enders (US Nobel Pnzewinnmg virologist), Alex Comfort (British medical biologist, writer, The joy of Sex), Murray Weidenbaum (economist), William Congreve (British playwright, poet), Charles Lamb (British essayist, critic. Tales from Shakespeare

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