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April 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 23, 2024

You need to combat the stay at home tendency, which can transmogrify pleasure in domesticity to a fluffy slippers mentality. It's important that April 23 people don't get set in their ways and old before their time.

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 5, 9

April 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

Security is the chief ambition of people born on this day. They like the comforts of home - their favourite place. These individuals are sociable, sensible and jolly. They like going out; and enjoy socialising with lots of people. Their idea of a good time is most certainly not being alone with their own thoughts.

What April 23 adores is a movie, followed by a get together with masses of drink, plates piled with food and good conversation.; In numerology, this day is ruled by the number 5 (2+3=5) which means that theirs is an intellect which is powerful and gets bored easily.

This is the day of the great reader. Intoxicated by bookshops, April 23 always comes out with bag-loads to read. Their homes are stacked precariously with exciting booky promises. They are well versed in current affairs, hold strong opinions about European politics and have ideas which get to the heart of the matter. Nothing wishy washy and dreamerish about this big placid bull.

At work they are good with numbers. In fact some can turn into mouse potatoes and have to be lured away from their computers. Usually the promise of food or sex does the trick, because even the most intellectual and numerate April 23 people can't resist regular dips into fleshly pleasures.

They are dynamic in bed. No messing I about and not much interest in folderols; like honey on the toes and mince pies on the stomach. April 23 doesn't care about satin sheets, is faintly embarrassed by pink light bulbs (these people are very straight and think it makes a room look like a brothel) and would just as soon make love on the floor,; with a pile of judiciously placed cushions. Of course, they will go along with a partner's starlight fantasies, because they are kind. But in general, those born on this date can't abide anything sticky or anything that hurts.

In Love

People born on this date project an enigmatic quality that can cause others to wonder who they really are. Your affable, gregarious personality covers a detached, impersonal inner core that allows you to keep cool under emotional pressure. You want the security of a close relationship, yet your independent spirit fears too much intimacy and togetherness. Eventually, your Taurian need for stability and consistency overcomes your reservations.

Once you decide to commit to another person, you do it with your whole heart. Ultimately, you make a wonderfully loyal, devoted romantic partner.

In Bed

An uninhibited, freewheeling lover, you enjoy exploring various avenues of intimate experience. The physical part of your sensuous nature yearns to relax into complete sensuality in a truly luxurious atmosphere. However, your mind quickly dismisses this idea as boringly conventional. A lover who is open-minded and uninhibited really turns you on. You enjoy engaging in sexual activity in improbable places and at odd times. Even so, you prize mental rapport above all else and want a bedmate you can talk to.


Problems of the flesh weigh down on April 23. By the age of 25, the eating and drinking catches up, and what was a 24 inch waist, has suddenly turned into a 30 inch one. Many individuals have been reasonable sportsmen, used to burning up the calories, so weight creeps up on them as a nasty surprise. Young people should cut down on chocolate snacks and endless packets of crisps. If they regulate themselves in their early twenties they can stay slim. Older people must stop pretending to themselves that their clothes have shrunk in the wash, and give up any snacks between meals.


Your mind plays as much a part in your lovemaking as your body. Words and pictures can rouse your passions, and you get an erotic charge out of sexy, seductive suggestions, whether in a poem, a song, a film, on TV, or whispered in your ear by your bed partner. The rebel in you also likes engaging in naughty acts with a risk of discovery.


You need to combat the stay at home tendency, which can transmogrify pleasure in domesticity to a fluffy slippers mentality. It's important that April 23 people don't get set in their ways and old before their time.

Reality Check

Your friendly, gracious manner and vibrant personality attract many friends and admirers. Progressive in outlook, sometimes you’re so far ahead of the pack that you foresee possibilities the less imaginative can’t even fathom.

However, the fixed quality in your nature is strong, and you possess a fierce determination that makes you appear quite stubborn and intractable.

April 23 Date Share

William Shakespeare, British Elizabethan playwright. Joseph Turner, British pre-Impressionist painter. Sergei Prokofiev, Russian composer, in trouble with the state, wrote the ballet Romeo and Juliet. Vladimir Nabokov, in trouble for writing Lolita. Roy Orbison, singer, songwriter, ‘Pretty Woman'. Lee Majors, actor, The Six Million Dollar Man.

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